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Page 49: The Podcast

WTF!?! (What the frell!?!) The Page 49 Podcast was born due to being a librarian. As much as I love all things scifi, I have a great interest in many other things that I want to talk about. 67 weitere Wörter


Final Entry: Evaluative Report

A. Evaluative Statement

INF506 has five learning objectives: 1. Demonstrate an understanding of social networking technologies; 2. Demonstrate an understanding of concepts, theory and practice of Library 2.0 and participatory library service; 3.  1.526 weitere Wörter


Off Topic: Librarian 2.0

I have to admit, I’m not really in love with the term „Librarian 2.0“.  I understand that it’s referring to Web 2.0 and branching off of the concept of Library 2.0, but to me, saying an information professional is „Librarian 2.0“ implies that others are „Librarian 1.0“, and thus somehow not quite as good as „Librarian 2.0“, and I think that’s a false conclusion.   147 weitere Wörter


Entry 6: Building (Academic) Library 2.0

In this entry, I would like to consider the advice given in the video „Building Academic Library 2.0“, and how it might be applied to a library somewhere in between academic libraries and public libraries: the University of North Carolina Hospitals Lending Library.   316 weitere Wörter


Libraries are in Trouble!  When's the last time you visited one?

The pictures are a metaphor to the state of libraries.

Existing libraries are in trouble. I think the ones in Bakersfield are fairly reprentative. Can’t imagine the library I visited, and like so many others I’ve been to, making any sense except to a very few. 149 weitere Wörter