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Page 49: The Podcast

WTF!?! (What the frell!?!) The Page 49 Podcast was born due to being a librarian. As much as I love all things scifi, I have a great interest in many other things that I want to talk about. noch 67 Wörter


Libraries are in Trouble!  When's the last time you visited one?

The pictures are a metaphor to the state of libraries.

Existing libraries are in trouble. I think the ones in Bakersfield are fairly reprentative. Can’t imagine the library I visited, and like so many others I’ve been to, making any sense except to a very few. noch 149 Wörter


Blended Learning Weeks 4 & 5

Where to start? Well, with a planning hat on. Key message is to use technology solution in the area that you want most improvement, not just shoe horn it in for the sake of it…. noch 373 Wörter

Perpustakaan dan Teknologi Informasi

Setelah sekian lama teknologi informasi dikenal oleh masyarakat dengan berbagai aplikasinya, maka mulailah dipahami bagaimana dampaknya terhadap kehidupan ini. Mulai dengan kemudahan, kecepatan dan ketepatan terus menjadi perhatian dalam melihat sebuah dampak penerapan teknologi informasi. noch 1.404 Wörter


Menulis....gampang-gampang susah atau susah-susah gampang

Pilih yang mana gampang-gampang susah atau susah-susah gampang ??. Kalau ini dihubungkan dengan tulis-menulis, maka itulah yang sering terjadi.
Seperti dalam meng-update blog ini. Setelah sekian lama (bayangkan mulai tahun 2012), baru dapat di… noch 1.225 Wörter


Week 2-3

„Digital betacam tape (6498599453)“ by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt from Copenhagen, Danmark

A double up of our MOOC after a very busy couple of weeks where we are also helping out with blended learning case studies because of this course. noch 253 Wörter

HE Students

The results... what do libraries mean to you (Part II)

Yesterday I asked you all to contribute some words that you felt described what libraries meant to you, or even words that came to you when you thought about libraries. noch 65 Wörter

Library Life