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Andrew Garfield, Kendall Jenner show off hidden talents for James Corden

Tom Holland isn’t the only Spider-Man actor with some gymnastics ability. Former Spidey Andrew Garfield popped over to The Late Late Show Tuesday night with Kendall Jenner for James Corden’s new segment, Hidden Talents, a talent show where celebrities reveal their secret skills. 100 weitere Wörter


Jennifer Aniston Makes Surprise 'SNL' Appearance To Argue With Rachel From 'Friends'

Viewers of „Saturday Night Live“ knew they were in for a treat when Vanessa Bayer appeared on Weekend Update to revive her hilarious impression of Rachel from „Friends“. 236 weitere Wörter


Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon miniseries 'Waco' picked up by Spike

Spike TV has landed the Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon fronted miniseries based on the 1993 standoff in Waco, Texas, between federal agents and the Branch Davidians religious sect. 190 weitere Wörter


Erica Campbell Shows GRIFF How The Tambourine Is Really Played [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

GRIFF has been enthusiastically working on his tambourine skills for a while now. He’s been playing it as his spirit sees fit during songs on the morning show- much to… 174 weitere Wörter

Get Up!

'Friday Night Lights' cast was banned from playing flag football

Friday Night Lights may have featured tons of football action, including an alarming amount of Hail Mary plays, but that was the only football the cast was allowed to play. 282 weitere Wörter