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Monkey Business

Dear Our President,

How are you? I hear you are “sweating like profuse”. My spies whisper that the delegations are still coming thick and fast, day and night, to ‘encourage’ you to choose this person or the other for that particular position. 826 weitere Wörter

Social Commentary

Kumasi wildlife 

If there’s one thing I’ve established while staying here, its that Kumasi wildlife is completely out to get me. I mean cockroaches that charge at you while Youre spraying insecticide on them. 188 weitere Wörter

Funny Tweets About The Activities Going on in Kumasi

Today, it has been declared by the paramount chief of the Ashanti Kingdom that no one is supposed to outside during the hours of 9pm and 4am. 190 weitere Wörter


Upcoming music artists in Ghana/ Fame over money.

Discussing a few issues that upcoming music artists in Gh face.



I’m always proud to say that I’m Ghanaian, well Ghanaian-American. If you can believe it there was a time when I didn’t feel that way. 819 weitere Wörter


Some People Of Asawasi Turned Gutters Into A Rubbish Dump

Asawasi is mainly a Muslim community made up of mostly settler communities from the three northern regions of Ghana.
There are a lot of environmental issues on the rise there and if care is not taken, it will result to something else. 628 weitere Wörter



Dear family and friends,

My heart is soft as the Lord continues to teach me. All this week I have been trying to study and apply the principle of humility. 381 weitere Wörter