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Rattray Park -Worth the hype?

I sneaked into Rattray park last Saturday evening. I was not the only bearded man who ‘sneaked’ in. The bearded mayor was also there, perhaps to ‘steal’ some few ideas. noch 132 Wörter


Welcome to Prabon-Greenfields – the first gated community in Kumasi.

This project was commissioned in May 2014. It is Kumasi’s first large-scale gated community that will contain amenities built to international standards such as underground electricity, telephone and television cables and a central sewage system that makes waste water portable etc. noch 123 Wörter


Day 6: Idea Pitching, Field Experience and Team Building

Day 6 of the recycle Up Ghana kumasi started off with breakfast at exactly 7:30 am. The participants moved to the Lecture halls where they started thinking about the ideas to be pitched. noch 323 Wörter

DAY 5 in Kumasi: Brainstorming, Problem solving and Practical work

Day 5 of the Recycle Up! Ghana Kumasi camp started with breakfast at exactly 7:30 am, after which the participants were grouped to identify problems in the… noch 205 Wörter

Ghana - what a holiday

Best holiday of my life so far has been to Ghana. It was just so culturally enlightening and has left me with an urge to return for longer next time. noch 823 Wörter

The World/Travelling

Adventure Is Out There

Emily Takimoto, Bright Generation, Kumasi

I’m going to Ghana. Even today, as I sit at the airport during my six-hour layover, I don’t think that fact has entirely sunk in. noch 670 Wörter



The WIFI problem is a critical problem that has cancelled out how technological a university like KNUST can be if not a mere tagged one. noch 197 Wörter

Samuel Gyekye Mensah