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Trip report Easter 2015

Frederikke Qwarnstrom  writes:

I thought I’d give you some feedback on your wonderful guidebook on Ghana. I was there with husband and 4 children for 2 weeks at Easter. noch 352 Wörter


Heavy rainstorm compels schools in Tafo to study under trees

 Over 500 students in seven basic schools at Old Tafo in the Ashanti region have been forced to study under trees because their classrooms have been ripped-off by heavy downpour. noch 376 Wörter


In Loving Memory of Uncle Kwasi "Ernie" Sefa-Boakye (1950-2015)

It is with deep sadness that I say our family has lost a beloved father, uncle, friend, and son, Kwasi “Ernie” Sefa-Boakye. Uncle Ernie, as referred to many, was an entrepreneur and a man of many hilarious tales.  noch 774 Wörter


Ghana: preserving their natural heritage

Ghana is so incredibly green. I suppose this is obvious, and a typical characteristic of tropical countries, but after being in Haiti, I somehow developed the impression that urban sprawl and the “ noch 100 Wörter


Slovenian Hitchhiker Lands In Ghana

His story fascinates me to the core! This Slovenian hitchhiker traveled from his home to Ghana without paying a dime, and continues touring the world looking for a suitable place to settle down -suitable for him. noch 291 Wörter


Ghana: Cocoa in Kumasi, and a film

Back in December, I went to the centre of Ghana, to a city called Kumasi, for the first time, to visit a Fairtrade-certified cocoa farm. I wanted to share some photos from the trip, but am most excited to present to you a little film based on the project I was there to work on. noch 12 Wörter


Sky E - Kumasi

The history of the world is a biography of great personalities. Sky E is one of such personalities who are making great efforts to inspire the young generation of leaders and singers in Nigeria with heart-warming music. noch 32 Wörter