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"Don't cross the bridge till you come to it"

Several days ago I was thinking about how I could start this post. Why this sentence? Because I heard it from Mariajo in our last meeting in GSK, and I thought that it could define my situation during the last months. 599 weitere Wörter


Touched by A Mum

​On our way back from #RomancingOseikromSebitically, we stopped at various points to buy foodstuff: cassava, plantain, snails, mushrooms, garden eggs, tomatoes. We bought some fruits too. 347 weitere Wörter

Commentary On Social Issues


The Annual High School Awards By Agyaba Multimedia Known as platinum high skuul awards held at Meklin Hotel this year on the 19th of August 2016 was a blast in the Ashanti with over 400 nominees. 278 weitere Wörter

Agyaba Multimedia

Rattray Park- Kumasi, Ghana

So, I’ve now been in Kumasi, Ghana for over 2 months. Although I seem to not blog/vlog about it much, I’m very happy that I’m settling in and slowly going out and about. 390 weitere Wörter


Weekly letter to y'all from the States! or wherever else you might be...

Dear beloved family and friends,

My health is excellent. My family is blessed by the Lord. My companion and I are still working hard. We are blessed by the Lord in this part of the vineyard. 578 weitere Wörter


Weekly letter!

I would like to thank everyone for their birthday wishes this last week! I had a really quick week full of learning experiences and love. If you want to know about my week, then tune into my dropbox videos for the weekly report! 165 weitere Wörter


Kumasi Night Life Tours

Ben Kwesi Annan of Kumasi Walking Day Tours has written to introduce a new service called, Kumasi Night Life. After showing tourists the sight by day, he can also show you around by night (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), visiting pubs, bars, dance venues and Ghanaian live bands. 36 weitere Wörter