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News from Busua & Kumasi

Sophia Kahn writes:

I’m just back from a two week holiday in Ghana and found your guide really helpful and informative – thank you.

I thought I send a couple of updates while everything is still fresh in my mind. noch 224 Wörter


John (Part 1)

The street was empty of the screaming children and flustered mothers. The stalls had all been packed up and put away. The dust in the air had settled everywhere, so the plants by the side of the road wore gleaming brown coats. noch 20 Wörter

Date for inter-schools ‘milo’ soccer out; full program schedule released

The Ashanti Regional Schools and Colleges Sports Federation has released the calendar for the boys soccer competition as the competition enters the knockout stage. The much awaited kick off date for the competition will come as a relief to all the schools who are busily preparing to wrestle the trophy from defending champions Adu Gyamfi SHS. noch 145 Wörter


Kwaw Kese returns to Kumasi a year after 'wee' arrest.

A year ago, rapper Kwaw Kese, (@Kwawkese ) performed at the Luv FM’s Skuuls Reunion in Kumasi after which he was arrested by the Kumasi police for allegedly smoking marijuana in public. noch 228 Wörter


Kumasi, card fraud and a banana

I have a confession to make, on the bus to Kumasi, a trip that took about 5 hours, there was a loo break that I took advantage of. noch 1.019 Wörter

We're here!

We’ve been in Ghana for only a few days now but already it seems like such a long time ago! One thing that I’ve noticed already is that time in Ghana moves much slower than in America. noch 995 Wörter


On the road again - we're returning to Ghana!

(Image courtesy of Manna Kamio Badiella for ISUOG Outreach – Kumasi 2011)

They say two times is a charm – and boy they weren’t kidding! We’re excited to announce that ISUOG Outreach will be returning to Kumasi, Ghana on 16 November for the second phase of its development program in the region, in partnership with local NGO… noch 173 Wörter