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Otumfuo commends 2014 Ghana National Best Farmer

Ghana’s 2014 National Best Farmer has been commended by the Asantehene Otumfuo Osei Tutu II for showing leadership and taking the risk to invest heavily in agriculture at a time when the sector is suffering from under-investment and disinterest. noch 497 Wörter


MÙSIC: SKY E (@Skyeoamen)- kumasi

The history of the world is a biography of great personalities. Sky E is one of such personalities who are making great efforts to inspire the young generation of leaders and singers in Nigeria with heart-warming music. noch 31 Wörter


A Day In The Life

In Ghana, no one is asleep after dawn. At six in the morning, the streets are already alive; everyone is doing something: eating, sweeping, dressing, bathing, preaching, listening to the radio, talking to their neighbors. noch 952 Wörter


Ghana: 1 month in

Hello from Ghana!

I sent an email out to friends and family after my first week in. I’ll be living in Ghana for the next three months doing a study abroad program: staying in homestays, exploring the country, and conducting a project of my choice. noch 414 Wörter


Kumasi NDC calls off ‘Thank you Mahama’ demo

The leadership of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Ashanti Region has called off its planned demonstration, which was scheduled for Tuesday,
February 24. noch 212 Wörter


Ghana Missions Trip 2014

Last year I was privileged to go back to the root of my family: Ghana. However this wasn’t just any trip back home. End of 2013 one of the ministers in my church’s circuit expressed how he would like for the worship team I’m part of (David’s Harp) to go to Ghana for a youth mission’s trip with some other amazing youth from other methodist churches and leaders. noch 356 Wörter


Impending Kumasi Demonstration To Turn Bloodshed If......

By daily guide

Kumasi, the Ashanti regional capital,is currently sitting on a time bomb which could explode
anytime from now if no concrete measures are taken by security agents in the area to halt the imminent danger. noch 734 Wörter