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Racist White Terrorism Alive and Well in the USA

Don’t be fooled by the “new Donald Trump” or his party, racism is growing in America. White terrorists are attempting to create a race war in our nation through actions designed to instigate violence. 543 weitere Wörter

Ku Klux Klan Claims Control of the Republican Party

Last week, Donald Trump hired Stephen K. Bannon to be his campaign CEO. Bannon was formerly the head honcho at Brietbart, a right wing extremist website. 363 weitere Wörter

Senate Candidate David Duke Not Ashamed to Have Been a Klan Leader

David Duke recently announced his candidacy for the United States Senate, crediting the rise of Donald Trump in his decision to do so. Duke, a longtime white supremacist and anti-Semite, has predictably centered his campaign around the needs of white people — or as he irritatingly refers to us, „European-Americans.“ Naturally, Duke’s membership in the Ku Klux Klan is being reported on by the media. 504 weitere Wörter


What Will The Neighbors Think?

I was deliberate in choosing the undisclosed location of my heavily fortified compound. After multiple encounters in several states with the petty tyrants of Home Owners Associations, who lord power over their subjects and cultivate a snitch culture rivaled only by Soviet Russia, one of the top three criteria for the farm location was a dearth of rules. 1.118 weitere Wörter

Why You Crying?

Who is David Duke?

Former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke has come out of whatever rock he has been hiding under to express his support for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, so naturally… 1.315 weitere Wörter

What's Happening

David Duke Says His Senate Race Will Be a 'Bully Pulpit' for White Supremacist Ideas

On July 22 2016, ex Neo-Nazi and Klan leader David Duke announced that he would be running for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. Duke cited the rise of Donald Trump in his decision to seek higher office, hoping that many of the same hardcore racists that make up Trump’s fanbase will carry him over the top in Louisiana. 1.266 weitere Wörter