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Stanley Nelson ... In memory of Freedom Riders

Freedom Riders

AMERICAN EXPERIENCE and „Freedom Riders“ and the 2011 Student Freedom Ride

Freedom Riders Official Trailer, 

Films to Watch – by Stanley Nelson : 19 weitere Wörter

~ My 2cents ...

E Pluribus Unum for White Supremacists

Americans teach our children to admire the country as a place where people of diverse origins can come together. By diverse, we have usually meant the right parts of Europe and believing in the right religion. 1.000 weitere Wörter

Modern Monday

In The Cesspool

I am the arbiter of everything true
Know what’s kosher for Muslims, halal for Jews
Any questions you have just bring ‚em to me
I’ll put your worries to rest, set your soul free… 494 weitere Wörter


March Of The Bigots On Its Way

The video clip attached gives an insight into the issue of Orange Order marches in the Occupied Six Counties (OSC) of Ireland, and the conflict that follows them. 556 weitere Wörter


'Mammy' Salt Shakers, Vietnam, and The Trap of Confederate Nostalgia

Yesterday there was an article posted on titled ‚Feeling Kinship with the South, Northerners Let Their Confederate Flags Fly.‘ In it, the author profiles two Iowa men, neither of whom have any real geographic or family connection to the South or the Confederacy as a historical fact, yet fly confederate flags and feel a deep kinship to the Southern cause—though not in a racist way, of course. 1.914 weitere Wörter