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A Reflection On My Racial History

How do you think it feels knowing that your race caused decades of inhuman suffering and cruelty on a group of people that didn’t deserve it? noch 531 Wörter

The Scope

Neo-Nazi group target Elgin as they look to create UK's first fascist town dubbed 'Citadel 1'

THE New British Union of Fascists issued posters calling for “total Aryanism to end the threat of terrorism and anarchy” but their plans have sparked a fierce backlash from local politicians and community leaders. noch 1.244 Wörter

Local News

Calgary students disciplined after wearing apparent KKK robes

Two Calgary high school students who showed up at a party wearing what appeared to be Ku Klux Klan robes sparked outrage on social media and were disciplined by school administrators after the negative reaction spilled into school halls. noch 427 Wörter

Local News

Southern Justice and Its Relevance Today

Southern Justice- Norman Rockwell 1965

I have been writing about the continued problem of racism and hatred in this country, as well as in others lately. noch 816 Wörter


The Hood

Under the hood
Find a frightened white
Afraid of change
Afraid of diversity
Afraid of losing his every

Inside the ‘hood
Find a frightened brown…
noch 48 Wörter


The Price of Progress

Charlie Chaplin’s last silent film, Modern Times (1936), included a scene that would be unintentionally prophetic. A red safety flag falls off of a passing truck and Charlie picks it up. noch 1.353 Wörter


Book review One Mississippi Two Mississippi: Methodists, Murder, and the Struggle for Racial Justice in Neshoba County by Carol VR George ***-****

 I was drawn to this title because it deals with the Civil Rights movement. Fifty years have gone by since the pivotal events of that time, and now, as a second movement unfolds in response to the disproportionate jailing of African-Americans and out-of-control cop violence, it seemed like a good choice. noch 524 Wörter

Black Rights