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Tea Party Triumph

As evidence of the Tea Party triumph, American Freedom Party white separatists, Ku Klux Klan white supremacists, and the pro-white American Nazi Party all agree that President Trump is the great white hope.

Tea Party

On the Road

There’s nothing better as journalist than getting out on the road. Except perhaps for getting out on the road in America, a land of big cars, wide roads and wider skies. 772 weitere Wörter

Tweet of the Day: David Duke

Okay, not really a tweet, but damn funny. Think he’s mad?


Jesse Lee Peterson: Is Trump Giving a Platform to 'White Supremacists'?

Is Trump Giving a Platform to ‚White Supremacists‘? – Jesse Lee Peterson exposes left’s ‚false narrative‘ about ‚hate crimes‘ wave

by Jesse Lee Peterson

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Donald Trump

The 155-Year Protest of the U.S. Government's Rejection of the Confederacy Versus the 2016 Protests of the President-Elect


I do not post on social media or speak out like this often, but I want to make a couple of points about some things that have been bothering me lately. 539 weitere Wörter


Why is Everyone Denying that Trump is a White Supremacist?

Men are identified by those with whom they associate. There is no question about this fact. Throughout his campaign, Trump has proven that he aligns himself with white supremacists and offers his supporters fascist ideals. 481 weitere Wörter