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The Pasco County KKK: FLORIDA

There were implications the KKK had a gaining stronghold in Pasco County…………… Florida that is.  So we here at Pinellas County Legal Blog thought we would check into this dispatch of grapevine negativity. 911 weitere Wörter


David Duke Denounces Menorahs As 'Racist' In Rant About Confederate Monuments

Nothing seems to have incensed David Duke as of late quite like the removal of monuments to the Confederacy — something which the ex-Klan leader considers an act of „ethnic cleansing.“ 555 weitere Wörter


KTRU Tuesdays: KPFT Bombing

KPFT has been in the news lately with a staff shake-up. While the KTRU archives recount the KPFT Pacifica strike dating from 1971, today we’d like to highlight the news reports surrounding the KPFT bombing by the KKK in 1970 and its aftermath. 48 weitere Wörter

Rice University

Jesse Lee Peterson: Democrats Hate Black and Hispanics

Democrats Hate Black and Hispanics- Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson has mic cut after calling out lawmaker over bill

by Jesse Lee Peterson

Not all, not all, not all, but most Democrats today do not respect black people, or anyone else. 875 weitere Wörter

Jesse Lee Peterson

Mass Grave Of Dozens Of Tortured Black Men Found In Deceased KKK Leaders Estate

By Dean Dwyer Last updated Jul 16, 2017


A Mass grave of torture victims has been uncovered in Jackson, Mississippi, FBI spokesman Adrian Cartwright said Thursday.
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Photo Of White Students Captioned ‘KKK’ Stirs Controversy At Chicago High School

An image of eight White teenage girls who captioned their photo “KKK” has stirred controversy at a high school in Chicago, reports the Chicago Tribune… 337 weitere Wörter


The Man Who Beat "Ma" (Miriam) Ferguson

Daniel James Moody, Jr. set records for being the youngest, at age twenty-seven, elected as Williamson County Attorney; the youngest district attorney elected at twenty-nine; the youngest attorney general of Texas at thirty-two; and the youngest governor of Texas at thirty-four. 992 weitere Wörter