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Hard to believe another week has come and gone so fast. It has been difficult to keep tabs on all the ILYBYGTH-related stories out there. Here are a few that SAGLRROILYGYBTH might find interesting: 287 weitere Wörter

Wheaton College

Prose Poem in the Wake of Charlottesville

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Prose Poem in the Wake of Charlottesville

By Brett Ashley Kaplan

The forgotten stone memorials awaken and remind us of the confederate glories the ubiquitous cross-hatched flag celebrates slavery repression pain racism is as apple pie as baseball and in the mix is the Jewhatred why is the left surprised? 468 weitere Wörter


'You are a member of the KKK': Elementary school teacher placed on leave over homework assignment

LEXINGTON, S.C. — A South Carolina elementary school teacher who asked students to role play as Ku Klux Klan members for a homework assignment has been placed on administrative leave. 101 weitere Wörter


The Klan Last Time- Part 8: Onions and Hyacinths

When I found the KKK papers, I was relatively young and my career as a historian was just getting started. I incorporated what I learned into a few pages in my first book and I also wrote a personal essay about how my new knowledge of the Klan had changed the way I saw my home in eastern North Carolina. 390 weitere Wörter

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San Leandro: Double Dipper/Bang Bang Edition

Yes, that’s right folks, you read the title correctly. Today we visit not ONE, but TWO eating establishments for your voracious blog reading needs. But why am I treating you readers so good, even though you don’t deserve shit? 1.809 weitere Wörter

The Klan Last Time- Part 7: None of Their Cars Came Back Out

According to the KKK papers, things began to change in 1967. Attendance at Klan rallies plummeted. Many white people walked away from the fiery cross never to return. 732 weitere Wörter

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