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Kimjongilia by Victor Fox

I’m on a bit of a North Korea kick right now, so I grabbed Kimjongilia by Victor Fox when I saw it. The fact that many publishers felt it was too risky to publish this book after the North Korean Sony hack made it even more appealing. noch 195 Wörter


Totalitarianism - when even your thoughts are not your own

Totalitarianism is a political system in which the state holds total authority over society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible ( noch 1.647 Wörter

Andrei Lankov: What happens when Kim runs out of generals and relatives to purge?

Plenty of doubts have been raised about claims that North Korea executed its defence minister by anti- aircraft gun at the end of April. Whether or not General Hyon Yong Chol met such a grisly end, though, the fact remains that top officials face increasingly uncertain fates in Pyongyang. noch 737 Wörter

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Defying Expectations: Authoritarian Persistence and Retreat in the DPRK and Burma

In this essay, I address the persistence of authoritarian regimes in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) and Burma (Myanmar) against expectations. Contacts welcome… noch 2.542 Wörter

#927 North Korea 14/07/25

Here is another beautiful cover from North Korea, which has been sent by John, thank you! It was posted on July 25 and arrived on August 11, 2014. noch 27 Wörter


Top Ten Week-The Most Evil People in History-Dishonorable Mentions

Reinhard Heydrich




Reinhard “The Hangman” Heydrich was the chief of the Third Reich’s Security Office during the World War II. One of the most highest ranking officers in the Nazi party, he was feared even by Adolf  Hitler himself, who described him as “the man with the iron heart”. noch 589 Wörter

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The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot

Investigative journalist Blaine Harden is a contributor to The Economist, PBS Frontline, and Foreign Policy. His book Escape from Camp 14 was a best seller. His new book is… noch 118 Wörter