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Taking the train in North Korea

A white beam lit up the wall above my head and I gathered the faux-fur covers around my shoulders and edged towards the window. It was cold in my compartment and the air held the sour dankness of the guards’ cheap cigarettes. 1.493 weitere Wörter

Kim Jong Nam's Murder Likely Means Dangerous Times Ahead for Members of North Korea's Ruling Family

As the fallout from the assassination of Kim Jong Nam continues, more details are emerging about what sparked his murder, with possibly grave consequences for other members of North Korea’s ruling family. 894 weitere Wörter

Published Fri 3rd March 2017 

ক্যাম্প – ২২, পৃথিবীতে বিদ্যমান এক নরক, যেখানে কেউ একবার প্রবেশ করলে আর বের হতে পারে না। যেখানে মানুষকে মানুষের চোখে দেখা হতো না, যেখানে মানুষকে ব্যবহার করে ভয়াবহ সব পরীক্ষা নিরীক্ষা করানো হতো, যেখানে প্রসূতি নারীদের সরাসরি পেট কেটে ভ্রূণ বের করে ফেলা হতো, কখনো বা বড় তক্তা দিয়ে পিষে পিষে গর্ভপাত করানো হতো ৮-৯ মাসে প্রসূতিকে! 56 weitere Wörter

Music & Creative Workshop

North Korea's First Novel

Is fiction from North Korea…fictitious? Apparently not. Shhhhhhhh…don’t tell Sir Lord Viceroy Douchebag Kim Jong-un that his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and his glorious revolution may not be portrayed all that, um, you know, gloriously? 324 weitere Wörter

Kim Il-sung Watching from on High

No city in North Korea is complete without its bronze statue of the Great Leader, Kim Il-Sung, placed on the top of a hill for everybody to see. 488 weitere Wörter


The first work of fiction smuggled out of North Korea reveals life under the Kim dynasty

The Accusation
By Bandi
House of Anansi Press
256pp; $19.95

Satellite photos of the Korean peninsula at night show a stark contrast; the lights of the South shine brightly while the North is shrouded in near-complete darkness. 880 weitere Wörter