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Why North Korea is not your dream destination?

What media, internet, and Netflix taught me about this far east nation?

In my last post Soul to Seoul, I wrote about how I imagined the capital of South Korea to be. 815 weitere Wörter


I recently published in Polish a detailed research paper related to cultural relations between Poland and North Korea. The article may be downloaded there


Made in North Korea @ the House of Illustration

The House of Illustration

The House of Illustration is the UK’s only public gallery dedicated solely to illustration and graphic art. It’s a charity, and was set up by a group of illustrators led by Quentin Blake, in 2002. 2.758 weitere Wörter


What do Friedrich Engels, Louis Althusser, Terry Eagleton, Kim Il Sung and Stalin have in common?

They all made the – often difficult – step from religious faith to Marxism. Engels, with his Reformed background and the strong religious commitment of his youth, set the initial example. 66 weitere Wörter


Billy Graham, RIP

This morning the Reverend Billy Graham died at the age of 99.

He and President Kim Il Sung were friends.