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The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot

Investigative journalist Blaine Harden is a contributor to The Economist, PBS Frontline, and Foreign Policy. His book Escape from Camp 14 was a best seller. His new book is… noch 118 Wörter


Ideology and Anti-Factionalism: A Survey of North Korean Workers' Party Publishing Output in 1958

In May 2010, the US Central Intelligence Agency released a file which it had had in its files for many decades: Korean Books (in Korean), No. noch 712 Wörter

North Korea

Taking a Look Inside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)

Sorry, I had this post stuck in draft mode for more than 6 months now. It’s time!

Photo: My DPRK tourist visa card.

So my journey began in Beijing, where I first met my group from Young Pioneer Tours (YPT) at the City Central Youth Hostel and first laid hands on my blue DPRK visa card. noch 3.498 Wörter


SE39 Week 7 - Old Soldiers

This week’s final sound bite clue was a little difficult to understand, and its upper-range frequencies made it the favourite clue of dogs across Ottawa. It was Douglas MacArthur’s farewell address, after getting fired. noch 931 Wörter

Das Land der Finsternis

Nachdem ich im vergangenen Jahr bereits auf ein Buch ueber eine nordkoreanischen Fluechtling gestossen war, fiel mir vor rund 1,5 Wochen das schon etwas aeltere Werk von Barbara Demick in die Haende. noch 796 Wörter


Kim Jong-un brings back 'pleasure troupe' entertainers

North Korean leader selecting attractive young women to perform for him personally. Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, has ordered the creation of a new “pleasure troupe” of young women to entertain him. noch 461 Wörter