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My list of publications has been updated on the Google Scholar platform, you can have a look using the following link.


I’m pleased to announce that within the Tübingen Korean Studies Programme; on the 20th December, I will give a lecture entitled A Typology of the North Korean Leadership under the Era of Kim Jong-un – Elements of Comparison with Kim Il Sung & Kim Jong-il’s Periods of Power.

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Como Kim Il-sung tentou salvar a caótica economia da Coreia do Norte

Nos anos que antecederam a crise econômica, Pyongyang explorou diversos caminhos para atenuar as desenfreadas ineficiências

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I was recently quoted in the Romanian mgazine „qmagazine“ on an article dedicated to the future of North Korea. The document is available there.


Fifth Letter: North Korean Philosophy: Three

I have written about the North Korean propaganda I have read without comment, not because I approve of it, but because I think its lies and deficiencies should be obvious to any person of a free country. 786 weitere Wörter