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North Korea's new growth industry: Enormous bronze Kim Jong Il statues

In North Korea, there’s no escaping the Kim family.

“Eternal President” Kim Il Sung continues to reign — according to North Korean lore — 21 years after his death. noch 505 Wörter


How a defector from North Korea realized almost everything she learned about her country was a lie

“It is ridiculous, the hairstyle he has, everything,” says Hyeonseo Lee.

She is talking about Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of North Korea and in her old life, before her defection from the tightly controlled regime, saying such a thing would condemn her and her family to prison or to death. noch 1.336 Wörter


George Jonas: As a nuclear power, Iran will become the next North Korea

Bear with me. I’m going to Vienna/Tehran today by the way of Geneva/Pyongyang. Over 21 years ago, in March, 1994, I wrote a column that began: “North Korea, one of the few surviving communist tyrannies, is seeking to prolong its existence through a threat of war.” This was when current tyrant Kim Jong-un’s grandfather, Kim Il Sung, styled the “Great Leader,” announced that North Korea was developing nuclear weapons. noch 881 Wörter

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Admiring the Irish coastline, Kim-Jong style

Propaganda posters illustrating the Kim dictators are fascinating.

One of the most hilarious features is that the Kims can often be seen posing in front of the most incredibly breathtaking scenery, but pointing out to the opposite direction – as if what their visionary eyes could see was even more spectacular. noch 76 Wörter


Sul comunismo dinastico in Nord Corea

di Michele Marsonet. L’espressione “dinastia comunista” rappresenta di per sé un ossimoro. In teoria non dovrebbe esistere alcunché di simile, pena la contraddizione immediata. Eppure non si tratta affatto di un’espressione vuota e priva di referente, come dimostra un recente saggio di Domenico Vecchioni: “La saga dei 3 Kim.
noch 707 Wörter
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Kim Jong-un hails North Korea's Women's World Cup final win over USWNT

Supreme leader Kim Jong-un has hailed the efforts of North Korea’s women today and congratulated them on their Women’s World Cup final triumph over the United States in Canada, Pyongyang News reports. noch 221 Wörter


Kimjongilia by Victor Fox

I’m on a bit of a North Korea kick right now, so I grabbed Kimjongilia by Victor Fox when I saw it. The fact that many publishers felt it was too risky to publish this book after the North Korean Sony hack made it even more appealing. noch 195 Wörter