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The Rise and Potential Fall of North Korea: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my deep dive into North Korea, a look at the conditions North Koreans face today.

The Democratic people’s republic of Korea was shattered by the end of the Korean War. 1.302 weitere Wörter


During the second plenary meeting of the 7th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, which was held on the 7th October 2017, the younger sister of Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong (김여정) was yesterday nominated as Kim Yo-jong has been made an alternate member of the WPK Politburo.

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Enough Bluster: What are the Actual Stakes with North Korea?

The Brood: Are we wasting time trying to avoid a war with North Korea?

“So what’s the deal with North Korea?” It’s a country as strange as it is dangerous. 669 weitere Wörter

U.S. Korea Policy, “Mutually Assured Madness”

by David William Pear, September 24, 2017
“if you have nukes, never give them up–if you don’t have them, get them”. —Dan Coats, Director of National Intelligence. 2.752 weitere Wörter

North Korea's Road to Antagonism: Setting the scene for today's nuclear tension

Dominating recent news is the growing threat of North Korea’s nuclear testing and the potential crisis which ensues. The risk of a nuclear confrontation seems surreal in the present day, all too reminiscent of the Cold-War days. 1.680 weitere Wörter

72nd Anniversary of the End of The Second World War in Asia and The Need for Pan Asian Nationalism

It has been 72 years since the end of the Second World War in Asia which is an event  of world historic  which has left far-reaching political ramifications and implications   which have lasted to this very day. 859 weitere Wörter