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Cadence of Conflict: Asia, October 26, 2015

Fireworks and seizure.

On Saturday, a North Korean patrol boat crossed into South Korea’s side of the “NLL” (Northern Limit Line), which North Korea rejects. noch 675 Wörter


The Curious Case of North Korea’s President

The president of North Korea is dead. No, not the happy chap pictured above – Kim Jong-un. He holds a different position in government – Supreme leader of North Korea, and is not the president. noch 96 Wörter


Happy anniversary, DPRK Workers Party--

Well now, it’s the 70th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean Workers Party, and all I can say is, ‘Happy anniversary!’  I hope that all of my friends in the DPRK are doing OK, and I hope that some day there will be a reunification of North and South Korea so that all people on the Korean peninsula can thrive, eat well, and have access to all of planet Earth.   noch 90 Wörter

North Korea

You don't have to fight for your right to go to this Kim Jong Un party — it's the only party

This Saturday is party day in North Korea. Well, actually, Party party day.

Kim Jong Un’s regime on Saturday will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Korean Workers’ Party, the Communist organization that remains the linchpin of this authoritarian state. noch 1.216 Wörter


What Makes This North Korea Dust Up Different? Is North Korea's behavior largely a fool's errand?

The Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea — For years, North Korea’s litany of threats has been largely dismissed. Seoul, after all, is still not drowning in a “sea of fire,” despite Pyongyang’s repeated promises to make it so. noch 737 Wörter