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What Makes This North Korea Dust Up Different? Is North Korea's behavior largely a fool's errand?

The Associated Press

SEOUL, South Korea — For years, North Korea’s litany of threats has been largely dismissed. Seoul, after all, is still not drowning in a “sea of fire,” despite Pyongyang’s repeated promises to make it so. noch 737 Wörter

[VIDEO] The Meaning of Socialism: Q&A with National Review's Kevin Williamson

What’s the real definition of socialism? How is it distinct from regulation and a social welfare state? Why are intellectuals still enamored of a system that brought us Stalin, Hitler, and more recently… noch 62 Wörter


World Peace Award

North Korean “despot” Kim Jong-un is no stranger to “dubious” accolades and has already been “crowned” Supreme Military Commander, National Defense Chairman and First Secretary of the Worker’s Party. noch 553 Wörter


Kim Il Sung and Korea

Judul                      : Kim Il Sung and Korea

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North Korea's new growth industry: Enormous bronze Kim Jong Il statues

In North Korea, there’s no escaping the Kim family.

“Eternal President” Kim Il Sung continues to reign — according to North Korean lore — 21 years after his death. noch 505 Wörter