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How to travel to North Korea

North Korea is possibly the strangest and most intriguing country on the Earth, because of its tight borders, oppressive regime and highly negative public image. There’ve been movies and countless documentaries, and the country has been the centre of an innumerable number of jokes and memes. 1.360 weitere Wörter

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Diplomasi Bunga Soekarno (Korea Utara Memandang Indonesia)

Sejauh menyangkut hubungan antar negara di dunia ini, negara yang sangat dihormati Korea Utara adalah Indonesia, selain Rusia dan China.

Presiden Soekarno telah banyak menjalin persahabatan dengan negara lain, terutama dengan negara-negara yang dinilai anti Amerika (hingga konon lengsernya Bung Karno juga dikarenakan adanya campur tangan Amerika) diantaranya: Kuba, Tiongkok (China), Uni Soviet (kini Federasi Rusia), dan Korea Utara. 537 weitere Wörter

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Looking at the North Korean Problem From a Chinese Border City

The symbiotic relationship between Chinese and North Korean traders in Dandong reflects the complex issues at stake

The spindly legs of half-a-dozen dried frogs are tied together in a knot. 302 weitere Wörter


And Now This Special NK Radio Bulletin: Suffering is Normal When You Are Doing Good

Below is an excerpt from our recent report on our North Korea Radio Broadcasts as written by one of  our VOM Korea interns.

Life in North Korea is very difficult for outsiders to comprehend. 712 weitere Wörter

North Korea

Travel theme: bowing under the two Kim statues

This week, Ailsa’s photo challenge theme is Pairs.

I have chosen the most surrealistic pair I have ever seen: those two giant statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim-Jong-Il in Pyongyang, North Korea. 121 weitere Wörter


Same same, but different

I’m sure I’m not the only one realizing this but if you look closely enough, there is a resemblance between the three leaders from the Kim Dynasty. 85 weitere Wörter

North Korea