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North Korean citizens are completely isolated from the outside world; nevertheless, they are exposed to an increasing influx of external information since the 90’s. It was due to a decreasing economic situation which forced North Korean citizens to travel inside and outside of the country for economical purposes.

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North Korea Tests Most Powerful Nuke Yet, Despite UN Sanctions

North Korea’s most powerful nuclear test on Thursday night was accompanied by an announcement that they now now have the ability to mount a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. 142 weitere Wörter


North Korea Conducts Fifth Nuclear Test as Regime Celebrates National Holiday 

The governments in both South Korea and Japan convened emergency meetings to discuss the test.

TOKYO — Anna Fifield reports: North Korea conducted its fifth atomic test Friday morning, South Korean officials said, as Kim Jong Un’s regime continues to defy international condemnation of its nuclear and missile programs and waves of sanctions. 404 weitere Wörter

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Breaking: North Korea Tests Fifth Nuclear Device

There is much speculation that a 5.3 magnitude earthquake close to North Korea’s nuclear testing site was not a natural event but an underground nuclear explosion. 111 weitere Wörter

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How to travel to North Korea

North Korea is possibly the strangest and most intriguing country on the Earth, because of its tight borders, oppressive regime and highly negative public image. There’ve been movies and countless documentaries, and the country has been the centre of an innumerable number of jokes and memes. 1.360 weitere Wörter

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Diplomasi Bunga Soekarno (Korea Utara Memandang Indonesia)

Sejauh menyangkut hubungan antar negara di dunia ini, negara yang sangat dihormati Korea Utara adalah Indonesia, selain Rusia dan China.

Presiden Soekarno telah banyak menjalin persahabatan dengan negara lain, terutama dengan negara-negara yang dinilai anti Amerika (hingga konon lengsernya Bung Karno juga dikarenakan adanya campur tangan Amerika) diantaranya: Kuba, Tiongkok (China), Uni Soviet (kini Federasi Rusia), dan Korea Utara. 537 weitere Wörter

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