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A Supra Hybrid Might Not Be So Bad After All

I know, I know, the title to this post sounds like complete blasphemy but hear me out.

As we already know, Toyota is teaming up with BMW to produce a sports car, which we will call „Supra“ to make life easier and hoping it is actually called the „Supra“. 379 weitere Wörter


KERS banned from 2017 GT500 regulations

The use of Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) have been banned as part of the 2017 technical regulations for the Autobacs Super GT Series‘ GT500 class. 216 weitere Wörter

Super Gt

An In Depth Exclusive Interview With the Caterham F1 Team

An interview with Tom Webb, Caterhams F1’s Herad of Communications.To start with I would like to ask a few questions about the testing in Jerez and in particular I would like to start with KERS.How important do you believe it is that Caterham have KERS?I think it is important for several reasons. 4.924 weitere Wörter

Jason Jacobs: vir wyle Adam Small

’n Gedig deur Jason Jacobs as huldeblyk aan Adam Small

vir wyle Adam Small

’n Kers vou uit die nag
woorde ontsnap,
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