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Low Emission Buses On Hold

One of my Google Alerts has picked up this story on the London South East web site, which is entitled Torotrak Shifts Focus Following Delays In UK Low-Emission Bus Grants… noch 115 Wörter


Will London Overground Fit On-board Energy Storage To Class 378 Trains?

This may seem to be a ridiculous idea, as why would the Class 378 trains on the London Overground need the ability to use battery power? noch 754 Wörter



Stare will undoubtedly make history as one of the greatest Montreal artists of our era. After becoming one of the best graffiti writers, he has taken his place as one of our city’s best muralists. noch 1.537 Wörter


Could IPEMU Trains Use KERS?

I have just read this article on The Business Desk, which is entitled Torotrak’s bus KERS system gets all-clear. The article starts like this. noch 112 Wörter


Die-cast: Bburago LaFerrari

Bburago delivers high-value matte black LaFerrari

I can’t explain it, but the youngsters these days are going crazy over matte finishes on cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. noch 679 Wörter

Mark Savage

The Ultimate Pan-European Train Or Tram

If you look at all the various trains across Europe, every country has its own designs to fit their incompatible loading gauges, electrical supply voltages and platform standards. noch 157 Wörter


Other Train, Tram And Tram-Train Manufacturers And IPEMUs

The Aventra IPEMU is a Bombardier product, but I can’t see anything about using batteries in a train being patentable.

In the future we will see a range of energy storage devices based on all sorts of technology for transport applications. noch 451 Wörter