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Unsere Katzen/Meet the cats

Hier wollen wir euch unsere Katzenfamilie vorstellen.
We would like to introduce you to our cat family. noch 84 Wörter


Unsere Katzenstory/Our Cat story

Mein Freund und ich leben derzeit auf einer kleinen Insel namens Gili Trawangan in Indonesien. “Gili T” ist eine schöne tropische Insel, die sehr beliebt ist bei Tauchern. noch 789 Wörter


Product Review: Canagan Wet Food

Hi everyone,

When I first looked after a cat 30 years ago, the choice of food was very limited. Nina (My first cat) came from my relative when they moved home and had already developed a taste for a certain brand of canned wet food.   noch 652 Wörter


Angel's Eyes: My cat tree is Important!

Hello my friends, this is my friend Fred who keeps me company in my cat tree. I want to tell you about my cat tree and when I first got my cat tree and how important it is to me.. noch 341 Wörter


Cross Process pt. 4

The “Leftovers”

Nikon FE
Kodak Elite Chrome 100, expired 04/2000, cross-processed

© 2015 Hans-Jürgen Sommerfeld, all rights reserved


Guest Post: DIY Cat litter box

As promised, Sarina from Saris Corner is back with the follow-up on the DIY Cat litter box. Please find her post below. For those that missed last week’s post on the Cat bed please check it out… noch 195 Wörter


Happy #TRT - Tummy Rub Tuesday (Week 31)

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another week of Tummy Rub Tuesday! Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet, why not sign up by clicking  noch 372 Wörter