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Keep your child safe on mobile devices.

Threats are everywhere on the Internet and they pose a serious danger to younger users. Moreover, children who use mobile devices can be even more vulnerable because they are free to surf the Internet at any time or place, without adult supervision. noch 1.568 Wörter


The Chronicles of Hellsing: a Spy vs Spy Story

Hellsing Malware targets government and diplomatic entities, has been detected and blocked in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur, 17 April 2015 – Kaspersky Lab has recorded a rare and unusual example of one cybercriminal attacking another. noch 546 Wörter


Kaspersky Lab opens office in Singapore

Kaspersky Lab today announces that it has added Singapore to its ever-expanding worldwide network of offices. The new office is the 34th representative division of the company. noch 381 Wörter


Problems in April's Patch Tuesday

So far April’s patches aren’t causing too much harm. Here is a run-down.

KB2889923 update for Lync 2013 (Skype for Business) will do a number on users who are running Outlook 2010. noch 316 Wörter


Kaspersky Releases A CoinVault Ransomware Remover

Chalk one up for the good guys. Anti-virus maker Kaspersky has released an fix for those suffering from the CoinVault ransomware, a piece of software that encrypts your private files and decrypts them when you pay a certain amount of… noch 132 Wörter


Herramienta de Kaskersky desbloquea cifrados de CoinVault

Herramienta de Kaskersky desbloquea cifrados de CoinVault, debido al crecimiento de ataques de tipo ransomware, que cifran la información personal con una clave que se desbloquee con un pago en bitcoins a los atacantes, la empresa de seguridad en alianza con la unidad de crimen de la policía Holanda la han desarrollado, pues en dicho país se estima que hay sido infectados alrededor de 700 equipos. noch 232 Wörter


There's finally a tool to free you from the ransomware holding your PC hostage

Of all the malicious software out there that we have to be afraid of, ransomware may very well be the most sinister. As its name might suggest, ransomware is malicious software that hackers use to hold your computer hostage, blocking access to all of your files unless you agree to pay a ransom. noch 240 Wörter