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Kaspersky Lab paid former national security adviser more than $10,000

The plot thickens, but doesn’t it always?

New documents have emerged detailing former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn’s financial ties to Russian companies, including the U.S. 305 weitere Wörter


Eugene Kaspersky on macOS, IoT...

…and various other acronyms and ‚issues.

Kieren McCarthy, for The Register, summarizes the keynote at the Mobile World Congress by ’security showman Eugene Kaspersky‘: Apple’s macOS is the safer choice – but not for the reason you think – Eugene Kaspersky looks forward to a new darker dawn… 29 weitere Wörter

OS X Malware

Dear Kaspersky Lab: Yours is a very bad installer [Updated]


On Tuesday, I got a text message from my father that nearly made me fall off the treadmill at the gym: „Help! How do I turn off untrusted on my Mac?“ 798 weitere Wörter


Security risks or panic mongering?

When you read about IT related security threats and breaches in mainstream media, it usually looks like this:

Tech sites and dedicated forums usually do a better job. 1.390 weitere Wörter


LDMS 2016.3

Ivanti Landesk Management Suite 2016.3 is probably the most buggy it’s ever been. Ivanti Landesk has taken the crown when it comes to shipping a product so full of bugs that it’s hardly usable. 243 weitere Wörter


Kaspersky Antivirus for UEFI

Kaspersky Anti-Virus for UEFI seems to be running as an UEFI application (utility)

— Pinczakko (@Pinczakko) February 21, 2017

[…]Kaspersky Antivirus for UEFI is integrated into Kraftway’s proprietary chip-based Kraftway Security Shell to ensure timely detection and blocking of malware attacks against key points (Master Boot Record, Global Partition Table, OS loader and kernel, key OS files, registry, critical files and directories, etc.) before the OS itself even starts to load.[…]

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NEWS ANALYSIS: Kaspersky Lab has discovered a new strain of malware that hides in memory and trusted applications while it stealthily steals sensitive data.

A new breed of malware found by Kaspersky Lab may seem like a nightmare for system administrators and IT managers. 125 weitere Wörter