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Kaspersky Antivirus Free 2019 released!

Kaspersky Lab has just released their latest and greatest FREE version of their flagship product, Kaspersky Antivirus. And while half of the world is still panicking about Russian conspiracy bullshit, this one is a golden nugget. 219 weitere Wörter


Insane in the Blockchain: Mainstream Investors 'Pining for Crypto'!

Thomson Reuters: a robust 20% of financial institutions are considering trading cryptocurrencies within the next year, with 14% planning to commence these operations in the next <90-180 days…

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Disconcerting Android stories and one bit of good news

…at least the story that Android will insist that device makers will implement patches is worth a cheer or three, even if it is long overdue… 107 weitere Wörter


Kaspersky Lab to transfer its' customer data to Zurich by 2019

The transfer of core processes, including software assembly and threat detection updates, will be supervised by an independent third party.

After facing a US ban, Russia-based Kaspersky Lab on Thursday announced to move its core customer data storage and processing processes for most regions to Zurich, Switzerland, by 2019 — at a time when the European Union (EU) gets ready to introduce a new data privacy law. 369 weitere Wörter


A new standard for connected privacy

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Kaspersky Lab isi muta infrastructura principala din Rusia in Elvetia si deschide primul Centru pentru Transparenta

Pana la finalul lui 2019, informatiile provenind de la clientii din Europa vor fi stocate si procesate la Zurich.

In cadrul Initiativei Globale pentru Transparenta, Kaspersky Lab isi adapteaza infrastructura pentru a muta o serie de procese cheie din Rusia in Elvetia. 698 weitere Wörter


Dutch govt dropping Kaspersky software over spying fears

The Dutch government is phasing out the use of anti-virus software made by Russian firm Kaspersky Lab amid fears of possible spying, despite vehement denials by the Moscow-based cyber security company. 326 weitere Wörter