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Kaspersky’s Warning-A Cyber Spy Keylogger Called Grabit Active in Business Networks

Online security giant Kaspersky had reported a new cyber spying malware called Grabit which is speared through corporate networks and small and medium business systems in India, USA and Thailand along with other nations such as those in Europe and UAE. noch 124 Wörter


Securing Smart Cities: Leading Security Experts Join Forces to Make Modern Cities Safer

Securing Smart Cities, a new not-for-profit global initiative, is being launched today. Backed by leading IT security researchers, companies and organizations, including IOActive, Kaspersky Lab, Bastille, and the Cloud Security Alliance, the Securing Smart Cities initiative aims to solve the cybersecurity challenges smart cities face through collaboration and information sharing. noch 516 Wörter


Kaspersky Set to Provide Security Solutions for India's 100 Smart Cities Plan

Kaspersky, one of the world’s top three global security vendors is making inroads to provide security solutions to industries, organizations and government bodies in India. noch 449 Wörter


2015 First Quarter With Kaspersky Lab

Every now and then, we simply have to include some of the dark cloud reports, which come from the Kaspersky Lab mountains. You know how it goes, don’t you? noch 182 Wörter

Hackers Targeting Asian Countries: Kaspersky

According to a new report from Kaspersky labs, a malicious hacker group called Naikon is targeting government, civil and military organizations in the Asia-Pacific region. noch 467 Wörter


Kaspersky Lab Reveals Naikon Cyberthreats Footprints in Malaysia

Top-Level Government Agencies, Civil, Military and Aviation Organization Among the Targets

Within four days of the disappearance of MH370, Naikon, a group of cyber criminals launched its attacks on Malaysian authorities to steal information relating to investigation and search efforts. noch 110 Wörter


The key to choosing the right antivirus: Make sure to follow these 7 easy steps

Written by Tatiana Filin

Montreal, QC – We’ve all been there. You’re stuck working towards a deadline only to have your work wiped when you open an e-mail containing a zipped file, or perhaps Dad genuinely thought it was a good idea to click that flashing pop-up telling him to “claim his prize”. noch 1.295 Wörter