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Smart cities digital infrastructure – security vulnerabilities are plenty!

Smart cities are gaining traction all over the world where digital connectedness lets people access services across a spectrum of needs. How safe are they? Kaspersky lab experts claim that digital kiosks, interactive terminals and speed cameras are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. 170 weitere Wörter


Kaspersky has found a Pokemon GO malware which has been downloaded over half a billion times… Watch out…

О некоторых особенностях работы Kaspersky iOS MDM

Приветствую, коллеги.

Сегодня речь пойдет о Kaspersky iOS MDM Server, который поставляется вместе с корпоративной линейкой продуктов Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

iOS MDM Server предназначен для управления корпоративными устройствами на базе iOS – айфоны и айпэды. 194 weitere Wörter


Your kitchen appliances and Smart Meter are watching you, security expert warns

From Bloomberg

by  Marie Mawad  &  Stefan Nicola  
September 1, 2016

Your fridge is getting so smart, security-software maker Kaspersky Lab thinks you probably shouldn’t trust it. 472 weitere Wörter

Kenapa Kaspersky?

Sedikit review (iklan) tentang Antivirus yang dari dulu osem. Kenapa aku suka Kaspersky sedangkan banyak lagi Antivirus yang tak kurang hebatnya selain Kaspersky? Adakah sebab aku agent menjual Antivirus jenama ini? 361 weitere Wörter


Who hacked the NSA?

Last week, a group called the „Shadow Brokers“ stole 234 megabytes of data from the National Security Agency. The leak included information about the cyberweapons the NSA uses to hack suspects and enemies, and a tracking code that reveals the fingerprints of the NSA’s malicious software.

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Kaspersky Blocks Network Printing

When I tried to print to a network printer, the anti-virus firewall software would block it automatically. The printer queue will shows the document failed to print. 49 weitere Wörter

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