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How to beat Cyber criminals –Kaspersky

Cyber criminals are getting more daring everyday and everyone on the Internet should be wary and take precautions, warns Internet security solutions firm, Kaspersky.

Two decades ago, cyber threats were few and not as fraudulent as they are today. noch 597 Wörter


Kaspersky Phound, a Free to Download Anti Theft App for your Android Smartphone

Russian Security application developer Kaspersky has launched a new Android app to protect your Android smartphone and its valuable data. The free-to-download app is called Phound and it claims to help locate your Android device, if stolen, and also keep any valuable information stored on it away from prying eyes. noch 339 Wörter


Everyone needs to wake up.

Everyone needs to wake up.

Come on now, I AM FORMER NSA and said EVERYTHING Snowden said AND 10X MORE on this web site over a year before he showed up. noch 669 Wörter

Jim Stone

FINALLY, the real "NSA hack" has been revealed

All hard drives from all manufacturers raped wide open to the NSA from day one of manufacture SINCE 2001!

This is about the recent NSA hack discovery by Kapersky, and I have clarified what is going on and removed the confusing, misleading and obstructing content most reports have. noch 934 Wörter

Jim Stone