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We were enjoying our off-campus visits with Jonah.

Until we weren’t.

One weekday visit, Jonah attacked Andy in his apartment. Andy called for help, and luckily his landlord was outside and came running. 1.534 weitere Wörter

Feat: Karate Kid, 'Karate Kid' #1


In ‚Karate Kid‘ (1976) #1, titled „My World Begins In Yesterday,“ Karate Kid performs a fighting skills feat. Karate Kid trails Nemesis Kid in the 20th century with the help of… 170 weitere Wörter

Power Level

Cobra Kai: 5 Ways Johnny Changed After Karate Kid

Cobra Kai is a martial arts comedy television series based on The Karate Kid movie series. This film includes various characters who have also performed in The Karate Kid film series. 697 weitere Wörter


Cobra Kai (Karate Kids)

Dear @CobraKaiSeries @ralphmacchio @WilliamZabka,

I watched #KarateKidMovies with my boys for the 1st time this weekend. They are obsessed with the series and apparently, they are now both entering the All Valley Tournament. 11 weitere Wörter

The Best Karate Halloween Costumes For Any Age

We are getting close to Halloween and even though the pandemic is going make this Halloween a different experience than in years past, kids (and adults) everywhere are still going to dress up and have a great time. 830 weitere Wörter

Fear and Darkness in The Karate Kid. (Or, how I learned to look properly at Johnny Lawrence.)

**This is part one of a short series of blog posts about my observations of the Karate Kid franchise of films and the TV show… 1.061 weitere Wörter

Cobra Kai Season 1 and 2 Review

Image from IMDB

Cobra Kai season three is one of the most anticipated shows for 2021. Now we know that it will be returning in January or next year, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. 1.143 weitere Wörter