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Bunny Under the Weather

Sweet little Bunny wasn’t eating much yesterday so I brought her over to the vet today. She seems like she’s in GI stasis, and wasn’t responding much to my meds at home. 57 weitere Wörter


From One Licker to Another

Budgie and Snoopy went home this morning and now little Bunny is here for a week. Budgie alternated between licking me and nudging me to pet him last night. 37 weitere Wörter


Kamp "Activities"

Snoopy’s favorite „activity“ at Kamp is sleeping in the corner behind the couch. He does come out in the evening to eat his pellets and check out what’s going on. 71 weitere Wörter


Binkys and Butt-Twitches

Budgie and Snoopy bunny arrived at Kamp yesterday for the weekend. They’re such a cute pair of brothers. Budgie was so happy to be here that he binkyed right away. 80 weitere Wörter


Team Preview: Kash

The second newcomer in the league is none other than fan favorite Jordan Kamphuis. The first time GM enters into fantasy football with very little knowledge, but a willingness to learn. 672 weitere Wörter

Team Previews

Eye Gunk and Appetites

Even since I’ve had my Hershey, I occasionally noticed what I thought were bubbles on the sides of his eyeballs. Sometimes they would be there, sometimes not, so I thought they were on his third eyelid membrane. 181 weitere Wörter


Bye-bye Furry Brotha!

Last night I groomed Mason, and then I groomed my carpet and the couch. Big white bunnies are a lot of fun, but they need a bit more house maintenance! 36 weitere Wörter