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Whose Living Room is it Anyway?

I let Rusty out in the other pen again last night and he was living it up. Hershey was annoyed that he loses his space for two whole hours every other day! 29 weitere Wörter


Keeping it Interesting with Rusty

Rusty is getting a little restless being in a pen. I think he misses his mom and dad too. Every time I open his gate he jumps out to greet me. 63 weitere Wörter


Bunny Jail

I let Rusty explore the other pen in the living room again last night and he was just as excited as before. He jumped up on the couch with my brother and later my mom, but didn’t stick around long. 103 weitere Wörter


Footstool Frolics

While moving some picture frames up on the wall upstairs, I borrowed a stool that my boys downstairs have in their pen. As soon as my Charlie and Piper saw me with it, they came over and started to play. 104 weitere Wörter


Anadolu Rangers Kütahya Kampı ve Sezon Öncesi Son Hazırlıkları / Anadolu Rangers Kütahya Football Camp and the Latest Preseason Preperations

Anadolu Üniversitesi Korumalı Futbol Takımı Anadolu Rangers 2016-2017 sezon öncesi hazırlıklarını tamamladı. Rangers, yapılan seçmeler sonucunda takıma dahil edilen yeni oyuncularıyla birlikte son elemeleri tamamlayarak 60 oyuncusuyla birlikte 14 Ekim 2016 Cuma günü Kütahya Eynal Kaplıcaları’nda 3 günlük kampa katıldı.  809 weitere Wörter

Rangers Futbol

Rusty Gets an Expansion

Yesterday I let Rusty run around in the second pen area in the living room. My boys were a little annoyed to lose the space, but it was only for a couple of hours. 70 weitere Wörter


I Want Watermelon!

Last night I had a bowl of watermelon as a snack and Rusty was sitting next to me. Suddenly he starts crawling into my lap and up towards my mouth. 63 weitere Wörter