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Furry White Tumbleweeds

All the big white bunnies in the house are shedding. That means big white tumbleweeds, rolling across the floor. Well, maybe not that bad, but there is a thin layer of white fur on the floor and some pieces of furniture. 72 weitere Wörter


Deep Rabbit Sleep

Mason snuggled with my foot last night. I think he might have even licked me. He’s just as sweet as his sister Piper. I got to see big Stella yawn last night. 117 weitere Wörter


Snuggle Melters

Mason gets so excited whenever he sees Stella at the fence. They are so cute together. Both of them are willing to come over to me for petting now, which is always nice. 67 weitere Wörter


Auf in den Kampf!

So, liebe Leser und kollegiale Mitstreiter: Die Sommerferien sind vorbei und der Sommer endlich da. Die Augenringe sind verschwunden gewesen (jops, wieder da), die Haare etwas voller (jops, fallen wieder aus) und die Falten etwas glatter (wieder jops…). 369 weitere Wörter

find the good in endings.

As I sit in a very empty Starbucks, I am playing an actual soccer mom tonight (literally waiting to pick up my sister from practice) I am listening to the Starbucks baristas have a jam session and the empty room is filled with very-full laughter. 722 weitere Wörter


Floppy White Buns

I have three white floppers in the house. At any given time of the day, chances are all three New Zealand white rabbits are flopped down, fast asleep. 77 weitere Wörter


Kamp Romance

My Piper’s twin brother Mason is back again at Kamp Kronenberg! He was very excited to see fellow white bun Stella as his bunk-mate. They both went right over the window between their fences to see each other. 44 weitere Wörter