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Discover BC Wildlife Park & Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge

Looking for a place to see some Kamloops wildlife this summer? The British Columbia Wildlife Park and Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge are two great places for families, children, and animal lovers to get their fix on several interesting animals native to British Columbia. 826 weitere Wörter


BC Air Rescue helicopter rescues injured snowmobiler

A BC Air Rescue helicopter was dispatched from West Kelowna Sunday morning to rescue an injured snowmobiler in the Blue River area, north of Kamloops. 336 weitere Wörter


Interior Vibes

This always happens to me with the change of season or once a big holiday is over with (i.e.: Christmas). I feel the need for a redesign in my main living areas of the home. 447 weitere Wörter

Hayward Living

Flip the Script Friday: Tomson Highway, Ernestine Shuswap Gets Her Trout

I thought I’d start off 2017 by reviving everyone’s favorite feature, Flip the Script Friday. I’m still in Baltimore until Sunday without access to my script collection, and I only managed to pack one script in my suitcase, so it rather than either pore through online databases or the file of scripts on my computer, I just picked up the book and read it cover to cover. 1.292 weitere Wörter

Kamloops RCMP investigating homicide after complaint of fight

Kamloops RCMP is now investigating a homicide after officers received complaint of a fight early this morning.

They were called to the 400-block of Tranquille Road on the North Shore at 2:49 a.m. 74 weitere Wörter


Kamloops to Toronto : late spring train trip Day One

I’ve stayed up all night with my daughter watching movies and saying goodbye. At 5:15 a.m., she wakes up her boyfriend and we hurtle towards the Kamloops train station, only to spontaneously backtrack to the only Starbucks open at this time, so I can grab a hot breakfast. 349 weitere Wörter

Train Trip