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Planks are good for what exactly?

Get in plank position and hold for one minute. That sounds easy enough but its deceiving. A plank looks so simple but it really isn’t so then why should we do them? noch 585 Wörter


What is the best way to get rid of "Back flab"?

It’s that lovely stuff that poufs out over beautiful strapless dresses and our bras. It also contributes to those muffins tops we all love – said NO WOMAN EVER! noch 1.051 Wörter


Mulcair vows to be 'champion for manufacturing and innovation' in B.C.

WATCH: Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulclair is touring the BC Southern Interior this week.

KAMLOOPS, B.C. – Tom Mulcair is promoting himself as a strong economic leader who will grow jobs and eliminate poverty among seniors and children, as he makes his final stop on a tour of British Columbia’s southern Interior. noch 254 Wörter


2015 Kamloops Wine Winners Announced!!!!

Here it is! Our first ever Kamloops Wine Awards Winner’s List!
We had a fantastic wine tour today, stopping in at all four of our fine city’s wineries that are open to the public. noch 1.656 Wörter


august wine night theme - farmer's market

Our wine club (the real people one, not the virtual one) is meeting this Thursday after a Summer-long break. Why Thursday? Because. How often can you get a group of ladies together to drink on a Thursday if they don’t all go to University? noch 219 Wörter

BC Wine

A 50th Anniversary Party

50 years together is a crazy milestone to celebrate with any couple, but I was lucky enough to be able to put together a party to celebrate the 50 years my own grandparents have spent together. noch 281 Wörter


2015 kamloops wine showdown!

Just a head’s up… We are sneaking away this week to Kamloops’ four wineries to do a little tasting and testing!! We’ll be coming back with our picks in teh following catagories… noch 69 Wörter