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Spring Around Kamloops

I’ve been exploring a little since my most recent move to Kamloops. Here are a few shots, with links to the purchase page, if applicable. 20 weitere Wörter


Why You Shouldn’t Shake Anyone’s Hand

Subject: Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have a dream that one day people in our city will no longer shake each other’s hands. 326 weitere Wörter

Roger Tuckerman

Easter Fun!

Well it’s almost time for the ol‘ Easter Bunny to hop along our way and we couldn’t be more excited. Why you ask, because that means spring is officially here! 761 weitere Wörter

Hayward Living

Missing Williams Lake man found deceased in settlement pond...

KAMLOOPS, BC: Police in Kamloops have identified the body found in a settlement pond at the Domtar Pulp in Kamloops…

Police say on March 7, employees of Domtar Pulp located a body in a settlement pond and immediately contacted RCMP. 235 weitere Wörter

Police News

Body found in pond near Kamloops pulp mill is missing wildfire evacuee

The body of a missing wildfire evacuee has been found at a pond near an pulp mill in B.C.’s interior.

Kamloops RCMP said they have identified the body of 67-year old David Michael Jeff, found in a settling pond near the Domtar Pulp Mill last Friday. 107 weitere Wörter


Leading another class on photography         

The first class I ever taught on photography was sometime back in 1976. I think.

I had just moved from Los Angeles to Kamloops, British Columbia and a coordinator from the local Parks and Recreation Association asked me if I would teach a class for beginning photographers. 575 weitere Wörter


Taras Grescoe and Kamloops Transit

The presentation by Taras Grescoe was based on his newest book, Straphanger, which is a fascinating look at worldwide approaches to transportation and mobility. The term “straphanger” refers to someone who does not own a vehicle and instead relies on public transit to get around, thus hanging onto the straps that commonly suspend from buses, trams, boats and trains. 461 weitere Wörter

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