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Interview: Krystal Klear

Exciting Irish DJ/Producer Krystal Klear — named thus because “once I thought of it I didn’t want to think of anything else” — brought his wonderfully house meets disco meets that-amazing-time-he-remixed-Justin Timberlake sound to Dublin’s Trinity Ball last month. noch 282 Wörter


It's gonna be May 

If it’s not, then who’s it gonna be?

(Not making much sense here😑)

So today’s the 3rd of May. Sad to say my long weekend’s about to end. noch 31 Wörter

BSB Won't Let NSync Have All The "May" Fun

By now, 455 of your friends have posted the Justin Timberlake “It’s gonna be May” meme on their timeline. Well The Backstreet Boys have a little something to say about it too. noch 29 Wörter


April Showers Bring...

…winter wheat.
In my world, April showers bring May winter wheat.

People, just about this time tomorrow my flight will be landing in Manhappiness. (otherwise known as Manhattan, KS, if your relationship isn’t on nickname level yet.) noch 447 Wörter


Men Who Continue to Use the "It's Gonna Be May" Meme.

Originality is not something “men” are known for. Even Shakespeare‘s ingenuity has been called into question time and time again. Yet, it still flummoxes me that we seem to be doomed to see the “It’s Gonna Be May” meme in our social media feeds for the rest of eternity (or until millennials become too irrelevant). noch 116 Wörter

It's Gonna be May

Day One Hundred and Nineteen

Guess what?

It’s gonna be MAY.

Sorry I had to. May is my favorite month! What is yours? Let me know! noch 18 Wörter

365 Days


It’s happening! Happy May!


by Meg Scanlon

Meg Scanlon