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Your chances of becoming a unicorn? Just over 1%

“A million dollars isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A billion dollars.

The Social Network is a pretty silly movie. But in addition to be being beautifully shot the film also captured — and probably helped create — the new obsession with starting not just a successful business, not just a wildly successful business, but a stupidly ridiculously successful business worth a billion dollars. noch 328 Wörter


Celebrity – Nsync

Release Year: 2001

Rating: 7.5/10

If you haven’t guessed from how often I talk about them, I was a huge Nsync fan. I couldn’t get enough of their third album. noch 905 Wörter

Album Review

[MIXTAPE] Justin Timberlake -Mega Mix



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Today's Funky 4: 50 Cent, Jay Z & More

Today on the Funky 4 Plus One More, we played songs from 50 Cent and Jay Z. Check out all the songs we played, plus,  noch 60 Wörter


Things We Regret

Those moments when you pour your heart out even though you know you already hate the results and will regret it in the morning. Drunk texts, late night facebook posts or emails, probably a lot of other categories. noch 555 Wörter

States Of Being

#HotTopic: Aston Merrygold - 'Get Stupid'

So, this post comes to you right now, as a knee-jerk reaction to Aston Merrygold releasing the video for his brand new, debut solo single,  noch 137 Wörter

Justin Timberlake

Montevallo by Sam Hunt

If were you lucky enough to get your hands on the Sam Hunt mixtape ‘Between The Pines’ – you’ll find acoustic versions of much of the songs that appear on his debut album… noch 600 Wörter