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just as having


and for the dealing

and its own called

and its own making

and felt as the sunshine

and much on the poor

and when it was the chase… 43 weitere Wörter


Of Prayer, Persistence, and Justice

Luke 18:7   (KJV)   7 And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them? 368 weitere Wörter


just are far

thought on the mountain

and when it was the top

and spell

and for the words

and seeking

and for the insanity

and for the bringing… 48 weitere Wörter


just as soon

rolling as the  other side

and caution

and for the lasting

and for the secure

and kept as the notice

and here it was the mind… 47 weitere Wörter


just flow and follow

made on the sequence

and long on the point

and when it was the shocking

and dealt as the only

and for the real

and when it was the secure… 43 weitere Wörter


just thrown around

words are being chased

and called on the known

and what it held

and for the telling

and caught on the meaning

and made on the dealing… 47 weitere Wörter



I am driving very slow in this tired, evening city, it is only 7:45 pm but already deep dark. I enjoy this part of the day, I enjoy it a lot. 210 weitere Wörter