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But Now; But God

Truth, applied again, like balm to a sear
Burned by my sin, myself, my fear,
When this brilliant ray of hope appeared
All my failures somehow met: noch 129 Wörter


just still

not alot of words

and running low on things

and never of the putting

and often it was so seen

and making

and doing

all it longs… noch 34 Wörter


Mind-blowing Data In Relation To Wordpress Just For You

Would you like to start a blog of your own? Maybe you are already blogging with WordPress, but believe you can get more out of it. noch 30 Wörter


Whats web talking on Nov 23 2015

9 Beautifully Pointless Wikipedia Edit Wars You Need To Know About

Society would operate much more efficiently without the people. A case in point is Wikipedia. noch 669 Wörter


just for keeps

as if being  an oven

and turned over

and over

and yet the soul  felt so burnt

and how it learned

and did all it seeked… noch 31 Wörter


My browsing roundup on 11/23/2015

16 Superior Youtube Channels To Start Learning Web Development

Want to be a web developer but not sure where to start or which programming language to begin with? noch 428 Wörter


just enough

better of the wall

and feeling

and held of the doing

and what it makes

and those of the lasting

and promised its own

doing… noch 40 Wörter