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Side-chic blank cheque!!!

You met him one night when your world was spinning out of control. When every breath you took suffocated the remnants of your will to live. 864 weitere Wörter


just to sleep

in a mellow

and caught on the having

and wise as its own words

and  before

and long

and  held as its own


and telling as it was the height… 40 weitere Wörter


Here we go.

The inaugural post of the Kid Can Play blog. FYI, our beloved Detroit Pistons have lost three in a row.


23 Hilarious Ways To Make Sex Awkward In Just Five Words

Sex is a sensational, glorious thing. I mean seriously, there’s nothing quite like losing full control after hitting your peak moment and falling into the arms of your SO — or, you know, that random stranger whose name you forgot. 398 weitere Wörter


just heard enough

some of its own conflict

and button as its own even

and  what it was meant

and how it was so even

and part as its own moment… 44 weitere Wörter


just as a roar

in this  part

and held on the moment

and speaking as its own  aingle

and moment as all of the  fire

and enter as its own moment… 43 weitere Wörter