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just so even


as the leap

as its own pure

and in the asking

and cause

as the effect

and told

as the only

and mood

as the solid… 46 weitere Wörter


just as felt


as its own current

and front as its own use


as its own ease

and begin

as the level

and held as the eyes… 44 weitere Wörter


Mexico City earthquake: Huge 7.1 magnitude quake hits just DAYS after biggest in century

Mexico City earthquake: Huge 7.
1 magnitude quake hits just DAYS after biggest in century The US geological survey said it hit five miles southeast of Atencingo in the state of Puebla, about 100 miles south of the capital Mexico City, at a depth of 32 miles. 6 weitere Wörter


Có những lúc mà bạn thấy phát ghét với chính mình vì ngày nào cũng lải nhải mãi những vấn đề giống nhau, dù thừa biết là nó vẫn sẽ tiếp tục diễn ra và dày vò bạn lâu thật lâu nữa và điều bạn cần là im lặng chấp nhận nó và sống tiếp đi, nhưng suy cho cùng, bạn không làm được. 1.375 weitere Wörter


just as feel

told as its own mission

caught the strange

as its own

and vow

as its own keeping

as its own idea

as when it was the trying… 44 weitere Wörter


Just and Only

You are not just and only.
You are not just someone lonely,
You are more than you can know,
Your life is not some sordid show. 55 weitere Wörter



blue ink lurching on the pages
languidly floats in memories
once I was
now I am still
discoveries and losses
and thoughts in time made a difference… 96 weitere Wörter