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It is ridiculous is what it is. I am looking for you in everyone I meet, the numbers obviously don’t add up and I am reduced to feeling crestfallen over and over again. noch 42 Wörter


Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

The funny thing about motherhood is that it changes so much of your life, but in some ways it keeps you stuck in a rut. Your emotions change, your body changes, and life as you know it, changes. noch 355 Wörter


K-Pop Playlist: March 2015

Every month, I’ll be posting about songs on my personal faves playlist. Let’s get started! :) noch 647 Wörter


Close Call

By the time this goes up I will have finished another mid-term which right now seems terrifying since it is Thursday and I feel less than prepared, but that’s just me. noch 332 Wörter


Case Solution for Just Clean Your Hands

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Just Clean Your Hands

Authors :           Elizabeth M.A. Grasby, David House

Source :             Ivey Publishing… noch 236 Wörter


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