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Reasonable Doubt

There is a wedding reception in our hotel. So we cannot have lunch or dinner or anything at the restaurant. However the lady at the front desk tried to be helpful: „you can walk a bit and at the corner you will find a nonstop“. 132 weitere Wörter


Cycling - just a hobby


I did not mention before, but I did love cycling.

Beside chess and coffee.

It was a sunny Saturday today. A good day to work out, I suppose. 173 weitere Wörter


She wore pearls to the supermarket

After a long time, I observed a woman at the supermarket today. She wore pearls, an ankle length skirt and spectacle frames from the seventies. She had thick wavy hair that was up in a bun, and she wore such pretty shoes-grey stilettos if you will. 155 weitere Wörter


Just Two Strokes

There in her pallette all her colors land,

When she takes the paintbrush in her hand,

Thinking about her broken heart,

If it is still a piece of art? 113 weitere Wörter


The Real Feelings

„Today I’ll ask you a question,

A question too horrible to ask,

But have you ever felt that feeling,

Like you’re hiding behind a mask?“

73 weitere Wörter