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Just a Virgin

I’m bending these bars right now thinking if i had done things differently would i be the same guy? The answer obvious… of course i would; that kid in middle school knew what he wanted and never got it. noch 539 Wörter


The Future of Mobile Is Search, Not Just "SEO"

As Google becomes more intelligent marketers need to change their ideas of what makes this AI happy. SEO as we know it may be quickly going the way of VHS repair. noch 32 Wörter

just a moment ago

saying one thing

doing another

how it feels as if

the extras and all the negatives

and what is the plus

and its own in between… noch 47 Wörter



When the world
points to what you lack
according to their uni-colored lenses;
picks on your bleeding wounds
for their joy and convenience;
scratches on your face… noch 94 Wörter



Today morning, as usual, I tried skyping my mom. But due to some problem in her phone, it was not working. I even tried calling via Whatsapp. noch 172 Wörter

A Day In My Life


I only just realised about a half hour ago that I hadn’t uploaded a post yesterday which sucks because it is one of the first times during the time I have been blogging where I just forgot to upload, which is a bit disheartening. noch 371 Wörter


Video Marketing | Help Spread The Word About Your Business

Online videos are leading the online marketing revolution. It’s easy now to just get a camera and make a video to share online. Because people have such fast connections, it’s really easy to share your videos. noch 18 Wörter