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.Holy Matrimony?

As I am sure that most people are now aware, on Friday the Supreme Court passed a law that allows same-sex marriage to occur all across the country. noch 544 Wörter

just as a memory

how it was  told

and what was said

and  how it gathered

and its own eclipse

and what are the lips

and  how they travel… noch 47 Wörter


Sleep State.

The midnight hour came and it’s usually quite alive, this house, it’s how we survive… I’m sure the neighbours would disagree but that wasn’t up to us to decide, the wind took our caution and the night drew new day and everything that was anything became a darkened haze… I’m pretty sure she was near me when I awoke but I couldn’t move for a second or two, a great heat and this certain emotion lingering while it was still for a second. noch 227 Wörter

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Facebook is a very popular Internet site due to the way it can easily connect friends and family. Facebook is so popular, that it is a marketing medium best not ignored. noch 22 Wörter

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