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Pancakes and Potter

By: Kasey Hickman

The pancakes were crucial to my Friday.

I had the flour, eggs, but no milk,

and I went off on my way. noch 190 Wörter



the nature of nature is naturally unnatural
a little wind here, a little rain there and behold
the scared and helpless humans with little machines… noch 10 Wörter


just as that

hard to go back

and when it was the words

going in on the count

and it meant something so direct

and those of the channel… noch 44 Wörter


just seek

thrown as it was the curve

and plants on the lasting

and where it was the rush

and it held on the offical

and made on the body… noch 44 Wörter


Dear Mama (Open Letter)

Dear Mama,

As my body formed part by part into existence inside of you did the days start to number until I got to meet you. noch 446 Wörter


just hours

look and known

and seconds to go

and where the wind blows

and turn on the burners

and how it explodes

and it ran on the shoot… noch 47 Wörter


she was just paper

late night in the city

heard a cab driver tell a story

and make it seem that cocktails

and mixed drinks were the norm

and its so sudden… noch 59 Wörter