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One man’s journey from depression to remission.

October 23-24, 2014

Bad dreams again last night. I forgot to take my Trazadone. The day was spent putting in applications and mowing the yard. 34 weitere Wörter


Looking at the World, with Just One Eye

How someone who’s, blind in one eye, almost blind in the other, made his own life, meaningful, by helping those who are in need, translated… 1.045 weitere Wörter


I Quit My Job And I’m Happy About It

So, I quit my job. It is something I have never had to do. I have never had a job that put my mental and physical health at stake. 540 weitere Wörter


Structural Steel Estimator

Company: Cloudstaff Philippines Inc
Experience: 2 to 4
location: Central Luzon
Ref: 22717526
Summary: The general process would be to do a takeoff of drawings that our customers send us and enter the materials on our quoting spreadsheet. 16 weitere Wörter


New job...who dis

Sorry that the title of this post isn’t the most professional but it made me laugh and that is all that matters. If you didn’t guess by the title, I have a new job! 315 weitere Wörter


Let's Hangout

Thinking ahead a few years to the point where I am having to find a job is daunting. Lately, I’ve been struggling trying to understand how what I’m doing now will be used in the future. 294 weitere Wörter

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