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Talent Management: Strategies for Retention

Given the significance of talented employed in relation to meeting the needs of an organization and creating more innovation and productivity it is important that an organization hires and develops employees. 256 weitere Wörter

Job Posting & Search

Seeking Advice - Waiting to hear back from a permanent position and have been offered a 6 month contract job

My life is a bit of a clusterfuck right now, and I would really appreciate any advice how to progress from here.

I am a recent graduate and short and long-term contracts are the trend in my profession. 698 weitere Wörter


Full Time Recreation Therapist - Utah State Hospital

RT will perform quality patient assessments, develop treatment plans, implement treatment, and assess/ evaluate patient progress and treatment program effectiveness and document it. RT will work as part of a treatment team, they must be able to clearly communicate, cooperate and coordinate treatment with other team members. 306 weitere Wörter

Full Time

A Decent Job

I have to call a guy about a job tomorrow. My bestfriend, the bosses wife told me about it yesterday. It is for a company that does repo‘ s. 409 weitere Wörter


The Builder of Bridges

The job of a translator here, translated…

Translations are nitrogen, I’d first, swallowed it, then, gotten to know it better.

The very first time I’d had translated materials was “Doraemon”, back then, it was called, “the mechanical cat”, the main character, Nozomu Oya, lived in Taiwan. 1.030 weitere Wörter

State Of Mind

The 15 highest paying jobs that don’t require an advanced degree

Increased educational attainment certainly has its perks in the workplace. In the U.S., advanced-degree holders tend to command higher salaries and enjoy lower unemployment rates than those with less education, according to… 1.333 weitere Wörter