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Star Wars: Episode VIII will be titled The Last Jedi - The Verge

Up until now, we’ve been referring to the next installment of the Star Wars franchise as Episode VIII. Today that changes. Lucasfilm has announced that the film’s title is Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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Star Wars episode 8 now has a title

Get ready to freak out: Star Wars episode VIII director Rian Johnson tweeted this morning what the title of the upcoming movie is:

Excited (and relieved) to finally share this!

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Episode VIII title revealed

It is arguably the most successful film franchise ever made, and now the latest in the serious has an official name.

Episode VIII in the Star Wars saga will be titled The Last Jedi. 74 weitere Wörter

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FILM DIARY #28: Star Wars Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)

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2016 Favourites | Film


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