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A Surprise To Be Sure, But A Welcome One. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) Review

Anyone who’s read my blog from the beginning will know that I love the first Cloverfield. I also loved 10 Cloverfield Lane despite it not being what I expected. 704 weitere Wörter

TV Rewind... Alias 1x01 - 'Truth Be Told'

It is easy to forget, for all the subsequent success with the Mission Impossible, Star Trek and now Star Wars mega-franchises, that the pilot episode of ABC’s… 1.859 weitere Wörter

TV Discussion

Star Wars Fans Don’t Love Star Wars, They Love to Complain

Although I’m not quite as enthusiastic of a fan of The Last Jedi at its most fervent defenders, I greatly respected that film’s willingness to burn the Star Wars franchise, one of the most historically lucrative intellectual properties around, to the ground and start anew. 1.291 weitere Wörter

Brandon Ledet

The Third Act

William Shakespeare’s tragedies are written in the classic five act structure. The third act of his plays is most known for being the turning point of the play. 511 weitere Wörter

Alias - Color Blind (1x07)

MARTIN SHEPARD: I feel like I’ve been stolen… from myself.

The continuing evolution of Alias across its first season is increasingly paralleled, as it should be, by the evolution and development of protagonist Sydney Bristow, as…

2.580 weitere Wörter
The X-Files