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See Amazing "Star Wars" BB8 Toy In Action

Move over, R2D2.

“Star Wars” has a new breakout character in BB8, a droid that’s basically a small spinning dome perched atop a rolling ball (His name, BB8, visually resembles him). noch 171 Wörter


Indie Revolver Exclusive: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - Fantastic Luggabeasts and Where to Find Them

by: Jay Carlson

A couple weeks ago Entertainment Weekly released some new shots from The Force Awakens. One of those shots was of Rey liberating BB-8 from a fellow scavenger by the name of Teedo sitting atop a new creature to the Star Wars universe, a Luggabeast. noch 303 Wörter


The "Best" Movies Coming Up This Fall

By Kenneth Shipp

Hopefully every film on this list will be knockouts, but I know that simply will not be true. And there’s also the massive juggernaut at the end of this list which is casting a huge shadow on the rest of this list. noch 1.664 Wörter


Star Wars and Social Cognitive theory

Albert Bandura in his articles “Social Cognitive theory: An agentic perspective” and “Social Cognitive” discusses the concept of Social Cognitive theory and agency.

Bandura goes on to narrow the topic of agency into several different tenants, one of which, is Personal Agency and Social Structure. noch 588 Wörter

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Stephen Colbert Will Gab With J.J. Abrams For Montclair Film Festival

It’s being billed as “Celebrity Nerd-Off” — Garden State trouper and ascender to the Late Show throne will host an evening with the Star Wars: The Force Awakens… noch 94 Wörter


Why Do We Have Eric and Jen's Book - Ship of Theseus?

These are the final known words written by Jennifer Heyward and Eric Husch in their copy of Ship of Theseus by V.M. Straka.

This begs the question w… noch 101 Wörter


Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer – eight things we learned

Wake up and smell the lessons … what have we learned from the Star Wars trailer launch?

Eighty-eight seconds of JJ Abrams’s instalment in the Star Wars saga were released today. noch 975 Wörter