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47 Movie Blogs #19 – Best Monster Movies

I was thinking about this topic before I started this series.  It came up for me as I was watching on TV one of the films I’m going to mention in a bit.  1.638 weitere Wörter


47 Movie Blogs #17 – The Mismarketed, the Miscategorized, and the Mistitled

I think this is a tough one for me.  We’ve all seen movies that have disappointed us, but how often can I truly say that the trailer or the promotional strategy was genuinely misleading, and not just making the film look better than it was?  1.321 weitere Wörter



With the last installment from the mind of no-imagination J.J. Abrams making me nostalgic for the Star Wars prequels, I have No Hope for this movie. 362 weitere Wörter

Science Fiction

Snowflake SJWs Push Star Wars Agenda

The Last Jedi trailer has been released and everyone is really excited. Well almost everyone. Let’s not forget that there was a group of people who started a social media movement asking fans 159 weitere Wörter

If JJ Abrams was directing The Last Jedi

Super excited for this, my inner 6 year old is tickled pink.

I give the new trailer 5 Lens Flares.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Teaser Arrives!

The first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered at the Star Wars Celebration fan convention in Orlando and has now made its debut online and it does not disappoint. 161 weitere Wörter


Review - 10 Cloverfield Lane

In case you’ve forgotten, 2008’s Cloverfield was essentially Handycam Godzilla; a so-so found-footage monster movie that got a little more attention than it strictly deserved thanks largely to a memorable marketing campaign.  1.145 weitere Wörter

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