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Looking Back at... Westworld: Season One

Genre television is on a roll right now. With the emergence of cable and streaming services, there has been a road paved that has allowed the likes of HBO, AMC and Netflix to take genre shows to the next level, with production values and writing that has allowed series such as… 891 weitere Wörter


SJWs Predictably Unsatisfied

As predicted, SJWs are using the hiring of Victoria Mahoney as a soapbox to push their moronic politics.  They certainly can’t be happy just celebrating the inclusion of a woman of color.  734 weitere Wörter

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Desperate Fan Pleads For A Break

Buckie Wells from appeals to fans in a piece entitled, It’s time to put Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Rian Johnson behind us… 595 weitere Wörter

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Victoria Mahoney Named 2nd Unit Director For JJ Abrams 'Star Wars: Episode IX'

Another historic moment for a female director, as Victoria Mahoney has been tapped by Lucasfilm and JJ Abrams to be second unit director on Star Wars: Episode IX… 162 weitere Wörter

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Lucasfilm Rep Astonishingly Believes They Are Putting Out Quality Product

Brandon Katz from the asks the question, What Happens When a ‘Star Wars’ Movie Finally Bombs?

In it, Brandon interviews Bryan Young for his take on the current state of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise.   604 weitere Wörter

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