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London to celebrate Star Wars

London is to co-host a Star Wars Celebration later this month. noch 92 Wörter


Thank You, 50th Anniversary Pressure: Star Trek Reportedly Coming Back to TV

We can’t really pick which TV shows get officially revived and which don’t. Sure, we can Kickstarter a Veronica Mars wrap-up movie into existence, but we can’t do the same for… noch 1.123 Wörter

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Did you know, that on May 13, 2015, Star Trek will have boldly gone nowhere for the past 10 years; as that was the last time an episode of Enterprise aired, in 2005. noch 845 Wörter

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Star Trek 3 to Boldly Go Where They've Been Before

There are a lot of comparisons to Star Wars with the first two films. People said JJ Abrams really just made Star Wars films out of the Star Trek universe (Disney must have agreed he knew how to make a SW film…). noch 138 Wörter

Star Wars

Idris Elba To Play Evil Villain in 'Star Trek 3'

Idris Elba is about to get his mean mug on in a new Star Trek 3 flick as a Kingon, according to Variety.

Idris and all his chocolate deliciousness is going to slay if… noch 97 Wörter


Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation (2015) Trailer Review

With 2011’s “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” the “Mission Impossible” franchise gots a fresh new kick start.  The series up to that point had always been fun and entertaining.  noch 738 Wörter

Nazis? Sex for sunscreen? The weird, rejected 'Lost' story ideas from Season 1

Even five years after the sci-fi mystery show Lost ended its run, frustrated fans still debate whether the showrunners had a master plan in mind throughout the show. noch 389 Wörter