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On lazy initalization

I’ve been adding this code Stackoverflow a short while ago, but I do like to make my answer an own blog post. 915 weitere Wörter


RxJava: A much needed programmer friendly library

Recently, I had to do a lot of concurrent-programming. To be honest, it has not been a pleasure ride. Writing java programs with concurrency in mind is not a straightforward task. 528 weitere Wörter


ArrayList Initial Capacity

When creating an ArrayList you have the option to specify the initial capacity. Most of the time however you don’t really know how big the list should be. 497 weitere Wörter


Logging in Java Applications (Using java.util.logging Package)

Having a logging component within a library or service (especially in a microservices architecture) is useful to the downstream applications that use it. When properly set up, it allows them to choose their own logging implementation, and level of verbosity, without having to recompile the code. 1.515 weitere Wörter


Why ListIterator repeats elements on alternate calls of next() and previous()

I wrote the below program to iterate in the list, but on alternate traversal next() and previous() it was repeating the same element. I wanted to know the reason for this behavior and started googling and doing searches but the answer was present in the… 352 weitere Wörter


Instant Duas Now On All Major Stores

I am happy to announce that one of my very first app, that started out as a weekend project and got a lot of love from its users, is now available in all major platforms as a free app.

Instant Duas

[Solved] java.lang.IllegalStateException: No match found : Regular Expression

java.lang.IllegalStateException is most common Runtime Exception and Unchecked Exception . It throws by JVM when trying to access object methods which are not allowed on certain cases. 170 weitere Wörter