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Java SE 7 vs 8 TLS SSL Cipher Support

Recent news from Oracle indicates that free public support (bug fixes and security updates) will currently only be provided for Java SE 8.x (as of May 2016). noch 222 Wörter

System Administration

NoSuchMethodError when having an Map abstract class extending abstractmap in EclipseLink

Entity Bean inheritance definition

Base superclass extending IdentityhashMap:

public class EntityModel<K extends String, V extends Object> extends IdentityHashMap<String, Object>{

    public EntityModel() {
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Phil 5.3.16

  • Out riding, I realized that I could have a column called ‘counts’ that would add up the total number of ‘terms per document’ and ‘documents per terms ‘.
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BlueJ App Examples

On my previous four posts, I have shown you the steps on how to create and share your new program. If you have not read these posts yet, please check it out… noch 306 Wörter


Android : Simple and fast image processing with RenderScript

Want to make image editing fast with a few lines of code? Want to use the computing power of your phone’s GPU without the complexity of OpenCL? noch 10 Wörter


Apache Storm: How to configure KafkaBolt with Flux

Flux in a mini framework that can help us define and deploy a Storm topology.

Flux has various wrappers that help you define the required stream(s) and initialize your Bolts and Spouts (using constructor with or without arguments and call custom configuration methods automatically via reflection). noch 415 Wörter