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Galicia embraces open source

The government of Galicia (Spain) has made available three open source solutions over the past year, one for PC classrooms, one for land-management, and a third for computer network enhancement. noch 295 Wörter

Linux News

Oracle v Google API Copyright Case

The US Supreme Court declined to hear the Oracle v Google API copyright case today. I tend to agree with with a lot of the commentary I’ve been reading as I’ve followed this case. noch 90 Wörter


Convert String ke Number di Java

Setelah memahami konsep diartikel sebelumnya, mari kita lanjutkan untuk belajar convert String ke Number di Java. Sering kali kita memerlukan proses ini ketika user menginputkan sebuah string, padahal kita mengingikan sebuah number. noch 652 Wörter


Lidando com exceptions dentro do Spring MVC

Em qualquer projeto que participamos, uma das única coisas que temos certeza, é que uma exception vai acontecer. Tanto é que a especificação de Servlets já define uma maneira formal de fazer o tratamento das básicas. noch 721 Wörter


Simple jsf with jpa

Create database and table in myql using netbeans (part 1)

Part 1

Creating datasource in Glassfish. Generating jpa in Netbeans. (part 2)

Part 2

jsf using jpa (part 3) noch 318 Wörter

Information Technology

IntelliJ IDEA: Generating Immutable Classes and Fields


By default, IntelliJ IDEA generates mutable classes and fields.

One of the steps to achieve immutability is to make all classes and fields to be final. noch 55 Wörter