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Rest + SpringData + MongoDB (I)


First of all, i have to explain what i am trying with that. These upcoming posts are a tutorial in which i will code a little Spring based Rest api with object-document support and repositories for MongoDB. 193 weitere Wörter


Adaptive Replacement cache

Caching is a common approach for improving performance, yet most implementations use strictly classical techniques. In this article we will explore the modern methods used by… 981 weitere Wörter


Introduction to Amazon Code Pipeline with Java part 23: job worker daemon wrap-up


In the previous post we finished discussing the job poller implementation. The job poller’s execute function runs every time the job agent polls Code Pipeline for new jobs. 649 weitere Wörter


Adding local libraries to Maven

How to add user defined .jar files or inhouse developed libraries to Maven Repository, so that my maven project will get executed correctly. Here is the steps I did to add two jar files c:\eg_agent.jar and c:\eg_util.jar to maven repository. 126 weitere Wörter


Using ObjectOutputStream and ObjectInputStream

To store an object to a file

public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Address address = new Address();

FileOutputStream fout = new FileOutputStream(„c:\\temp\\address.ser“);

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