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BatchEE + ApplicationComposer = Batch.main(args)

BatchEE + ApplicationComposer = Batch.main(args)

Batches are quite particular as application cause you have generally the choice with keeping a JVM running and using a scheduler to trigger them or to just use an external scheduler to trigger the JVM and once the batch is done just exit the process. noch 1.772 Wörter


Java - Arrays

Let’s try this exercise. Try amend the codes to get 1) the total of values and 2) the largest value in the array.

Now, try to add this like to the end of the code and try running the program. noch 137 Wörter

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Client - Cleanup Java

Hello together,

today i want to show you a script of mine which removes Java from the computer. It makes no compromises and removes really everything of it. noch 1.450 Wörter


Work work & work

So last night i finished fallout 4, two weeks worth of entertainment has come to end. The emptiness that comes with investing so much time into a compelling story has arrived and i don’t know what to do with myself. noch 271 Wörter