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Nomadic Yak Coffee Roasting Company

Branding project and logo design for a start-up small batch coffee roasting company in North Carolina. Also helped with coffee bag labeling and marketing graphics. When they’re ready to launch I’ll update and point you their way!

Graphic Design

JRebel rant, alternatives?

I've used JRebel for the last five years and it been pretty useful (although consistently a bit buggy). Five years ago it was $120 /yr and it's been steadily moving up every year. 105 weitere Wörter


Scoring H2O MOJO models with spark UDF and Scala

With H2O machine learning the best case is that your machine learning models can be exported as Java code so you can use them for scoring in any platform which supports Java. 403 weitere Wörter

Machine Learning

Hiking Merbabu, from Selo to Kenalan

The Hike Summary:

This is a challenging two-day hike with some flexibility in where you camp and what route you take up/down. If you want to hike Selo (southside) to Kenalan (northside) be warned that the trail to/from Kenalan is… 2.452 weitere Wörter


GenericConversionService, IdToEntityConverter and StackOverflowError

Yesterday, after a code refactoring, doing a test of the web application I get a mythical StackOverflowError:

at java.util.HashMap.addEntry(
at java.util.LinkedHashMap.addEntry(
at java.util.HashMap.put(
at java.util.HashSet.add(
... 164 weitere Wörter

Life in Surabaya: Traditional Market Place

by: Melly Terpening

When you are shopping for ingredients and cooking for daily meal, looking for fish, chicken, and meat, traditional market is the right place for you. 621 weitere Wörter