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Accessing Weblogic 12c's Runtime Properties Using JMX

In an use case I was working, I needed to access the Weblogic 12c runtime properties.
I searched for it in Oracle documentation, but I could not find a complete example, so I decided to create this blog post and a… noch 899 Wörter

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Displaying an HTML Page inside a Vaadin 6 Application

In a recent use case I was working, I had to call a webservice that returned an html page and show it using Vaadin 6. noch 717 Wörter

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Create and Use Datasources in Apache Tomee 1.7.2 with H2 Database

I am creating a project using Apache Tomee as my development application server, because it is so fast to init and to deploy applications.

But I found that it is more strict than WebLogic, specially for defining and using resources like Queues and Datasources. noch 577 Wörter

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