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East Carmine

Size  38mm Date  2010 Fastening  Brooch

Another (East) Carmine badge signed by Jasper Fforde to celebrate the launch of Shades of Grey.


Getting Me Some Of That Jasper Fforde!

So, I took a pause on reading The Uncrowned King by Michelle West. Some books (especially books in a series) can start to seem boring half way through. noch 325 Wörter


This and that from re Thai r ment, by 3Th. 35 Pops 0003 (September 18, 2014)

“…[N]ilism is a male disease of the soul, because we are not bearers of life. Men do not carry hope the way women do.”
Michael Collins… noch 1.425 Wörter


Young Readers Update

Once again, I’ve let too much time go by without letting you know how my little readers are doing. In a word, terrific. And I really shouldn’t call them little. noch 329 Wörter


The Eye of Zoltar (Jasper Fforde)

The Eye of Zoltar is the latest Dragonslayer novel by Jasper Fforde. [Here are my reviews of the other two.]
Finished on 03.03.2015… noch 404 Wörter


February Book Reviews

5. Sharp Objectsby Gillian Flynn
Wow. It took me a couple days to fully process my reaction to this book. Words that immediately came to mind were: dark, twisted, sad, psychological. noch 277 Wörter


Cross-Gender Writing

As I mentioned last time, reading Thursday Next: First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde got me thinking about what I’ll call, for lack of a better word, cross-gender writing: when an author writes a character who is of the opposite gender from their own. noch 1.246 Wörter