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Review: Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Please note that there is no number in the title.  This is Shades of Grey: The Road to High Saffron, not to be confused with that other book (I think some confusion between the two may have been why this book did not take off). noch 355 Wörter


Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

Can you imagine what was going through the mind of Jasper Fforde’s publisher when 50 Shades of Grey became huge? I could never read it in public, but I really enjoyed Shades of Grey, which is an overall denser and heavier experience than the light and breezy Thursday Next novels. noch 575 Wörter


"The Big Over Easy" by Jasper Fforde (2005)

“It was the week following Easter in Reading and no one could remember the last sunny day.”

Long time readers of this blog will undoubtedly be aware of my love of Agatha Christie. noch 1.001 Wörter


Sunday Review: The Eyre Affair

Jasper Fforde is easily in my top authors. Shades of Grey, The Big Over Easy, and of course, the Thursday Next series are all amazing works with levels of both creativity and writing that are nearly unparalleled in my reading experience. noch 619 Wörter


Looking forward to2016...

Somehow, this year, I’ve missed most of the ‘round-up of 2015′ articles, blog posts and tv specials. Which is probably just as well since the world didn’t seem, on the whole, to have had a good year. noch 610 Wörter


Book Thoughts: Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde

It’s so very rare that I come across a book and feel the need to open it at all times. But last year as I was capping my last work day of 2015, I FINALLY found this book sitting calmly on the shelf of one our of the local bookstores. noch 484 Wörter


Goodreads | Shelly’s Year in Books

After a disappointing 2014 in which I read more than a book a week but didn’t really enjoy any of them, 2015 was a pretty good reading year for me.   noch 468 Wörter