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Quote of the Week

Without nations, there would be no border disputes.

~ Jasper Fforde, Something Rotten

This seemed appropriate.  There are a lot of words of wisdom like these to be found in Jasper Fforde’s brilliantly absurd Thursday Next series.


First among Sequels and One of Our Thusdays is Missing by Jasper Fforde

The story is this: We were in Scotland, which is in the UK, meaning High Streets and charity shops with lots and lots of cheap secondhand books. 307 weitere Wörter

Reading The Why

Shades of Grey, by Jasper Fforde

I own a lot of Jasper Fforde’s books, but I haven’t actually read many of them. I read The Eyre Affair long ago, and liked it well enough, but apparently not enough to get me to jump into more books in the series. 398 weitere Wörter


The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde) Review

I was given this book as a birthday present by a friend, some of their book presents over the years have led to me finding my new favourite series – The Fairyland series by Catherynne M. 301 weitere Wörter

Review: Something Rotten (Thursday Next #4)

4 Stars

The fourth book in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, „Something Rotten“ is an absolute romp. After reading the fantastic second book, Lost in a Good Book… 206 weitere Wörter