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How I Got Into....Jasper Fforde

This was entirely down to an eye-catching cover and a display in a bookshop.

Waiting for the Eurostar train to France a few years ago, I nipped into the branch of Foyle’s at St Pancras International Station. noch 887 Wörter

But The Fourth One Was Too Deadly

The Fourth Bear by Jasper Fforde

The Gingerbreadman the most dangerous, and possibly most delicious, mass murderer in the history of Reading has escaped custody and is now at large and ready to resume his rampage. noch 67 Wörter

Surrey International Writers' Conference

I went to SIWC this year.  It was a very good time.  I got to see good friends and I got to spend a day in Vancouver where my friend and I rode a tandem around Stanley Park while wearing helmets and looking totes fab.  noch 664 Wörter

Book Impressions: The Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde

I have read all 7 books in the Thursday Next series (book 8 comes out in 2017). I love them all. Jasper Fforde has done amazing and wild things with the world of Thursday Next and all her shenanigans. noch 405 Wörter


Mondays With Megan-New Games For After School Programs! 11/9/15

Hello Friends! Happy Monday. It was really hard to drag myself in to work today, but after a lot of coffee and morning shopping trip I can’t wait show the teens all the things I bought them. noch 497 Wörter

Book Lists

Top non-male protagonists in speculative fiction

Having recently read some terrific new novels from the likes of Becky Chambers, Frances Hardinge, and an old favourite from Nicola Griffith, it seemed appropriate to highlight my top genre fiction featuring non-males as the main protagonist. noch 1.171 Wörter

Science Fiction