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The Fourth Bear: Jasper Fforde

Charmingly original and innovative take on a police unit set up to monitor the crimes of Nursery Rhyme characters; only bears strung out on illegal quantities of porridge laced with illicit honey could not enjoy it.

The Eyre Affair

One of the good things about joining a book club at my local library is that I am exposed to books that I wouldn’t normally choose.  263 weitere Wörter

Jane Eyre: Further Reading+Giveaway!

There are so many books out there by the Brontës, about the Brontës, and/or related to the Brontës‘ work, and many of them are really amazing. 494 weitere Wörter


Top Ten Tuesday: Tyrants, despots and dictators

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish.

I had already half decided not to involve myself in the next few Top Ten Tuesdays, at least until I had a bit more time to spare. 532 weitere Wörter

Top Ten Tuesday

Thursday Next: You'll like it here; everyone is quite mad

Thursday Next is the main character in two series of books that take place in an alternate history universe, written by Jasper Fforde. In this universe, literacy is utterly important, and Thursday Next is a literary detective, who can jump in and out of books. 212 weitere Wörter