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Roger Ailes, Dead at 138. What Really Killed America's Longest Living Piece of Shit.

Despite the superficial similarities with Jabba the Hutt, we should be cautious about assuming that Roger Ailes was killed by a nearly fully-trained youthful Jedi knight. 385 weitere Wörter

Oh no! The Rancor!

I’m reading through the Star Wars novelizations. I had read most of them before, but I had not read any of the Episode II or Episode VI books. 649 weitere Wörter

Star Wars

Leia has an Epic Hutt Journey in "The Last Jedi"

Well, well, well, disbelievers around the Internet who have accused us of making up spoilers for hits and using the word „sources“ in place of „we made this up but just trust us because we have a serious mental disorder,“ NOW WE HAVE DONE IT! 247 weitere Wörter

Criminal Organizations Through the Galaxy

Criminal Organizations Through the Galaxy

Listen here!

Bryan and Holly took a look at the criminal organizations throughout the Star Wars universe, from the Hutt clans and Black Sun to the Pyke Syndicate and the Rodian Junk Cartel. 84 weitere Wörter


Guillermo Del Toro Has Some 'Star Wars' Ideas

Guillermo del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, Pacific Rim) is currently at work on several projects — The Shape Of Water, Netflix’s… 343 weitere Wörter


Orken saknas.

Årets upplaga av Sci-Fi-mässan pågår för fullt. Dragplåster finns sannerligen i år, tänker då främst på rymdgangstern Jabba i full storlek och Samantha Fox – kvinnan som alla män födda på 70-talet har en relation till. 265 weitere Wörter


LUC Briefing 007: Monsters

My mommy always said there were no monsters – no real ones – but there are.

Yes, there are, aren’t there?

Why do they tell little kids that? 707 weitere Wörter