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Stand-in for a Hutt

Jabba, you’re a wonderful human being.

– Han Solo, A New Hope

Today we remember Declan Mulholland who died today 1999

Declan Mulholland was the stand-in for Jabba in A New Hope in the scene that didn’t make it into the film until Special Edition.

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A New Hope

Battle Of The Bulge

Three more! Two more! One more! No more! Arrrg! Everything hurts… my arms, my legs, my eyelashes. I’ve been exercising for a week straight now and my body hates me. noch 554 Wörter

The Top Twelve - Original Star Wars Characters

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Countdown Lists

Lost Star Wars comics: The Return of Fett; with author's commentary!

I was digging through some old papers last week and came across this gem from yester-decade: my Star Wars comic!

The comic was my attempt at answering that age-old question: What happened to Boba Fett after he fell in the sarlacc pit? noch 1.162 Wörter

Star Wars

Scene it?: Leia and THE Bikini

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A New Hope

Ant Music

Was a defocused Adam Ant ever a sex symbol? This 1983 cover of Strip certainly suggests that over 30 years ago, he was. I was busy acting out my favorite scenes from… noch 156 Wörter