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Still think 'Star Wars' is for boys? Think again.

I get it. You’ve got to take care of the well being of your daughter and don’t want her getting exposed to things that might make her think less of herself or less of her worth to the world. 1.042 weitere Wörter

Nerd Life

C-3PO Is Actually a Fantastic Character

C-3PO, the golden protocol droid in Star Wars, has received plenty of criticism throughout the decades, whether it be through online discussions, most-hated characters lists… 1.004 weitere Wörter

Star Wars

Analyzing Semblance of Donald Trump in Jabba the Hutt

The American Presidential election of 2016 has displayed a tumultuous variety of shocking words and speeches, and the resulting analyses about this election have followed suit. 1.425 weitere Wörter

Star Wars

Sideshow Sixth Scale R2-D2 Figure Review

After Boba Fett (who I haven’t reviewed yet – he’ll be the next Sideshow figure I’ll be reviewing/putting a video up of), R2-D2 was the next figure I purchased from Sideshow Collectibles. 1.461 weitere Wörter


Return of the Jedi (1983)

100 Films‘ 100 Favourites #73

Return to a galaxy far, far away.

Also Known As: Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi

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4 Stars