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‘Star Wars,’ the Original Series (Part Five): ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ (and How)

Once More unto the Breach!

Having helped Luke Skywalker out in the Rebel Alliance’s plan to rid the universe of the evil Galactic Empire — amid the whizzing of laser-blasters from a swarm of dedicated TIE fighters — Han Solo and Chewbacca step forward with young Luke, C-3PO, and R2-D2 to receive their prize from a beaming Princess Leia in the sequence that closes… noch 2.498 Wörter


JZ is Jabba The Hutt

After some soul searching we here, the denizens of Cyberania,  have called upon ourselves to reveal a crude attempt at recreating a falsity in the truth of midst of reality. noch 196 Wörter

Gimme, Gimme, Gimme

Well that was fun. The trailer to Rogue One nearly split the internet in half due to the glorious display.

Most people just see it as a yet another SW entry, but this is different, this is a new arena for the saga. noch 731 Wörter

Star Wars

Villain Madness 2016: CHAMPIONSHIP!

AND HERE WE ARE! Our first Tim Curry-less final in years! But wait, After torturing Ricahrd Marquand for 16 hours our intrepid Hollywood insider has discovered that our boy Tim was the sole operator inside the Jabba suit!Plus, he performed all of Alan Rickman’s stunts for the Sheriff of Nottingham role! noch 91 Wörter

Villain Madness

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