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A Better Life Comes From Taking Action

It is the process of action that changes the natural state of things. For the most part the universe is dark and cold. It is the action of the sun that warms our planet. 440 weitere Wörter


Final Week to Back the Barge

Haslab’s Jabba the Hutt Sail Barge is in the last week of its campaign to reach 5000 backers. As part of the vintage collection comeback, the sail barge is still a few backers short. 27 weitere Wörter


Solo: A Star Wars Blog Entry

Relax Jabba, Solo is there! Solo (A Star War Story) is everywhere these days. He made an appearance on The Super Bowl commercials, in between other notable characters such as The Bud Light Knight and the Danny DeVito M & M. 5.595 weitere Wörter

A Weir(d) Myth-take: The Legend of Joan of York

After the time of long barrenness,

God first send Anne, which signifyth grace,

In token that at her heart’s heaviness,

He as for barrenness would from them chase. 574 weitere Wörter

Richard III


This is actually more than “bigly” it’s “yuge” as Trump’s lawyers scramble to muzzle their ward.

I’m beginning to suspect Trumpkins really are getting tired “of winning” as Jabba predicted they would. 214 weitere Wörter

Star Wars to Replace Jabba the Hutt with a Pile of Pudding

EA is planning on the next Star Wars game, after the absolute success of Battlefront 2, and they released some information, exclusively to BFN.

The one we found most important is their choice for Jabba the Hutt- replacing him with a pile of pudding. 66 weitere Wörter

Video Game News

Learning To Understand The Star Wars Special Editions

Like most Star Wars fans there are things about the Special Editions and the Special Special Editions that I don’t like. However there are a few that I do, like the Jabba scene finally getting back into the first movie, whether Greedo and Han Solo’s conversation said it all or not. 1.804 weitere Wörter

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