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[VIDEO] Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Refrigerator! 

Frank Ippolito unveils another dream build! His Han Solo in Carbonite refrigerator is exactly the kind of brilliant idea that’s not easy to execute. We walk through the build process and show how Frank sourced accurate parts from the Star Wars replica prop community and added awesome features like glowing lights! 9 weitere Wörter


Sanford Passive-Aggressively Supports Trump

Mark Sanford (Former SC Repubican Gov) wrote an op-ed piece to Donald Trump encouraging him to release his tax returns. While he was Governor, Mark Sanford is famous for telling everyone he was hiking the Appalachian trail while he was in Buenos Aires schtupping an Argentine journalist. 210 weitere Wörter


A Review: Smuggler's Bounty, Jabba's Palace

SO I couldn’t stay away from Smuggler’s Bounty because this box’s theme sounded like so much fun. I can confirm that it is

Instead of a t-shirt the box had a hat featuring C3PO… 88 weitere Wörter

A Review:

Salacious B. Crumb and Why I Love Extended Star Wars Canon

Greeting sentients, humanoid and otherwise, and welcome to the Sarlacc Pit. I am very excited about this week’s post because it is one I have wanted to do ever since I first started writing these posts. 884 weitere Wörter

Mugshot Monday #9

I received my Jabba’s Palace themed Smuggler’s Bounty last week, and it was quite delightful! My favorite goodie is definitely the adorable R2-D2 Vinyl Pop! figure that has his little tray of drinks he’s serving at Jabba’s Palace, because it’s only one of my favorite little moments in… 184 weitere Wörter

Fan Art Friday: Tatooine Mandala

Well, if there’s a bright center to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from.                             –Luke Skywalker

Here’s the next installment of our coloring book club!  

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General Nerdiness

Fan Art Friday! Groovy Jabba

This month’s Fan Art Friday was chosen by yours truly by opening the Star Wars coloring book to a random page.  Genius, eh?

I really liked how… 287 weitere Wörter

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