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Bulletin - C-ROC Preview: Jabba the Hutt

Earlier, Fantasy Flight Games gave us a look at the changes to the Scum M3-A Interceptors and the brand new Merchant One epic ship in the upcoming C-ROC Cruiser expansion. 214 weitere Wörter


Jabba the Hutt's 1/6 Scale Throne Environment from Sideshow Collectibles

The first part of my Jabba feature focused on the figure itself I tracked down early last year. I thought it was an excellent piece, and if you missed it, go back and read about it and watch the embedded video. 1.411 weitere Wörter


Jabba the Hutt 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

I got bit by the Sideshow/Hot Toys sixth scale figure collecting bug just over two years ago. Part of it was the “I’ll just buy one or two and stop” mentality along with having the funds to actually spend on them. 970 weitere Wörter


Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Solo

Ever since seeing this scene:

I have had the idea of illustrating this T-shirt design:

I feel like Jabba would make a great spokesperson for Solo.

Schweppes Australia, call me ;)

Arts And Crafts

Star Wars #4: It's A Sand Trap!

Star Wars #4 (Marvel, 2015)

A comic book day! It’s time once again to check in with the Skywalkers, here in the between-Episodes-4-and-5 timeframe — a wild time full of Important Discoveries and, evidently, a lot of sand, to what I can only assume was Anakin’s great annoyance. 1.934 weitere Wörter

Anakin Loves Obi-Wan

3 Reasons Why I Bust My Arse Up A Mountain Every Morning

It was nearing the end of my three week holiday, and I resembled Jabba the Hutt’s illegitimate son. What happened to the rejuvenating and cleansing hikes around the city? 464 weitere Wörter