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Should 'Solo' Have A Sequel?

Solo, while it did a great job at feeling like a solo (no pun intended) movie in itself with no need for a sequel there were several implications that a sequel could easily happen but after its surprisingly sluggish box-office run the fate of the standalone  626 weitere Wörter


Star Wars Salacious Crumb Vintage Kenner Action Figure

   Mighty Jabba the Hutt is lost without his pet! Previously released for the 1983 Jabba the Hutt Kenner playset (sold separately), fans can enjoy a bit of nostalgia with this Salacious Crumb Action Figure. 124 weitere Wörter


Ron Howard Explains Why Jabba The Hutt Was Left Out Of 'Solo'

Ron Howard may explain his reasoning for not giving Jabba a cameo in Solo, which is fine and dandy. But the truth is Jabba the Hutt didn’t belong in Solo: a Star Wars Story. 283 weitere Wörter


What I Want to See: Solo Sequel

This is going to contain some spoilers, so be warned.  TLDR: Spoiler Alert!

I had some reservations about Solo, I didn’t think it was a great idea, and there was the mess of a production we all heard about, and then they took forever to release a trailer, and it seemed like it was going to be a stinker, but the trailers regained some of my confidence.  519 weitere Wörter

Star Wars-Practical Effects Vs. CGI

I know I talked about Star Wars last week, but I’ve just got to say something about the war that seems to be going on with the effect preferences for the films. 1.026 weitere Wörter


A Better Life Comes From Taking Action

It is the process of action that changes the natural state of things. For the most part the universe is dark and cold. It is the action of the sun that warms our planet. 440 weitere Wörter


Final Week to Back the Barge

Haslab’s Jabba the Hutt Sail Barge is in the last week of its campaign to reach 5000 backers. As part of the vintage collection comeback, the sail barge is still a few backers short. 27 weitere Wörter