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Palestinians' Blood Libels Against Israel, Jews

Instead of acknowledging their responsibility for failing to combat the drug trafficking, the leaders of Hamas have been trying to blame everyone but themselves….

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Islam, Islam, Islam

Kelly Craft, replacing Nikki Haley as US ambassador to UN, vows to fight anti-Israel resolutions

New US ambassador to the UN, Kelly Craft, vowed to continue Haley’s efforts to push for reform at the world body and fight against anti-Israel resolutions. 16 weitere Wörter


Israeli Firefighters Return as Heroes from Battling Amazon Blazes

An Israeli firefighting delegation that was dispatched to assist Brazil in combating the mass blazes in the Amazon returned to Israel on Thursday and was welcomed as heroes. 10 weitere Wörter


Election Day is Almost Here

Well, we are going to try and elect a government one more time tomorrow. We attempted to do so back in April but that became a bad joke as nobody could reach the magic number of sixty-one mandates. 2.112 weitere Wörter


Napoleon's Hill

The first thing you have to do, to get an archaeological excavation ready, is to get all the sandbags up and out. When the excavation was closed the summer before, thousands of white cloth bags were filled with sifted earth from the dig, and placed all around the exposed areas to protect the site until the excavation could be reopened. 433 weitere Wörter

Biblical Archaeology

Jerusalem - The City of Sir Moses Montefiore

A beloved Israeli children’s song honors the long and productive life of Sir Moses Montefiore. Released by Yehoram Gaon in 1969, the song imagines a conversation between Sir Moses, the renowned Anglo S&P communal leader and philanthropist, and an angel who repeatedly calls him to heaven. 753 weitere Wörter


OIC Emergency Meeting Urges UN Action on Israeli Aggression

Foreign ministers of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) countries, in an emergency meeting on Sunday in Jeddah, urged the United Nations Security Council to step in on Israel’s continued provocations against Palestinians. 424 weitere Wörter