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Putin-Trump Meeting in Helsinki: Objectives Bigger Than Syria and the Middle East

Both Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are meeting today Monday in Helsinki, Finland to discuss issues much more important than events in the Middle East. 1.966 weitere Wörter


Trump Is Israel’s “Useful Idiot”

The claim made by many neoconservatives that Israel and the United States are partners in the Middle East because their strategic interests are identical is belied by the fact that the Israelis are more than willing to ignore Washington when its suits them to do so. 1.026 weitere Wörter


Trump Turns to Gaza as Middle East Deal of the Century Collapses

The Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” for the Palestine-Israel has, predictably, gone over like a lead balloon. So it’s shifting gears. The Washington Post  2.281 weitere Wörter


“Not Enough!”

The State of Israel has no oil wells. It has no gold mines. What has it got? It has the ownership of the remembrance of the Holocaust. 1.342 weitere Wörter


Chief Rabbi Vs. Labour Party

By Gilad Atzmon | July 17, 2018

The BBC reports this morning that Britan’s chief rabbi Ephraim Mirvis has said Labour will be „on the wrong side“ of the fight against racism unless it toughens up its anti-Semitism code of conduct.

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

If Iran Gets Back to Nukes, Israel Is Better Prepared to Strike

New weapons and friends make an attack on Tehran’s nuclear facilities a more thinkable proposition.

By Ilan Jonas

Bloomber News
July 17, 2018, 8:00 AM EDT… 1.370 weitere Wörter

200 displaced Syrians gather at Israeli border fence as Russia bombs civilians

Israeli troops do not directly interfere, but call on Syrian civilians to go back to their camp as regime offensive kills at least 10 989 weitere Wörter