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'I can't carry The Ring, Mr. Frodo...

What would you do to be liked?

All of a sudden, Isabel was dismissing me by text. I like to think everyone has been in one of those positions: when someone doesn’t reply. 1.272 weitere Wörter



I didn’t get anything done on the third butterfly last night because I was trying to finish Isabel’s Shearwater kaftan.

She found this flowy viscose at the local fabric store and was originally going to sew it herself, but I think she had second thoughts when we came home and she saw how the fabric behaved – or rather misbehaved. 71 weitere Wörter


Husband and wife duo Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan emigrated to Australia in 2006 – an event which became integral to their artistic practices. Their work speaks of community, personal experience, memory, and displacement, alongside the emotional and psychological affects of migration. 93 weitere Wörter


Fighting Love Chub Together

The reality of dating is that it presupposes two people getting to know each other more over activities of shared interest. To this end, eating is perfect as it satisfies both human wants and needs. 320 weitere Wörter


Let's Talk Turquoise

Let’s talk turquoise: this Jen Atkin X Chloe + Isabel fan piece adds a chic pop-of-color! Get
$25 candi cash for every $50 spent on my boutique { 9 weitere Wörter


Pretty Sure I'm a Mother to a Super Hero

In a blur I have to try and capture my little super hero zip by. I wonder where do you get all this energy. You didn’t sleep a complete night’s sleep. 201 weitere Wörter