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Isabel vs. Jamestown Island

— 2 years after 9/11

Fierce gusts of sand whipped the tourists fleeing the beach. Forgotten shells once collected laid beneath the ocean’s surface, ignored, waiting for barnacles. noch 99 Wörter


Amazing grace


(Photo by Chuck Burton)

At least six black churches burned last week.

(Photo by Adam Anderson)

Bree Newsome has been charged with “defacing monuments on state Capitol grounds”, which holds a fine of up to $5,000, and “a prison term of up to three years or both.” noch 31 Wörter


Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel

When considering what we’d name our child, I wanted a name that was simple to pronounce and spell. Our last name gets butchered easily so I wanted our child to have an easy time with their first time. noch 473 Wörter


Can computer software programmes be used to help clinicians with their diagnoses?

by Rahul Alam, Research Associate in General Practice theme

General Practitioners (GPs) and nurse practitioners in general practice are required to recall a large number of illnesses and diseases as well as a large number of tests and drugs that can be ordered and prescribed. noch 454 Wörter

Patient Safety

Flowing for a fit pregnancy and bending to an easy birth....get posing!

Being a very active person and really enjoying my exercise and keeping fit I continued to run after I found out I was pregnant. I know you can continue and I have treated a lady before that continued running several times a week right up to 6 months pregnant, but to my body it just didn’t feel right. noch 1.725 Wörter


Seat belts 

It’s very late…or very early, depending upon how quickly I can get this post out of my head and go back to sleep. My body is exhausted with the kind of tired that comes from spending way to long behind the wheel; but, my brain is clicking through events of the day like a slide carousel on fast forward. noch 1.376 Wörter