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Happy Mommie Day!

Garden Party Statement Earrings

Let your look bloom this Spring season + beyond with cascading florals + colorful crystal droplets. Perfectly-picked for Mother’s Day gifting (or getting!), these flower power statement-makers are sure to make you stop + smell the roses. 172 weitere Wörter


The Amsterdammer: It Was a Necessity

Several organisations offer the opportunity for students to write articles about specific topics. However, we did feel as though we belonged anywhere. There was no place for creative students who wanted to explore journalism in a free but organised way. 649 weitere Wörter


True Blue 💙

We’re bringing this extra-special unicorn back from the c+i vault! Cool-blue hand-cut glass, hand-sculpted acanthus leaves + touches of crystal pavé create a sparkling statement style you won’t want to miss this time around! 65 weitere Wörter



Looked just like him:

Montini“ to never be Pope himself. But, his illegitimate father.

She, Isabel, my student in Mexico. Her father, the welcome SS member blessed via privileges.


WPP: The Nomination Process for Controversial Pictures

Last weekend, about 700 people attended the World Press Photo Festival in Amsterdam, where current and previous nominees, industry experts and other people engaged in relevant audiovisual projects spoke and organized workshops for the attendees. 329 weitere Wörter


A Survey Of Russian Literature, With Selections, Isabel Florence Hapgood 20980 TXT

12 by Isabel Florence Hapgood; A Survey of Russian Literature, with Selections by Isabel //gutenberg/ebooks/20980 Project Gutenberg offers 48,503 A Survey of Russian Literature with Selections, Isabel Florence Hapgood, Library of alexandria. 449 weitere Wörter


Showing Me The Signs

Happy National ASL Day!  To learn a little more about why exactly today was chosen to be National ASL Day, check out this site.  Be sure to watch the video on the first page.   326 weitere Wörter