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Review: Night of the Highland Dragon by Isabel Cooper

Releasing on June 1, 2015!


Acclaimed author Isabel Cooper’s thrilling paranormal romance series continues with a sexy Highland dragon shapeshifter and an inquisitive hero… noch 180 Wörter


More and Less

I am completing my writings More or Less day … and I will explain. This blog will continue as Being with Less a different view. noch 357 Wörter

Caffe Trieste Annex Store

[FLRN] - Isabel Dress

 created this beautiful satin short mesh dress in 6 different colors, called Isabel, exclusively for the EVA Sales Room.

Photographer & Model: Quistis Shippe

Dress: Isabel – … noch 9 Wörter

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I wonder if it was because the Pisac site was the first Incan archeological site that we visited, well ever, or if Pisac was and is that magical.   noch 645 Wörter


English for Salvadorans

We heard recordings of two women, and one man from El Salvador, whom all seemed to share both similarities as well as differences in the way that they pronounced certain sounds, words, vowels, and so on. noch 226 Wörter


Keepin' It Weird: Local Creative Scene

If you’re looking for something to do in Austin, look no further than 6th Street. This famous historical avenue is packed with a wide variety of shops, galleries, studios, restaurants, and bars. noch 135 Wörter

Local Creative Scene

Keepin' It Weird: Studios & Designers

Design Studios

Guerilla Suit

This is one of the larger agencies, they tackle anything from Identity, to Print, to Environmental Design. They’ve done work for large clients like AT&T and Microsoft, as well as smaller, more local businesses. noch 656 Wörter