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First impressions Happy Home Designer

Today Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer has been released in Japan. Finally, the long wait is over for a lot of people, and for the US the release date isn’t that far off at all (September 25th). noch 521 Wörter

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Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers - Standing Alone

There it stands on a tiny island surrounded by rocks — this lonely Norman castle where people use to live, work, and play. And they lived, worked and played for the Lord of the manor Eric and his Lady Isabel. noch 143 Wörter


Daniel and Jeff changing plans / What's Your Cuban Name?

Daniel sent me a series of Facebook messages last night to let me know that he and Jeff could dump my old twin mattresses tomorrow at 5 (so I gave him the buzzer info), then changed it to next week. noch 61 Wörter


No Regrets OVA

This turned into me fangirling, sorry (⌬̀⌄⌬́)

Please, someone tell me you cried when you watched this! It was so sad!! (T⌓T)

So I meant to watch this a… noch 1.264 Wörter


WOD 7.6.15

Might be a pr or the first time I’ve done rx

Strength :
Back squat 75% of 1RM 4×8
225 245 265 275
Based off 365 as 1rm


Isabel vs. Jamestown Island

— 2 years after 9/11

Fierce gusts of sand whipped the tourists fleeing the beach. Forgotten shells once collected laid beneath the ocean’s surface, ignored, waiting for barnacles. noch 99 Wörter