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Broken Glass, Bowling Ball, and Burgers #30DaysofThanks

This morning was all about errands. Last week, someone broke into Isabel’s car and broke out the two windows on the driver’s side. They also stole the registration, title (we know…it shouldn’t have been in the car,) and the insurance cards. noch 712 Wörter

30 Days Of Thanks

Giving your child a nickname

My name is Rachel. I never had a nickname as a child. I was always known as just Rachel. Sometimes my name was misspelt as Rachael (the French spelling of the Hebrew name), but that’s as exciting as it got. noch 263 Wörter


Buenos Aires - Palermo Soho - Restaurants & Bars

Along with Palermo Hollywood (see separate post), Palermo Soho forms what is still sometimes called Palermo Viejo. For me it’s the biggest, and best, entertainment district in BsAs. noch 1.420 Wörter


No Photographic Evidence #30DaysofThanks

It’s amazing how many pictures I can take of things like my dinner, sunsets, our dogs…yet, I forget to take pictures of people. Maybe I’m too focused on interacting with them to stop and take a photo. noch 458 Wörter

30 Days Of Thanks


Hoy vengo a compartir con vosotros algo diferente, algo mágico.

El miércoles pasado tuvimos la oportunidad de mantener una conversación con Isabel Allende, una de nuestras escritoras favoritas y una persona, sin duda, excepcional. noch 1.011 Wörter