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You Should Be Watching 'El Ministerio del Tiempo'

Do you miss Isabel, now that it’s over? I sure as hell do. I couldn’t bear living in a world where I didn’t have new episodes to watch of this historical masterpiece, and its sequel, … noch 532 Wörter


What is the Spanglish?

Spanglish, is a hybrid language that circles around the process of mixing both the English and Spanish language. However, there has been a wide range of discussion as to if Spanglish is a real, legitimate language, and many points that successfully justify both sides of the argument. noch 174 Wörter

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Who are Chris, Isabel, Camila and Chloe?

We are attending Ross School. Our teacher is Mr. Sun.We have four members in our group.  Me, Isabel, Camila and Chloe.

I am Chris, I am 17 years old. noch 126 Wörter


Isabel Allende

Occupation: Writer

Time: 1 week

Method:  E-mail

Items Sent: Nothing

Items Received: 1 5×7 Autographed photo, Autographed bookmark, & a Card with a typed thank you letter. noch 6 Wörter


Lo que dejó el 2014 en Series de TV

Como puede ser que sea tan ingrata.
Decir que el 2014 ha sido tan intenso que no me ha dado tiempo de escribir, es parcialmente cierto, pero para nada es una excusa para la inconstancia. noch 810 Wörter

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FLRN Design - Isabel

A lovely and cute dress, this release from FLRN Design. With the nice front and a small belt in the waist makes this a dress for every day. noch 16 Wörter