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The Future 

With the advent of self-driving cars, the advances in AI and virtual reality, and what can only be exponentially improved technology over the coming years, it’s clear we’re heading toward some major breakthroughs and changes to our lives. 403 weitere Wörter


Y’all, I have the *worst* skin of all time. Never does it look pretty. Any times you’ve seen me looking somewhat decent it was entirely thanks to makeup. 1.702 weitere Wörter


~ 50 facts about me ~

  1. I’m left handed.
  2. My dad’s side of the family is Jewish, so I’m not really because your mother has to be.
  3. As a child, I went to church every Sunday and went to temple on the holidays.
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As promised, here is my post about embroidery! It’s rather lengthy, and for that I apologize. I might do shorter, more specific posts later, but this is one broad overview. 1.739 weitere Wörter


On-Trend Edge!

Serengeti Convertible Jacket Earrings

Inspired by an exotic safari setting, you can wear this ultra-versatile pair as simply stunning studs, or add on the jackets for an extra touch of on-trend edge. 38 weitere Wörter