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Are you a Chloe, an Isabel, or a Chloe-bel?

Who are Chloe + Isabel?

Chloe + Isabel is a jewelry + lifestyle brand, dedicated to empowering women everywhere!

Their brand represents the idea of two best friends with different personalities and styles, united by their passion for style and self-expression. 46 weitere Wörter

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry Business

Good Bye

A couple weeks ago I decided to send some dolls to a charity that uses dolls called Broken Dolls Healing Hearts. I sent all of the dolls that I had rescued from thrift stores (That I could find) except for Mia. 216 weitere Wörter


Isabel -02/02/17

Thursday 2nd Feb

Skill – 50 HS Pushups for Time


Power Snatch x 2 + Overhead Squat x 2

30 Snatches for time 60/42.5kg… 13 weitere Wörter

A Delightful Experience at Nicola's Sip n' Chat

I love to eat food that gives me not only excitement to my palate but also that makes me want to relive the delightful experience. 504 weitere Wörter