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Floral Magic ☄

Femme des Fleurs Statement Necklace

Look no further for floral fashion magic than this statement necklace, inspired by a stroll through a French flower market. Clusters of pink enamel rosettes + pastel petals are decorated by white opal crystal for an all-that-glitters style. 44 weitere Wörter


CrossFit WOD

14 March 2018

  1. Line drills
  2. 45 minute AMRAP
    1. Jackie: 1k row, 50 thrusters BB only, 30 pullups
    2. Isabel: 30 Snatches for time 135/95
    3. Grace: 30 Clean and Jerks 135/ 95

Leaving No Shine Behind...

City of Light Statement Necklace 💎

​In this mini-collection, we draw inspiration from Paris, the birthplace of the Age of Enlightenment + the time-honored name, La Ville Lumière. 63 weitere Wörter


Forever Episode 5: The Grand Finale

This is it, people of the earth.

The last episode.

Head on over to this post before you watch it–it will make a whole lot more sense. 51 weitere Wörter


Introduction Needed!

​NEW ARRIVALS! Introducing our Dreams of Provence collection…

  • Bon Chic Pendant Necklace

Featuring a mixed-media chain of dusty rose chiffon, antique gold-plated links + pale pearlettes, this versatile design can be worn layered with other bon chic favorites, or stand out on its own. 166 weitere Wörter


ISABEL ~ an unfinished story

This is a story I started writing a long time ago. I keep telling myself that I will come back and finish it. so I thought I would share this small section with you guys and see what you think. 525 weitere Wörter

Lovestruck this Valentine's Day?

​Lovestruck this Valentine’s Day? May we introduce you to this so-sweet necklace + earring set! Accented by sparkling cubic zirconia crystal, this cupid-approved duo offers the ultimate daily dose of style for her cherish-forever jewelry box. Shop here 😍