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Dublin: Guinness and Viking History

Guinness and Viking History: Two essential parts of Dublin.

Two parts of which I focused myself on during my travel in the Irish capital. 672 weitere Wörter


The Closest We've Been

We were, the two of us, parked on a rock each, looking

out at Galway Bay on a mild August night.

Drunk and merry, drunk and pensive, 304 weitere Wörter

Weather forecast in Cork 30/09/2016

Today in Cork +14 C, Gentle rain, Precipitation: 16.61 mm, Wind 5.1m/s 9 weitere Wörter


Weather forecast in Dublin 30/09/2016

Today in Dublin +13 C, Gentle rain, Precipitation: 1.12 mm, Wind 5.5m/s 9 weitere Wörter


Oíche mhaith agaibh. Goodnight from Stair na hÉireann.

No matter how long we have travelled on the wrong road, we can always turn around.

Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry, Florian Walsh photography


321/365 Shutter release challenge

Bullet holes and weeds

This road sign has had a hard life. looks like the local hunters nailed this one.

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Nikon D7200