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Gimmelwald! Day 21-24

Day 21:

(Travel day from Zurich, Switzerland to Gimmelwald, Switzerland) Gimmelwald is a little town in the Swiss Alps that is so unbelievably peaceful and beautiful. 836 weitere Wörter


Madrid Day 28-30

Day 28:

Thankfully Mariah was able to use her points that she had racked up from working over in Louisiana so we were able to get two free nights at a hotel and only pay for one night. 346 weitere Wörter


Bobby Sands 66 days

A interview carried out by the Connolly Media Group in Dublin, with former hunger strike and well know activist Tommy McKearney.

Labour Movement

First Trip Across the Pond

My first Euopean trip was a dream! My best friend was studying abroad in London and told my sister and I we could stay in her flat (moral of the story, if your ever offered a bed somewhere new TAKE IT). 338 weitere Wörter


U.S. government warns EU: Do not hit Apple with a massive back tax bill - or else

“The United States has sent a message to the European Union: Stop your tax crackdown on American companies or be prepared to suffer the consequences,“ Jethro Mullen reports for CNN. 433 weitere Wörter


Barcelona! Day 25-27

Day 25:

Beach day! Our only agenda for the day was to go lay out and get sun-kissed by the beautiful Barcelona sun gods. On our way to Playa de Barcelonata, we stopped at a tapas buffet and oh my lanta…it was soooooo good. 777 weitere Wörter