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Welcome Back!

Welcome back!

Classes are back for another year.

Beginners are welcome

Please see our timetable for 2015/2016

5 Lagu yang Terinspirasi Dari Peperangan

Soal percintaan menjadi salah satu inspirasi yang mungkin paling sering dijadikan tema sebuah lagu oleh para musisi atau grup band. Karena, memang membuat lagu percintaan sering kali dianggap lebih ‘natural’ atau mengalir begitu saja. noch 452 Wörter


Give Us A Song, Mother

When you’re young, you don’t expect to know more than most people, and most people have that same expectation.  But then you graduate from high school, then University, and you suppose that your opinions matter. noch 501 Wörter

Looking Up Grafton Street - Dublin, Ireland, January, 2000

I was standing on the corner just outside Stepehens Green, looking up Grafton Street, when I took this photo.  Note the Christmas decorations still up on Grafton Street and the Christmas tree a little left of center.


Fortune 500 firms hold $2.1 trillion overseas to avoid taxes: study

The 500 largest American companies hold more than $2.1 trillion in accumulated profits offshore to avoid U.S. taxes and would collectively owe an estimated $620 billion in U.S. noch 394 Wörter


To The Emerald Isle & Back

Have finally got the map thing working and thought you might like to see where we have been…

Wk 1: Tues 1st – Mon 7th Sept 2015… noch 18 Wörter


Week 4 Postcard

Dublin, Rivington Pike, Hope Cove and Burgh Island…