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Travelogue for Ireland, 2016

„My heart is quite calm now. I will go back.“

― James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

For a sneak peek at my pictures from this year’s trip to Ireland, including scenes from Dublin, the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, Giant’s Causeway, and more click here.

Travel Journal

sunny days in Dublin

Dublin has been beautiful this Autumn as we have had our fair share of beautifully sunny days. And since the roads are full of roadworks I’ve often opted to leave my bike at home and walk around town. 69 weitere Wörter


Locked - Lucan

Today in Dublin I watched my planned day off slip away into the distance as factors conspired against me. Still on the upside I did find myself passing a picturesque little spot and I paused for a few minutes.


Down and Out In Dublin

In my last post I wrote about the river of “what ifs” going through my head about my upcoming trip.  After writing it, I thought back on the worst things that have ever happened to me in my life.  667 weitere Wörter


Freaky Friday - Who was Peter Bergmann?

A stranger showed up in Silgo, Ireland on 12 June 2009. He was nice enough older man that kept to himself. He wandered the town, mailed some things, had his meals, snuck cigarettes in the hall instead of going outside, and went to the beach. 1.633 weitere Wörter

Freaky Fridays

QC Read My Book features God Save Ireland, by Terry Michael Vargo

Like many avid readers, I had long wondered if I was capable of writing a novel. For years, I kept telling myself, „If only I had the time to devote to writing.“ When retirement came, I had no more excuses. 385 weitere Wörter