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Rise and Repeal; Why I'm voting Yes

I’m voting yes to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

This is referendum is not an abortion referendum. This referendum is about women’s bodies. Women’s bodies, and how we feel about them, are the central focus of this referendum. 589 weitere Wörter

Ireland’s Nasty No Campaign

DUBLIN — In Ireland, as elsewhere, it is women who do most of the work of caring for others, at home and professionally. It is predominantly women who work in public health, teaching, and residential care. 1.689 weitere Wörter


#RepealThe8th or #SaveThe8th – The Abortion Referendum

Hey everyone! I’m back! Yes, I was forced to pause the start of my blog because I literally suddenly got really busy with TY, even though I didn’t expect to. 542 weitere Wörter


A Broad for Yes

Three years ago, when the Marriage Referendum went through, I remember being delighted for my LGBTI friends, and in particular, for my much-loved brother Seán, who had campaigned so tirelessly, so that he and my brother-in-law could be treated as equal citizens in the country they had chosen to live their lives in. 995 weitere Wörter

Friday May 25: Prayers for Ireland

Ireland votes today on a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution. 

A Yes vote would remove all Constitutional protection for the baby in the womb. 63 weitere Wörter


May 24, 1918

Government issue document showing active connexion between leaders of Sinn Fein movement and Germans; a second rising planned in 1917, but fell through, as Germany declined military help; last month Government obtained information of a plan for landing munitions from submarines and a new rising to follow German offensive in West.

European Theatre

The unsung heroes of #8thRef

As I was watching the Pat Kenny Show today (current affairs show in Ireland), and I heard (yet again) the phrase ‚we don’t want the same set-up the UK has‘, I suddenly heard the dog-whistle in it. 546 weitere Wörter