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My Maternal 30th. Great Grandfather, Feradach Finnfechtnach, High King of Ireland

Feradach Finnfechtnach (modern spelling: Fearadhach Fionnfeachtnach– „fair-blessed“), son of Crimthann Nia Náir, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a 

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Weekday Weather Forecast - Aug. 23rd - Aug 25th

Good morning, I hope you’re all drying up nicely following that period of excruciatingly humid weather over the last few days. Humidity is still high across Cork, but it has been dropping almost continuously since yesterday. 303 weitere Wörter


Gap of Dunloe

Oh my, what a glorious day!  The weather could not have been more beautiful while we hiked thru the Gap of Dunloe!  It was both sunny & cloudy, pretty windy at some spots and absolutely no rain! 544 weitere Wörter

cliffs of Mohar

I had not heard about the Cliffs of Mohar until we visited Ireland. But we decided being we were in the area we would make time to visit. 422 weitere Wörter


Chapter 5: Virtual Reality


Yurgos Politis, Marie Curie Research Fellow, University College Dublin Ireland & Michigan State University, USA.

Fields/domains that the theory belongs to

Physics, Training, Medicine, Gaming, Engineering… 460 weitere Wörter

Down at Carlingford Lough

It’s always good picking up beers that are only available in a certain locality in which you don’t live, so when on a little expedition to the Banbridge and Newry area I was very pleased to pick some limited edition brews at The Drink Link and Fiveways Nisa in Newry. 243 weitere Wörter

Northern Ireland