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Irish myths and stereotypes BUSTED (I'm like the Irish Adam Savage)

Let’s face it there is a lot of stereotypes surrounding our small Island, from us all being red-heads to us all having a generic accent (thanks Michael Flatly). noch 632 Wörter


Limited Edition FIAT 500 Collection Goes On Sale

FIAT Ireland has launched the new FIAT 500 Collection – two new special editions of the iconic city car, one red and one white.

Based on the… noch 197 Wörter

Caroline Kidd

Codeine and Cigarettes. Why it's easier to smoke than get pain relief...

A few weeks back, myself and the hubby decided we’d take a much needed break from all the running around in work and so on the Friday, we jumped in the car with the kids, not minding the oncoming four hour road trip because we knew we’d be able to relax at the other end of the journey. noch 2.188 Wörter


Day 1: Dublin to Derry

My day started early at 8am. Sandra and I decided to skip a shower because of the unsightly washrooms at Paddy’s Palace. I don’t have a problem with hostel washrooms, but when you can’t be sure if it’s mould or limescale build up, there’s a problem. noch 1.115 Wörter

The importance of customer care

Providing excellent service to customers with a variety of disabilities is becoming an essential component of server training. About time too, you may think. But actually we are still as a society very slow to actually accept that accessibility is an essential part of the future of our society in Ireland. noch 300 Wörter


This article originally appeared in Swedish in Brand, a Swedish anarchist magazine, in May 2015

There’s a theory in evolutionary biology known as ‚punctuated equilibrium‘ which claims that most species show little evolutionary change over the course of their collective life span.

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2010 – Death of Alexander Gordon Higgins (b. Belfast) also known by his nickname of Hurricane Higgins.

Alex Higgins, who hit the snooker world like the hurricane which became his nickname, was to become the biggest box-office draw the game has ever known. noch 82 Wörter

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