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1916: The Irish Rebellion

Broadcaster:  BBC Four

Year: 2016

Genre: Documentary


Reviewer: Phillippa Mapes

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland, the BBC  showed a series of documentaries covering this event from different perspectives.  noch 1.028 Wörter


Schoolyard Blues Part One

The tears dripped slowly down his face, as he stared into the mirror, hating the figure that stood before him. Ade was big for fifteen, but he felt two feet tall, as he examined the bruises on the side of his face. noch 1.780 Wörter


První návštěva Temple Bar

Pokud se řekně Dublin, snad každému se vybaví klasický obrázek červeného Temple Baru. Temple Bar je ulice, ve které je jeden bar vedle druhého. Je to cíl mnoha turistů. noch 443 Wörter


Self portrait

with cat on a wardrobe and my dad looking over my shoulder.

He did smile in real life.
But never in front of a camera when he was holding a salmon. noch 8 Wörter


Sunrise at Mount Errigal

If you have hiked around Ireland then you would have heard of Mt Errigal in Co Donegal. For those who haven’t seen Mt Errigal it is a 751-metre mountain near Gweedore in County Donegal. noch 72 Wörter