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Halloween Traditions (1899)

From the Huntington Advertiser of Huntington, WV, we find the following story dated October 31, 1899:

Tonight is Halloween and the small boy, as well as many of the larger ones, are happy. 1.148 weitere Wörter


Ophelia to cost between €500 and €800 million

Storm Ophelia made landfall early Monday morning leaving three dead and hundreds of thousands without electricity. Gavin Hyland reports on the recovery operation from the worst storm to hit Ireland in half a century. 344 weitere Wörter


Interactive Irish play to kick off Grand Theatre season in London

The story of a Dublin street musician will entice audience members onto the stage, as the Grand Theatre kicks off its 2017/2018 season Tuesday night. 246 weitere Wörter


11. An Irish welcome

I had been counting down to Saturday 7th Feb for nearly a month. Having the trip to look forward to really gave me something to focus on away from work, which made it all seem more bearable somehow. 3.844 weitere Wörter

Studying Culinary Arts in Ireland.

I’ve searched high and low for information, articles, stories from people who’ve went to college in Ireland and studied Culinary Arts, there is not much at all to be found! 601 weitere Wörter

Ex-hurricane Ophelia

Ireland is beginning to recover from ex-hurricane Ophelia the worst storm we’ve had since 1961. Before getting herself to a nunnery, she claimed the lives of 3 people and left 360 thousand people without electricity. 303 weitere Wörter


A cute little wagtail

Finally got one of these guys to pose for me! Mostly, the run around like little blurs, but this little guy sat still for a minute.

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