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A Food Crawl Down Sunset Boulevard by FRANCINE PROSE


Along one of the most famous streets in Southern California, there are stars on the menus as well.

Published: November 29, 2015 at 12:00AM… noch 8 Wörter

Patrick Bruen

Where to Shop in Rome’s Campo Marzio by SHIVANI VORA


In a neighborhood in Rome’s historic center, locals come to hit the collection of clothing and lifestyle boutiques featuring goods produced in Italy. noch 12 Wörter

Patrick Bruen

Through the Eyes of a Child

I’ve had the great pleasure the past 8 weeks to serve as a tutor to second year students here at some secondary schools in Ireland.  This was my last week with them so after saying goodbye, I thought I’d reflect on my time with them here. noch 1.216 Wörter

Introducing: The Elixir Mixture!

Hey guys! So after much debate I finally decided to join the wonderful world of blogging and what better way to kick it off than with a quick introduction? noch 243 Wörter



I’ve tried everything. I’ve taken all the necessary precautions. I unsubscribed all of the emails. Some of them refuse to take, but I’ve hit that button at… noch 458 Wörter

How Most Real Estate Brokers Mug Things Up

The large majority of real estate agents are on record for neither being overly bright nor having any feel for investing. Most of them are only employees working for some office they don’t feel very strongly for — and, to be honest, neither care about real estate nor investments in general. noch 848 Wörter