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Gathering Video Assessment for Reporting

It’s that time of year again in Australian Schools with mid year reports due.

Now that I have finished and sent mine through, I would like to share with you how I use video observations to help me with my assessment. 264 weitere Wörter

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Get yourself organized with Core!

Prepare ones life with one mobile app

That we are drowning in data but can’t access what is vital to us. An app called Core-Organizer, repairs the matter by making it possible for a customer to get hold of their core personal data in themed repository for life style such as your home, expenditure, competitive sports, items, health and fitness data, travelling, publications, flicks, general music and undisclosed feelings. 457 weitere Wörter

21 iPad Apps for the Music Classroom: General Education and Music Specific

Your school has purchased a class set of iPads or implemented a 1-1/BYOD structure, so which apps should you deploy or ask your students to purchase? 840 weitere Wörter

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10 uses for Typedrummer in the classroom

Being a teacher who always looks for ways to creatively capture students attention, I was extremely excited two weeks ago when I found this awesome website which works on both computers and tablets  316 weitere Wörter

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Part 2: Planning IB PYP in the Specialist / Single Subject Classroom 2014 Overview

I have had some great feedback on my initial post about specialist/single subject music planning in an IB school. Apologies for not writing this one sooner. 503 weitere Wörter

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Digital Portfolios: Assessment in the iPad Classroom

In 2015 I have been presenting this workshop around Australia and New Zealand receiving great feedback from those who
have attended.

At the beginning of October 2015 I launched the above title as the first in my series of… 928 weitere Wörter

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Apple went on sale iPad Tablet 12.9-inch Pro

New Post has been published on Chrome News

It is the largest of its equipment line model has a base price of $ 799 and has optional accessories such as a physical keyboard and a stylus; also he announced the availability of its streaming music service for Android devices.

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