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Thank You, PLDT

Thanks a lot, PLDT, I learned the value of utmost patience and perseverance.

After 12 gruesome days of pointlessly monitoring our modem and calling you guys day in and day out, FINALLY, you restored our internet connection for about 10 hours now. noch 828 Wörter

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4 Reasons Tribal Lands Lack Better Access To The Internet

Money: Because most major broadband providers don’t need to take the risk of building out a network in remote communities where a large portion of the population might only be able to afford the least-expensive service tier, tribes say they are left dealing with smaller providers that they believe are charging them more than if there were more available options. noch 58 Wörter

Policy & Ethics

Google unleashes free speedy Internet service on low-income homes

Google charges $70 for the 1Gbps service, which is 100 times faster than the typical home broadband connection. The offer of free high-speed Internet takes one burden off the shoulders of the poor. noch 58 Wörter

Policy & Ethics

Comcast's super-fast internet breakthrough is coming to more cities soon

DOCSIS 3.1, is coming to five new US cities soon. Atlanta and Nashville will get the service in early 2016, a Comcast spokesperson told Tech Insider. noch 72 Wörter

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FCC Allows Further Testing of LTE Service in Unlicensed Spectrum Used by Wi-Fi

The FCC on Friday approved further testing of the approach, known as LTE-U (U for unlicensed), which has been at the center of a struggle between tech heavyweights. noch 53 Wörter

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This Bot Will Tweet at Comcast Whenever Your Internet Is Slower Than Advertised

It’s common knowledge that ISPs rarely deliver the internet speeds consumers are paying them for. But one man has finally reached the limits of his patience, and wrote a script that tweets complaints at Comcast every time his internet speed drops below a certain point. noch 66 Wörter

Policy & Ethics

Ignoring cable industry protest, FCC says it will “unlock the set-top box”

Customers would still have to buy TV service from a cable, telco, or satellite firm. But just as mobile broadband customers can choose from many smartphones to use on a wireless network, pay-TV customers should be able to choose what device they watch TV on, an FCC official said in a phone call with reporters. noch 33 Wörter

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