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US ISPs could soon monitor your ‘secret’ porn viewing habits

Industry behemoth MindGeek — the parent company of the world’s 38th-largest website, PornHub, as well as most of the other well-known porn-streaming tube sites and production powerhouses Brazzers and RealityKings — got to work on encrypting its family of sites right away. 37 weitere Wörter

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FCC will fix America's shitty internet by declaring fast internet access unimportant to Americans

The move would change the Federal Communications Commission’s definition of fast broadband from the current world-lagging 25Mbps/3Mbps to a pitiable 10Mbps/1Mbps. – Cody Doctorow, Boing Boing

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One broadband choice still counts as “competition” after court decision

The Federal Communications Commission’s decision eliminates price caps in a county if 50 percent of potential customers „are within a half-mile of a location served by a competitive provider.“ A county is now also considered competitive if 75 percent of Census blocks have a cable provider. 18 weitere Wörter

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What's Killing Journalism?

The state of the Fourth Estate—and who can save it.

Brittany Karford Rogers writes: If hashtags had been a thing, these would have been some #FakeNews whoppers. 1.397 weitere Wörter


FCC back at full strength after Senate appoints two new members

In a statement released today, the has named Jessica Rosenworcel and Brendan Carr to fill the last two of the five commissioner seats. Both are no strangers to the work the FCC does: Rosenworcel was actually a commissioner under the previous administration and was known for being an avid supporter of net neutrality and open internet. 35 weitere Wörter

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Comcast Fails To Kill Lawsuit Over Bogus Hidden Fees

„Comcast not only charged the fee to new customers, but also added the charge to the bills of existing customers in violation of their contracts which had promised a flat monthly rate for the term of the contract,“ the lawsuit originally complained. 8 weitere Wörter

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Get Instant Help from D-link Router Customer Support Toll-Free Number

Are you looking to setup your D-link cloud router or D-link router technical support phone number, then you will have to follow a series of steps. 317 weitere Wörter