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Comcast Wireless Now Lets You BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Comcast will let you bring very specific devices for use on the service, a company announcement indicating that „select, unlocked iPhone models“ qualify. You’ll need to head to this website to see if your current model qualifies. 42 weitere Wörter

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Comcast shares downgraded on slowing broadband growth fear, streaming competition

Nomura Instinet downgraded shares to neutral from buy on Thursday, saying will confront a „narrowing runway“ as over-the-top competitors drive declines in traditional video and broadband growth stalls. 8 weitere Wörter

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Verizon’s streaming TV service might have standalone app ‘channels’ - The Verge

Why is it that Verizon is the only one who isn’t seeing this as a service that no one asked for, solving a problem that doesn’t exist? 18 weitere Wörter


Breathe. Just Breathe.

What is Net Neutrality? Do we have it? Do we want it? Is there an app for it? Is it a new series on Netflix or Hulu and if not, should it be? 15 weitere Wörter


Comcast's Sneaky Cable Fees Have Jumped 241% in the Last Three Years

In reality, these programming costs are just part of Comcast’s cost of doing business as a cable TV provider. The company’s taking part of the cost of doing business (programming) and burying it below the line. 35 weitere Wörter

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The Importance Of Business Phone Service Providers

Internet service providers is an organization that offers the ability to access the internet. Internet service provider is either commercial, community-owned or private internet. Sending of letters was the most popular means of communication in the past. 412 weitere Wörter

Internet Service Provider

Things to Consider Choosing An Internet Service Provider

Getting a bad internet service provider may be catastrophic. To get the perfect fiber internet providers, there are various things that one should take into consideration. 401 weitere Wörter

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