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September 2016 Monthly Roundup

Looking to expand your knowledge related to accreditation, higher education, program management, or performance management? Every month, we share a short list of articles or resources from around the web that may be interesting and valuable to NASPAA-accredited programs. 91 weitere Wörter

Monthly Roundup

'Wonder Woman' comics writer reveals character is gay

NEW YORK (AP) – The writer of the reborn „Wonder Woman“ comics has revealed that the character is gay.

Greg Rucka tells Comicosity that since Wonder Woman comes from the fictional all-female island nation of Themyscira, she „has been in love and had relationships with other women.“ 54 weitere Wörter


Airbnb Banned a Host for Discriminating Against Israelis

Airbnb permanently banned a host in Amsterdam for refusing to take Israeli guests, the company has confirmed.

The holiday accommodation service has recently been under fire for the… 281 weitere Wörter


Sept. 11 families can now sue the Saudis but will it matter?

NEW YORK (AP) — Just because Congress has allowed Sept. 11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia over claims it had a role in the terror attacks doesn’t mean such a case will ever go before a jury. 677 weitere Wörter