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Lesson 263 The Power of Public Diplomacy

Last week I discussed why government communication is destined to fail. People hear what they want to hear, adversaries are poised to attack. and the daily pressure of 24/7 journalism is relentless. noch 283 Wörter

Lessons Learned

Lawmakers debate if State money can help parents choose private schools

AUSTIN (KXAN) — In a lengthy committee room debate — which is still ongoing– lawmakers are debating the idea of allowing State money to go to private schools. noch 395 Wörter


Illinois Guard revokes soldier's clearance after ISIS arrest

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — A spokesman says the Illinois National Guard has revoked the security clearance of a member arrested on charges of conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State group. noch 119 Wörter


Wait — how many calories are in my vodka soda?

While sipping vodka sodas at a downtown bar in New York’s East Village roughly a year ago, a friend told me he prefers the beverage because it had “no calories.” noch 623 Wörter


A prosecutor apologizes for his role in putting an innocent man on death row

In March 2014, after prosecutors and Ford’s attorneys filed motions to vacate his conviction, the state district court ordered his release. However, more than a year later, Ford is still fighting the state for compensation. noch 89 Wörter


Planetsave Articles (sticky post)

This is a sticky post to introduce my Planetsave articles in the slider
It can be updated with recent article info or img, but must be sticky always. noch 9 Wörter


Lufthansa defends policies after French crash

PARIS (MEDIA GENERAL) – The CEO of Lufthansa Airlines spent time describing what they know about the co-pilot and the safety procedures in place aboard the Germanwings plane that was crashed deliberately killing 150 people. noch 462 Wörter