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Kim: nuclear and ICBM tests no longer necessary

BREAKING: North Korea's Kim says country "will join international efforts to halt nuclear tests altogether."

— Jesse Johnson ジェシージョンソン (@jljzen) April 20, 2018

MORE: North Korea says it will abolish nuclear test site in northern area of country – state news agency KCNA…

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Meet Upcoming Singer/Songwriter: SLCHLD. "I shouldn’t box myself in a certain music industry."

In today’s interview I had the pleasure of speaking with upcoming singer/songwriter – SLCHLD. Personally, I’ve been listening to SLCHLD since the beginning of his career and over the last year he has grown into one of my favorite artists coming out of Canada. 1.874 weitere Wörter


Agama: Privasi Yang Terpublikasi

Agama: Privasi Yang Terpublikasi

“Lakum diinukum wa liyaddiin”

Untukmu agamamu, untukku agamaku

Agama, ketika mendengar kata ini, berbagai macam pendapat muncul di dalam kepala. Keyakinan, ketenangan, religiusitas, kedamaian, pencarian hidup, makna, momok, pemecah belah, dan sebagainya. 1.146 weitere Wörter


Syrian Crisis


1. Syria is Sunni Muslim majority but President Bashar al-Assad and the security est dominated by Alawi sect(who are minorities in Syria).

2. 2007-11 : Syrian drought resulting in migration of many from the countryside to cities thus creating a socio-economic imbalance. 429 weitere Wörter

Syrian Crisis

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli forces on Gaza Strip: Medics

Israeli forces shot dead a second Palestinian during a fourth consecutive on Friday of protests and clashes along the Gaza Strip’s border, the health ministry in the enclave said. 35 weitere Wörter

German theatre asks guests to wear swastikas for Hitler play 'Mein Kampf'

A theatre in southern Germany is proceeding with plans to open a satirical play about Adolf Hitler’s youth in which some patrons will be wearing swastika armbands. 105 weitere Wörter

Leaders approve Prince Charles to succeed Queen as Commonwealth head: BBC

Commonwealth leaders agreed on Friday to back Prince Charles as the next head of the organisation, a day after Queen Elizabeth II said it was her „sincere wish“ that her son would succeed her in the role „one day“. 124 weitere Wörter