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I am not your American dream girl

The Living End – Death of the American Dream (2018)

The star spangled banner has been torn to shreds
They put a warrant out for Mickey Mouse’s head… 361 weitere Wörter


The Artificiality of Institutions and How They Create Barriers

When we create an institution of any sort, be it government, corporate, social, or religious, we erect automatic barriers between people—barriers between the group within and the masses without.  1.349 weitere Wörter


Institutional inducements.

Both sexually repression and sexual obsession are by-products of the bourgeois family and its “law.”


Bake the world a better place with us at NFCI . You know you have a passion for bakery but don’t know when and where to start from ? 223 weitere Wörter

Fuck You, But Listen: An Introduction

I’m not a very smart person, but I work hard and I can take pride in that.

What I’m working on right now is a journal. 122 weitere Wörter

Creating a Degree-Granting Institution in New York

Over two years ago I had written New York State to learn about how to legally establish a degree-granting college in New York. At that time there was not a process to do so in New York State. 318 weitere Wörter