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The daily life of museum secondment - part 2

Written by Ellen De Korte

It is roughly one week until the Lates and
the Bradford
Science Festival
. I am collecting final bits for my stall and testing… 270 weitere Wörter


The daily life of museum secondment - part 1

Written by Ellen De Korte

It is two more weeks until the Bradford
Science Festival
. My collection of objects is now complete and the… 322 weitere Wörter


The Flashback Show

Our guest for this week on The Flashback Show is „THIRD STAR“ a circular events organizational business entity that operates in tertiary institutions.

They host events like Educational or Academic programs geared towards Students Leadership and Governance. 31 weitere Wörter


Conferring Superiority

„In feudal times the aristocracy had sent their sons to university, conferring superiority on the institution. Nowadays it was the other way round: the university conferred superiority on the man. 46 weitere Wörter


America's ailment

What the Measles Epidemic Really Says About America

In two essays, “Illness as Metaphor” in 1978 and “AIDS and Its Metaphors” in 1988, the critic Susan Sontag observed that you can learn a lot about a society from the metaphors it uses to describe disease. 46 weitere Wörter

Behavioral Economics

Nightingale International Secondary School

Nightingale International Secondary School/ Nursing College,is one of he best educational institution aptly named after Florence Nightingale, “The Lady with the Lamp”, who is well-known for her pioneering work in nursing . 68 weitere Wörter


The "Institutionalized Human"

I got inspired to write by someone who offended me today but in an “institutionalized manner.” In other words he was “respectful” about it. Haha. So this will just be my average battle against illogical modern society. 805 weitere Wörter