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Be a king

I read somewhere, in Osho’s book that don’t beg for love, be a giver, don’t be a beggar for love, be a king and give love. 14 weitere Wörter


Can't side me

Black and white

left and right,

love and hate

dark and light,

everybody sides

pointless, fruitless

a waste of time,

you cannot side me

many different beliefs… 76 weitere Wörter


How to gain respect?

It appears that all of us are looking for this feeling.

It’s called


Now, what is respect?

Well, it is certainly a feeling of being treated important. 784 weitere Wörter


Drought (Part 2)

I always need a validation
Telling myself this is my passion
But I’m stuck, I feel I’m not growing
Did I reach my peak now I’m descending? 66 weitere Wörter


Keep In Touch With Yourself First

It is easy to get distracted.  There is a lot going on.  All over the place.  Globally, nationally, locally and in our own backyards – things are happening all the time.  140 weitere Wörter


Trials And Trouble

Have you ever thought…’why does this have to be so difficult?‘ or ‚it seems like every direction I turn things go wrong!‘  When dealing with such thoughts I am trying to learn how to step back, to stop doing the repeat cycle that builds up frustration.  204 weitere Wörter

Faith Journey