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Thanos, the villain of Avengers: Infinity War, explained


He’s the Mad Titan. He wrecks planets. He wants to destroy half the universe. He swats away superheroes like they’re flies on his dessert. 1.896 weitere Wörter


Love beyond infinity

via Daily Prompt: Parallel  

Essence of devotion

Warmth of heart

In the world full of hate and indifference

Is like  a truth that holds Parallel… 22 weitere Wörter

Capturing time for the theatre: Hannah Moscovitch talks about Infinity

By Liz Nicholls,

Time. It surrounds us, envelopes us, embeds us in a present that’s gone before you know it. It accumulates when you don’t want it and dwindles to nothing when you do. 1.258 weitere Wörter

OnePlus 6 ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ variant officially confirmed w/ Marvel partnership


The OnePlus 6 could debut at basically any point now, and to ramp up hype, the company has been putting out teasers and information about the product through various channels. 386 weitere Wörter


Our mind is powerful. What we think is what we believe. If we think that we are going to be great, our day and our lives, then so be it. 9 weitere Wörter

Nissan Motors aims to triple the sales of its luxury car brand Infiniti in China by 2021

Nissan Motors move underscores a deep rooted strategy as it tries to elevate Inifinity’s brand image the way Tesla has done for its offerings – producing a sleek, highly desirable, premium lineup of electric cars. 330 weitere Wörter



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