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The power of receiving

God receives all screaming
God receives all anguish
God receives all confusion
There is nothing she cannot receive

© Meisaan Chan


Can Time be Infinite?

If we assume that the world has no beginning in time, then up to every given moment an eternity has elapsed, and there has passed away in that world an infinite series of successive states of things.

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Peta vs realita (1) - UCAD 19 Januari 2017

Sesuai plan dari peta yang dibuat tadi pagi (bisa dilihat di sini), maka …

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Cara Trading

i want.

i want to feel deeply
and i want to live 81 weitere Wörter


Plan your trade, trade your plan!

Sahabat semua, sudahkan Anda merencanakan trading Anda? Mengapa kita perlu merencanakannya?

Berikut contoh plan penulis hari ini …

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Cara Trading

Infinity Scarf

Why Infinity? Because you just knit, knit and knit. This should be your first item when you start learning to knit. It’s simple and is teaching you what means to knit. 39 weitere Wörter



Trapped in a moment of time

Forever holding my gaze

I can’t look away

Captivated by this portal

A recurring enigma

The jewel of paradoxes… 14 weitere Wörter