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Happily Ever After Wedding Stamps

{Stickerlicious Singapore} These 2 wedding stamps symbolize Happily Ever After…

First stamp has an infinity loop with the bride and groom initials. Second stamp has a unique heart shape loop which joined the bride and groom names. noch 25 Wörter

Rubber Stamps

MayaCast Episode 39: Special Terrain Rules and The Armory

Episode 39 of MayaCast is about the Special Terrain Rules section of the rule book, as well as the ITS Mission, The Armory. There’s also a tasty beverage – The Kippuccino! noch 121 Wörter


Infinity Pan Oceania

I got excited for Infinity demo day on Saturday at The Appraisery. Finally got around to converting my mishmash of Nomad, Combined Army, Aleph, and Merc models into a proper Pan Oceania force. noch 113 Wörter


Skye, your life looks so effortless?

Er, life is a broad term; but let me tell you about fancy education. I’d been rejected for 12 years before I could step into my dream school (which promises to teach nothing but solving interesting problems). noch 25 Wörter



it was a thought that struck into mind,
long time before,
when infinity is in infinite forms,
then it ends in a mere collection
a collection of forms, noch 18 Wörter