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Belajar Tawakkal dari Bilangan Tak Hingga

Tahukah Anda apa itu bilangan tak hingga? Jika Anda telah melewati pelajaran SMU kelas 3 maka insyaAllah Anda pernah mendapatkan pelajaran tentang bilangan tak hingga atau yang di simbolkan dengan angka delapan tidur (∞). noch 381 Wörter


The Thorns of Time

                                                                                                    Photograph Credits: Martin Hanley

The Thorns of Time by Maria Fokas

First you left;
And then, I waited.
             – I watched the days go by in silence… noch 133 Wörter

Free Verse - Poetry Prose

future , infinity and memories

The thing about future is that it is unpredictable and infinite .
The thing about stories is that they turn into legends and legends live forever . noch 151 Wörter


Assume the Crane Stance.

The Crane Agent is here to solve Yu Jing’s problems, with style.

Having started playing 40K around the time that you were meant to ask permission to use special characters, I always had a nagging subconscious discomfort that the only Lieutenant option I had available for Imperial Service was a character, Sun Tze. noch 662 Wörter


Boxes of magic and some infinity

Infinity but real life gets in the way (again)

Two of my dearest friends rescheduled their daughters first birthday for the same day as the TCC tournament. noch 1.450 Wörter