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Edith P. Buckle and the Beings of Infinite Knowledge

„–And she found them down in the basement there. On the couch–yes, yes, the brand new one they just got–And they were making the fellatio! On each other! 846 weitere Wörter

Album Update & Crowd Funding

On July 1, 2016, Sylvia and I finally finished our album: „Perfectionately Yours“. It took us over 24-monhts to do this, while Sylvia and I worked „through the Veil“. 175 weitere Wörter


Reading the Comics, September 24, 2016: Infinities Happen Edition

I admit it’s a weak theme. But two of the comics this week give me reason to talk about infinitely large things and how the fact of being infinitely large affects the probability of something happening. 702 weitere Wörter



Here, I am publishing this for the first time, a small extraction from my book in process – Pebbles. I have been working on it for quite sometime now. 682 weitere Wörter

Galaxy Ecstasy

Your love takes me to new levels.

Just when you push me

Past the edge of ecstasy,

Standing on planet’s end,

You pull me into another galaxy. 57 weitere Wörter

Que Sera, Sera

For a long while now I have been unable to write. Part of the reason for this is that I had established a standard of writing I deemed “quality writing” and was unable to reach it—and so I couldn’t write. 586 weitere Wörter


Let’s call her Brenda.  Brenda is not her real name, but she is real.  Brenda already knew that she, and her husband, were having a boy.   194 weitere Wörter