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Mathematics in Action

On Wednesday 25th November 2015 I took 13 sixth form students from my school to the Mathematics in Action event organised by The Training Partnership… noch 957 Wörter


Get Well Soon, My Love

I hear you’re in a bed poked by needles with the little tubes sneaking into your body, encroaching into the deepest corners. I see your beautiful kohl eyes tightly bound shut. noch 249 Wörter


The Heat is On! - An Update Post

Weekly posts my ass! Awesome! Spectacular! Splendid! Fun! Joy! BLABLABLA!!!

Here is my ‘weekly’ update on this little competition… Current toll of finished models: 19… noch 538 Wörter


new experiences

new experiences erase memories
words may be reworded
steps retraced
but deeds are imprinted forever
… reluctant forgiveness


Did you ever even count ?

How many dresses/ shoes have you worn till date?
How many tonnes of food you have consumed uptil now?
How many times did you bother to know who your neighbours are? noch 286 Wörter

Mind Palace

Pictures of Battle w/o Report: Misgivings of an AI

Originally I wanted to do a report on this one, but I am really not in a writing mood (all other writing starves as well atm) and the technical problems I had with these pictures drove me insane. noch 174 Wörter


Handmade Infinity Tables

Led Lights
How much do you think this costs?
Led Lights 20 Cool Basement Lighting Ideas Handmade Infinity Tables LED Plank Light
This is a really funny light for your home! noch 28 Wörter