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MayaCast Episode 138: Wotan - Phase II

In Episode 138 of MayaCast, Tom and Kip rate the brand new July releases for Infinity the Game, coming to your FLGS on July 21 and have a couple new events to announce. 415 weitere Wörter


The Paradox of Life

„We’re afraid oto lose what we love most, and we hate that there are no guarantees. We think not being grateful and not feeling joy will make it hurtless. 665 weitere Wörter

Words For The Soul

Battle Reports - Infinity - Radio Free NeoTerra Ep 54-55

It’s a double header today! With Strikezone: Wotan entering Phase 2 I’m dumping my Phase 1 Battle Reports so I can record new one’s while the current missions are active! 16 weitere Wörter

Battle Reports

Battle Reports Wotan Phase I

After a much to long period of nothing here, I start of with some battle reports from the current online Infinity campaign.

As always playing to a narrative is awesome: 21 weitere Wörter


Mark's Magic Quiz. Questions 7-9

Q7  If there was a planet the shape of a perfectly smooth and regular cube and you dropped a ball on its surface, where would the ball come to rest? 31 weitere Wörter