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Poem 1994


I dreamt about distance.
To lie suspended
over the face of waters
cold as infinity.
Perhaps time would spiral
and I might go on sleeping…
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Skulls 2017 - Infinity Tournament

I saw my introduction to Infinity at Skulls 2016, and now I’m lucky enough to have a chance to actually compete in the same event one year later. 1.891 weitere Wörter

Battle Report


Life is like a birdsong
A lilting serenade
Bursting forth in strident chirps
Before dying into silence

Showing its triumphant glory in a single moment… 45 weitere Wörter


3rd Highlander Grey Review Part 2

I am back with this weeks troop review. Today I am doing part two of the Highlander Grey. Part one can be found here. The greys are a solid unit that you will use or face often. 1.075 weitere Wörter

Infinity The Game

Day 29: Terrain overdrive

So I broke out the airbrush again today, I have been itching too use it again. The result was just kind of grabbing all the terrain I had close at hand ready to work on. 246 weitere Wörter

Daily Work