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Emerald Necklaces
Oh… you know… just a trinket I may wear to the Ball. (A Diamond and Emerald necklace, circa 1890)
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Skylanders : Superchargers - Review

The original Skylanders was first released 4 years back and as we hit the 5th title, is there enough new to avoid repetition and warrant the purchase. noch 890 Wörter




Still faintly yellow
Lies before me on the ground
This small Autumn leaf

Wee Poems

I am open

Grounded in my purpose

Steady in my pace

Displacing my misfortunes

Realizing their proportions

Grateful for the lessons

Satisfied with my choices

I keep no prisoners… noch 139 Wörter


From Cicero To Typewriters

It is impossible to calculate accurately events that are determined by chance.

– Thucydides C. 400 BC

Thucydides was wrong, though to be fair, he was a historian.

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a. (a poem)

You translate the Spanish songs,

When we’re drunk and alone,

The syntax sounds romantic to me.

We drink wine in the bath and

Talk about death. noch 125 Wörter

Diamond Sapphire Infinity Eternity Wedding Ring Band 18K White Gold

Wedding Rings
Marine – blue sapphire | Unique Engagement Rings, Conflict-Free Diamonds & Gemstones | Dana Walden Bridal
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Wedding Rings Neon and Colorful Spring Wedding Inspiration Shoot Diamond Sapphire Infinity… noch 14 Wörter