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Things I've Painted This Week

So I painted some things this week after wasting the week before doing not much. Actually that’s not quite true, for I broke a promise to myself. noch 349 Wörter


My Super--Human

Watching you,
From the corner of my eyes,
Baby, you’re so perfect,
I can’t describe,
For you,
I’d walk a thousand miles,
Pretending like,
It’s always alright, noch 216 Wörter



there’s an undiscovered galaxy

in the darkness

between us

a solar system

of unchartered planets


black holes &

blinding milky ways

in between sighs… noch 156 Wörter


MayaCast Epsiode 22: N3 Changes for Tohaa

On this episode, Tom and Kip start diving in to the factions, and talking about what changes we see in their profiles from Infinity: The Game Second Edition. noch 133 Wörter


Foam Core Buildings Build Video

One of our readers has done a great build video for one of the Foam Core building templates that I posted here last year.

Thanks to Alyssa for the great video. noch 17 Wörter

Painting Table

Illamasqua Embellished Eye Trio.

Illamasqua Embellished Eye Trio – £49.00.

This is another absolute bargain that I managed to snaffle up in the amazing Illamasqua sale a month or two ago. noch 776 Wörter


Continuous Expanse # 12

“Continuous Expanse # 12″

From the new series “Pieces Of Infinity”.

photograph by Taylor Jorjorian 2015