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Infinity of Chaos

„The very idea of thinking that i am not able of creating new ideas will suppress your ideas.“ –Literate Fool

‚Path of achieving something is rough, have lot of cracks, diversions, frustrations, distractions, managements, knock outs, escapes‘ but the only way to go forth and cross it, is not that being focused and set your eyes just on your goals. 585 weitere Wörter

Celebrity's Lobster Murano Recipe

While the name SS United States sounds like this specialty restaurant on the Celebrity Infinity would serve American food, it actually had upscale French cuisine. Maybe this confusion led to their decision to replace this restaurant with an Italian place because a couple weeks after our cruise the ship went into drydock and that was one of the things that changed. 875 weitere Wörter



If your heart is a closed door
all around you, you will behold closed doors;
If your heart is a wide, open field
all around you, you will behold infinity

© Meisaan Chan

Spiritual Poetry

Finding infinity in everything...

Chapter 1

Pre-scriptSince I’ve named my page ‚A Life in Infinity‘, my first day here will begin with my first post with a similar title.   627 weitere Wörter


Top 5 Massage Chairs for Petite Users

Top 5 Massage Chairs for Petite Users

Infinity Altera

The Infinity Altera is a brand new chair that focuses on the petite user. Many massage chairs focus on accommodating a larger user. 486 weitere Wörter