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Guest Blogger - Robert Hooper

This is a photo of my husband, Robert, who suddenly died five months ago today, and likely now exists in everything else you see in this photo – and he would have told you that himself. 292 weitere Wörter


To Touch the Face of God

So a little explanation: Facebook is…idiosyncratic, and demands that I only share documents via a link. To that end, if I’m ever going to share this short story, I must do so online elsewhere. 15.443 weitere Wörter

Science Fiction

A Brief On Numbers

Numbers are symbols that are used widely in mathematics and as a result ply over into the sciences, physical and social. They are even applied in everyday living where math must be used which even covers the arts. 279 weitere Wörter



In an incoherent tone you felt,

It’s not the truth you want,

But the truth hurts and the world dwells,

In a quirky fear,

That escapes all spells, 123 weitere Wörter


Infinity - Pali (Video+Audio)

Infinity gospel music group whose hit album “Olori Oko” ruled the airwaves in 2006 released the official video to their latest song titled Pali. Listen, download and share! 29 weitere Wörter


by Amanda Martin

I’m perched in the shadows, darkness is my home
Harshness is the tone that world takes
When they juxtapose my role
With those who decompose… 596 weitere Wörter

Outside Of Everything

Notebook Of Professor Flamear, Twilight Force Mission Day 23

Alpha has given the order.

We are launching at the object in 122 seconds.

Thoughts jump wildly. 298 weitere Wörter

Science Fiction