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Like a lifeline in constant magnanimous mode

Firming soul in hope generously overflowing

Lights the heart in glowing brilliance radiating

Like a life giving fountain nourishing lavishly… noch 79 Wörter


Summing the Natural Numbers

Infinite sums are weird. Some converge and some do not. One might think it easy to conclude that if we sum the natural numbers, we would get . noch 205 Wörter


“Crazy-Eyes Puff Ball”: Journey of the Heart 2.0 - Day 37

Guiding Thought

I focus my heart-love in the service of others.

As I serve others through my deepest heart-love, my own love expands and becomes amplified. noch 580 Wörter


08 Pebrero

Otso. Infinity.
Naghahanap ka ba ng
Hashtag Forever?

Ang tanong ko lang,
handa ka bang magbigay
ng totoo, wagas
at hindi kumukupas na
pag-ibig mo? noch 31 Wörter


Cosmic Beyonders Drive Universal Struggles

Look up on the darkest, clearest night, and if you rest your eyes upon the stars long enough to see between them, you are looking at space. noch 213 Wörter

Science Fiction

That Time We Had an Infinity

Five people between us
Voices overlapped
My breath hitched
My eyes kept downcast

Five people between us
Laughter as you talked
Your breath never hitched… noch 46 Wörter

3 Quotes in 3 Days : Day the First

Before anything else, I’d like to thank amusing2write for nominating me to do the 3 quotes in 3 days challenge, and for giving this new blogger some greatly appreciated blogging love. noch 242 Wörter