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Allah yang Tritunggal 2 (4/5/16)

Pdt. Agung Wibisana

Yohanes 5:19 (TB) 
Maka Yesus menjawab mereka, kata-Nya: „Aku berkata kepadamu, sesungguhnya Anak tidak dapat mengerjakan sesuatu dari diri-Nya sendiri, jikalau tidak Ia melihat Bapa mengerjakannya; sebab apa yang dikerjakan Bapa, itu juga yang dikerjakan Anak. noch 641 Wörter


The Book of Sand

„It can’t be, yet it is,“ the Bible peddler said, his voice little more than a whisper. „The number of pages in this book is literally infinite.

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Album Update (5/3/2016)

Today, Sylvia and I worked on our „Time Machine“ song again. We focused on the Cyber Diva (female) Vocal part. It took a bit to get it adjusted but even with that, „her“ timing was „off“ here-and-there. noch 977 Wörter


Revisiting 1/3 in binary

Last night we talked about writing in base 3.   A long long long time ago we talked about writing 1/3 in binary.  Here are those two projects: noch 182 Wörter

Talking It Out- Sailor Moon Crystal Act.30 Infinity 4- Moon Speak Phase-II 28

In this Moon Speak, Sono and Ammit discuss Sailor Moon Crystal 31. Topics to look forward to: Small Lady’s parent trap, the heart of the cards, researching mythologies behind our nerdy interests, Mamoru dad-shaming Ammit and My Neighbor P-Luna… noch 1.499 Wörter