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Sri Lankan sarong

When I went to Sri Lanka, I was completely obsessed with how lovely it was. Especially the clothes!

So I ended up buying a couple of Sri Lankan sarongs. 363 weitere Wörter

Lifestyle And Hobbies

Fun Love

The joy that I am
Belongs to us all
For what is a man
With nothing to call

I flow through the living
Of which we are whole… 152 weitere Wörter

MayaCast Episode 154: A Bit of Iowa Incident Treason

In Episode 154 of MayaCast, Kip and Tom announce a couple new Events, discuss the new Combined Army Bit & Kiss profiles, and then Tom recaps his experiences at the Iowa Incident Mk IV Satellite Tournament last weekend. 420 weitere Wörter


Battle Report - Infinity N3 - Steel Phalanx vs. Haqqislam - 'Acquisition' ITS 9

Owen and I continue working our way through the new scenarios from ITS Season 9 with ‚Acquisition!‘ as I test out my new army for this season; Steel Phalanx!

Guerrilla Miniature Games


Ain’t no such thing as infinity

It’s always always always


Eight year old eyes looked up,

Following my brother’s index finger,

Shifting focus to a seven star cluster beauty,

Seven star cluster of bright dots… 187 weitere Wörter


Malaysia in talks with US firm Ocean Infinity to resume MH370 search


KUALA LUMPUR (REUTERS) – Malaysia is negotiating with US-based seabed exploration firm Ocean Infinity to resume the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. 155 weitere Wörter

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