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The Elephant in the Room - Terrain

Infinity is the cheapest skirmish wargame you can get into, but one thing that’s generally not mentioned is that it absolutely requires a sizable amount of terrain options. noch 625 Wörter


So You Want to Play Infinity - Where do I Start?

Considering that Infinity is a tabletop wargame that requires at least two players for a game, the best place to start is to make sure you have someone else to play with. noch 1.311 Wörter


Mid-Tier Tournament!

We hosted a mid-tier tournament at the Game Vault in Fredericksburg, VA last Sunday. We had a pretty good turn-out considering we are still converting players to the Infinity-side. noch 36 Wörter


{13} Eternal

For me your beauty is eternal

it never perishes unlike all

the things we see,

like autumn leaves

falling down a branch,

like the things if which they teach. noch 41 Wörter


Starry Night

Starry Night 1889 Van Gogh

Black sky backdrop

to luminous stars,

incandescent points

in a spectacular pattern

Infinity on display

in riotous shimmering light

Still, chilled nocturne, noch 39 Wörter



I’m rational, irrational. I can create and
un-create. My mind, it has no… I have built my mind to
have no horizons. My mind is horizonless. noch 397 Wörter

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