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Vermillion Flycatcher – immature female. La Quinta, CA Jan 2020


Moonlight & Trolls

Good morning and it’s Monday! Made through this weekend. Even though I am exhausted I must say I had a blast this weekend. Hubby played Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the… 768 weitere Wörter

Man Arrested on Suspicion for Violent Armed Robbery in Coachella Valley

An Indio man was arrested on suspicion of robbery and assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an incident that happened last November, officials announced Friday. 198 weitere Wörter

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Friends & Neighbors

Good morning and hello Thursday. Last year really flew by that is for sure. To me, I felt like I blinked last January and woke up just now. 1.336 weitere Wörter

Business Owner Made Criminal Threats, Brandished Gun Over Negative Yelp Review: Indio Police

A business owner was arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats against someone who left him a negative review on Yelp, authorities said Friday.

Roy Becerra, 26, was taken into custody around 12:45 p.m. 268 weitere Wörter

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if yesterday was october

we rode on out to see your cousins down along the river road, into the delta and god was it beautiful, America. dazzling on an autumn afternoon. 242 weitere Wörter