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5 Ice Cream Shops with Crazy Flavors in the Palm Springs Area

There’s nothing wrong with good old vanilla and chocolate, but why not try some crazy flavors to help beat the heat. Check these shops as always in no particular order. 237 weitere Wörter


A SoCal Break, Day 1, Part 1: Recreation Park

June 12, 2017, San Onofre, CA-

I am camping at this underutilized state beach, just south of a former nuclear power plant.  The plant’s presence may explain the underutilized part of the equation, but no matter.   350 weitere Wörter


5 Best Donuts in the Coachella Valley

Let’s face it most of us like a good donut from time to time. Here are some Coachella Valley favorites!

1. Swiss Donuts, Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, Palm Desert… 191 weitere Wörter


Brazilian artist Kobra portrays indigenous leader in Lisbon building

The first mural by Brazilian artist Kobra in Portugal is a portrait of the cacique Raoni, it was made in a building in Lisbon and warns for the indigenous populations problems „in Brazil and worldwide,“ according to Kobra. 13 weitere Wörter


bucket list, check // COACHELLA

The very last bullet point on my 2017 capsule, a to-do list of sorts for the year, is ‚attend a music festival.‘

Check. 1.797 weitere Wörter

Marking one off the bucket list-Coachella-Weekend 2

You’re really going to Coachella?  What are you doing going to Coachella?  Aren’t you too old for that?  I didn’t know you smoked weed?

Repeated questions I heard over and over when telling friends and family that the hubby and I would be adventuring to Coachella this year.  2.646 weitere Wörter