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Soni (India, 2018)

This low-budget, low key film about female police officers in Delhi lingers in the mind. Written, directed and edited by Chandigarh-born, and American educated, Ivan Ayr the film has an observational documentary quality that downplays potential drama; in one scene, the protagonists listen to corrupt cops extracting bribes. 390 weitere Wörter


Quick Critique: Bed (REQUEST)

A man (Cody Clarke) convinces his girlfriend (Chloe Castigiloni) to call in sick and spend the entire day in bed with him. 580 weitere Wörter

Quick Critique

Ohh la la - Fornacis

Fornacis is the debut feature length of French director Aurelia Mengin and looks to be a thing of artistic beauty and perfectly suited to fans of the work of Helene Cattet & Bruno Forzani (Amer; The Strange Colour Of Your Bodies Tears; Let The Corpses Tan). 152 weitere Wörter


Quick Critique: Mute Date (REQUEST)

fIn the far off, impossible to see future of 2020, Noah (Anthony Kapfer) and Erica (Nina Tandilashvili) take part in an experiment that puts them on a blind date. 557 weitere Wörter

Quick Critique

Tomris Laffly from reviews Jacques Audiard's first English speaking movie venture, The Sisters Brothers.....

Who would have thought that Jacques Audiard, the French director of slow-burn, humanistic character studies would one day take on one of the most characteristically American of genres, the Western, with his English-language debut? 579 weitere Wörter

Good Kill (US, 2014)

New Zealander Andrew Niccol has been responsible for some excellent films: he scripted The Truman Show (US, 1998) and both wrote and directed Gattaca and  496 weitere Wörter

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