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[ARHIVE/ARCHIVE] 21.11.2011 Istoria dureroasa a JYJ - Privind in urma la piedicile din calea lor/The cruel history of JYJ – Looking Back at the Obstacles in Their Way


Nota JYJ Romania: Aceasta postare este, in principal, un rezumat al piedicilor pe care le-a intampinat JYJ in perioada 2010 – 2011, dar si cateva dintre cele mai grave impedimente ce au avut loc din 2012 si pana in prezent. noch 5.385 Wörter


In Heaven w/ Love Like Birds

So excited to kick off these wonderful shows at the Sint-Denijs church!
Join me In Heaven

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In Heaven

Ahh — In a Mellow Tone right outa the blocks — such memories, so long ago — but I can still write it out! And this is my OB (Ocean Beach) — outdoors, under an awning, no checking bags, no prohibitions — cameras, recorders, whatever. noch 103 Wörter


Behold Someone Greater Than You, Mr. President

Veteran U.S. Army Master Sergeant Justus Belfield, R.I.P.

GLENVILLE, New York — On Veterans Day, 2014, Justus Belfield donned his Army uniform one more time, even though he was too weak to leave his bed at an upstate New York nursing home. noch 391 Wörter


In Heaven

His knees dropped on the white floor. Tears were flowing from his brown eyes. He was looking at the ceiling blankly. People were staring at him but he didn’t care. noch 1.316 Wörter


Gathered in His Name

“Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. noch 59 Wörter

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