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Praise Music | Korean Choir of the Church of Almighty God—The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 5

1.God’s Work Cannot Be Done by Anyone in His Stead
God’s own work has to be done by God Godself. He is the One who starts the work and who ends the work. noch 361 Wörter

Almighty God

In Heaven (13.10.15)

In Heaven – The Haunt Brighton

DIY Neu Tour – 13th October 2015

Photos © Siobhan at 16 Beasley St

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In Heaven - JYJ

In Heaven (1) – JYJ (39)

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The way I died:

As a student at ORU, the Lord had filled me with His Holy Spirt with the evidence of speaking in tongues (for those as strange as I was – tongues is another word for ‘languages’ – it is not some sort of strange appendage that appears on your head…)  After having had many marvelous things happen to me (some of which I have already told to you) and after having returned from a most wonderful Christmas in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (it was actually Allentown, but we saw all the candles and lights in the windows of Bethlehem that it sounds nice) I was innocently reading my Bible. noch 422 Wörter

[ARHIVE/ARCHIVE] 21.11.2011 Istoria dureroasa a JYJ - Privind in urma la piedicile din calea lor/The cruel history of JYJ – Looking Back at the Obstacles in Their Way


Nota JYJ Romania: Aceasta postare este, in principal, un rezumat al piedicilor pe care le-a intampinat JYJ in perioada 2010 – 2011, dar si cateva dintre cele mai grave impedimente ce au avut loc din 2012 si pana in prezent. noch 5.385 Wörter