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Ddaily wword - special R

The way I died:

As a student at ORU, the Lord had filled me with His Holy Spirt with the evidence of speaking in tongues (for those as strange as I was – tongues is another word for ‘languages’ – it is not some sort of strange appendage that appears on your head…)  After having had many marvelous things happen to me (some of which I have already told to you) and after having returned from a most wonderful Christmas in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, (it was actually Allentown, but we saw all the candles and lights in the windows of Bethlehem that it sounds nice) I was innocently reading my Bible. noch 422 Wörter

[ARHIVE/ARCHIVE] 21.11.2011 Istoria dureroasa a JYJ - Privind in urma la piedicile din calea lor/The cruel history of JYJ – Looking Back at the Obstacles in Their Way


Nota JYJ Romania: Aceasta postare este, in principal, un rezumat al piedicilor pe care le-a intampinat JYJ in perioada 2010 – 2011, dar si cateva dintre cele mai grave impedimente ce au avut loc din 2012 si pana in prezent. noch 5.385 Wörter


Ddaily wword - 4/16/2015 B

I have been to Heaven and spent time bowed before Him.  An area in Heaven is the Throneroom – an immense area before the Throne, the royal palace of God’s residence and creative power with His subjects.   noch 210 Wörter