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Who Is Michelle Azevedo?

Michelle Azevedo made a name for herself as a comedian pretty much from the moment she graced her first stage. For some people it takes months, years to build up to that point where they’ve got a handle of it, but for a select few it’s the most natural thing in the world right from the get-go. 1.387 weitere Wörter


This weekend: 17th, 18th & 19th February


Greetings. Well, it seems that things are a lot busier this weekend, with a good variety of happenings in the next few days and beyond, in the following weeks (so be sure not to miss the… 726 weitere Wörter

This Weekend

Det sökes arbetsgruppen till STÅs vårföreställning

Nu är det dags att börja spela teater.

Studentteatern i Åbo gör nu på våren en föreställning som baserar på

Det finns också en sådan möjlighet att om någon har en färdig text som… 124 weitere Wörter


February Fun

How is it February already???

After bringing in the New Year with our friends at The Invisible Wind Factory and kicking off our 2017 performances at The Pilgrim in January we are excited for our first workshop and Jam workshop this month. 52 weitere Wörter


Featured Performer: Common Folk

Common Folk is made up of some big players of the Toronto Improv community. Don’t miss out as they make shit up RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!! 31 weitere Wörter


So as the year comes to a close we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Improv Year!

We’ve had an absolute ball and have so many of you to thank for that.  129 weitere Wörter


Dec 2: Another Nice Day, House Guests, and Workers.

Dec 2: I only write on nice days, should get used to writing on rainy days. Actually i like those days too, love the sound of rain. 511 weitere Wörter