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Featured Performer: Common Folk

Common Folk is made up of some big players of the Toronto Improv community. Don’t miss out as they make shit up RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!! 31 weitere Wörter


So as the year comes to a close we’d like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Improv Year!

We’ve had an absolute ball and have so many of you to thank for that.  129 weitere Wörter


Dec 2: Another Nice Day, House Guests, and Workers.

Dec 2: I only write on nice days, should get used to writing on rainy days. Actually i like those days too, love the sound of rain. 511 weitere Wörter


Improvving into December

So the first episode of our 3 part project with Wicked Fish has finished.  We had an amazing time at Redbridge High School and a lot of fun with Duke of Edinburgh students.   137 weitere Wörter


We need your votes

So, remember Schools Improvageddon with Broadgreen International School and Pensby High School?  Remember how there was a 6 week workshop course followed by a kick-ass performance at Unity Theatre?   191 weitere Wörter


Impro Open Jam

It’s the Impro Open Jam this week!! Yay!

If you came to the workshop at the beginning of the month you can play in front of a wonderfully supportive audience…or be the supportive audience if you don’t want to play. 44 weitere Wörter


Studentteatern i Åbos improkväll, nu på onsdag!

Studentteatern i Åbo har en improkväll på ONSDAGEN den 19 oktober 2016 klockan 18.00 och just DU är välkommen att komma med.

Om du inte kan delta i improkvällen men är intresserad av att bli aktiv medlem, kan du skicka e-post till adressen steatern(at) och höra mer. 61 weitere Wörter