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Getting out of my comfort zone: Improv Theatre

Do you remember a situation, personal or professional, where you were put on the spot and felt a bit uncomfortable? I can recount a few instances over the years that made my heart jump a bit. noch 1.038 Wörter


Laura Tennisco

“I started improvising about 12 years ago. I was asked to go onstage as a volunteer audience member for an improv show, and the artistic director of that company, The Improv Guild, asked if I would like to come for lessons. noch 541 Wörter

And the improv goes on

May has been bloomin fantastic.  Not only did we have sold out, fully booked, squeezing people in to our museum made up magic at Victoria Gallery & Museum for the wonderful Light Night but we also helped raise some cash for charity with Jay from… noch 77 Wörter


Jazz club Norwich - Monday 11th May

Just a little update.

Performed at the above venue, which was something of a clash of cultures as the trio who perform there regularly were clearly not expecting anyone to dispense entirely with their drummer! noch 135 Wörter



find pits and pieces on improvisation –



May the Improv be with you

May is for made up fabness & lots of it!

May 6th – Public Improv Workshop at 81 Renshaw.  7-9pm.  £4 – All welcome

May 15th –  noch 61 Wörter


Being not just doing

How, HOW, did it get to be 9.30pm again? Massive props to all you writers who make yourself the time to write. Yes I know I have other jobs as well but then so do a lot of you. noch 207 Wörter