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Germany’s energy transition brings annual savings of €10bn

Viviane Raddatz (World Wildlife Fund) writes from Berlin to correct assertions made in the FT editorial of November 25th.

Though admitting that Germany currently has an excess of coal generation capacity, she explains that this is due to the dysfunctional EU emissions trading scheme, not its transition to renewable energy… noch 225 Wörter


What the VW Vote says about the state of the UAW

The United Auto Workers Union was handed a major defeat last week when workers at a Chattanooga VW plant refused to organize under the union’s banner.   noch 803 Wörter


Il nuovo tempo di lavoro della BMW. Perché un paese è leader.

Alla mia generazione è sempre stata servita la favola consolatrice che la Germania fosse ricca, industrializzata e efficiente per l’abbondanza di materie prime. Sussidiari e atlanti alimentavano fervide fantasie di miniere colme di carbon coke, lì a disposizione per  la cottura del minerale di ferro che, invariabilmente, giaceva lì accanto. noch 324 Wörter


Auto Workers Union Suffers Big Loss at Tennessee VW Plant

Volkswagen workers rejected the UAW by a vote of 712 to 626

By  Neal E. Boudette
The Wall Street Journal

Frank Fischer, the chairman and CEO of the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee, left, and Gary Casteel, a regional director for the United Auto Workers, hold a press conference at the Chattanooga, Tenn., facility on Feb. noch 1.423 Wörter

German Chancellor

German Chancellor Angela Merkel at a convention of the German metal workers’ union IG Metall in Frankfurt, Nov.25.

Pro-growth union action

“IG Metall Wins 5.6 Percent Pay Increase in Bavaria – Bloomberg”

Finnish unions should aim for significant increases in order to safeguard domestic demand.


Vesti bune pentru lucratorii din Industria Metalica, Electrica si Electronica

Dupa a 4-a runda de negocieri purtate intre angajatorii Germani si sindicatul IG Metall, s-a ajuns la un consens privind marirea tarifelor salariale din industrie. noch 77 Wörter

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