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A Business Case for Cloud - Not So Easy

The move to cloud is to say the least a major topic on every CxOs “keep me up at night” list. But building a business case to move to the cloud is not very straight forward. noch 458 Wörter


What is this 'Cloud' you speak of and why do I need one?

Cloud computing, according to Wikipedia ‘refers to the practice of transitioning computer services such as computation or data storage to multiple redundant offsite locations available on the Internet, which allows application software to be operated using internet-enabled devices. noch 820 Wörter


Cronut Inventor Opens New Bakery in Tokyo

Dominique Ansel Bakery Tokyo


Frozen S’more

Cookie Shot



McLaren CEO confirms new hybrid models in the works

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt has confirmed plans to introduce an assortment of new hybrid models.

Speaking to Auto Express, Flewitt said he expects at least half of the company’s lineup will hybridized within ten years.   noch 72 Wörter

Car News

The Power Of The Hybrid Email

Let me introduce William Fletcher to you all today. He is a member of our mastermind group and one of the people we look to for content and blogging advice. noch 161 Wörter

Hybrid, Heirloom and GMO.. Oh My!

When I decided that I wanted to start growing my own produce in the backyard, I already knew that I was going to open my heart and backyard to the crazy world of Heirloom plants. noch 951 Wörter



i don’t know what to call these pieces! I wanted to try drawing in a different style and they look pretty cool! I effed up the first ones hair but she’s got great eyebrow game… noch 35 Wörter