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2017 September Winning Picture

Natural hybrids are both fascinating and challenging. Fascinating because they don’t occur readily, (although of all the plant families, orchids have one of the greatest propensity for hybridising). 288 weitere Wörter

Australian Orchids

Injecting pig embryo to a young human cell, scientists finally created the very first successful hybrid of a human to an animal.

Apparently in its fourth week, the „chimera“ (an organism with cells from two different species) embryo is one of the controversial scientific achievements today that aims to prove the compatibility of inoculating human cells to other species. 240 weitere Wörter


Fanfiction of the Week!

So, I am still obsessed with BTS fanfiction. However, this week, I was reading mostly chatfics and one other non-chatfic fanfiction. Therefore, I am going to have a separate post about the chatfics, and simply speak about the one non-chatfic here. 299 weitere Wörter


1More E1004 Dual Driver ANC Lightning In-Ear Review - The Sound of Silence

1More has an ever expanding roster of products, from very affordable single driver earphones, Bluetooth earphones, all the way up to multidriver designs, and now they’ve come out with a new product to fill a specific niche – a Lightning cable with Active Noise Canceling hybrid design earphone. 1.489 weitere Wörter