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How to Roll a Joint: StonerChic Style

It’s quite a shame… I’ve been a stoner for many years and don’t know how to roll a joint. I had to do something about that. noch 251 Wörter



This weeks photo prompt is Intricate.  Intricate means, very detailed or complicated.  So for this I have provided this photo.

I don’t remember what type of bush this is.   noch 144 Wörter


Project files: The Borbely Hybrid headamp

What is it?
This is my version of Erno Borbely’s tube/MOS-FET hybrid headphone amplifier. As discussed in a previous post I found this design a while ago and made plans to do my own board for it at some point. noch 831 Wörter


Case Solution for Mak vs. Canadian Corn Hybrid Research Institute

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      Mak vs. Canadian Corn Hybrid Research Institute

Authors :           Marc Banik

Source :             Ivey Publishing… noch 227 Wörter


Hydrophobic Thermoplastic Polyurethanes


 Number/Link: US2015/0119535

Applicant/Assignee: Nippon Soda

Publication date: 30-04-2015 (priority PCT/JP)

Gist”: TPU based on a ‘hybrid’ polybutadiene-polyester polyol and an asymmetric isocyanate… noch 107 Wörter


Nissan Rogue Hybrid Might Migrate to the U.S.

A Nissan Rogue hybrid? Sounds like a vehicle that would win the blessing of Nissan-Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn, who is known to be very bullish on battery electric cars taking over the industry. noch 368 Wörter

Dick Scott News

Porsche Nassau

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Overview: Almost the same size as a Porsche Cayman, the Nassau concept would be the smallest SUV in the brand’s lineup but would also have the capability of carrying not 2 but 4 passengers both on and off road. noch 41 Wörter