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Hundertwasser and Kuchlbauer Tower : When Beer and Art meets

Beer and Art? Why not, Welcome to Bavaria!  the world’s Beer capital and home of amazing architecture! As we continue with our trip to the Romantic & Historical roads of Bavaria, after… 1.021 weitere Wörter


Oh Vienna


In Portugal the road signs were fairly familiar: they were just applied in surprising ways. Don’t graze your cattle on the motorway, 1.213 weitere Wörter

The Eis Salon Corso - Enjoying Ice Cream in the Patio

The Eis Salon Corso, located at a roundabout right in the center of Bärnbach, is a great Ice Cream Parlor, where you get delicious ice cream, coffee and more. 258 weitere Wörter


As we made our way south from Doubtless bay we discovered a chocolate factory and gelateria in Kerikeri. After sampling some chocolate and ice cream, we realized it was the sister factory of the one we visited in Marlborough in the South Island. 174 weitere Wörter

Life Changing

Monday Motorway Music™, May 29 - One (!) Normal Week Ahead

Spent the long weekend last week with friends in Vienna – Ascencion Day is a national holiday here and it’s also always conveniently on a Thursday so that you can bridge it into a four-day weekend by having just one work day off. 217 weitere Wörter

Motorway Music™ List

Missing the Frank Gehry Museum, My Only Regret

Now that my trip is over, I must admit my one disappointment: not seeing Frank Gehry museum building in Panama City.

Although I have never studied architecture, there are certain architects whose works intrigue me. 535 weitere Wörter

[Art]Hundertwasser exhibition

While I was staying in Seoul in January, I was looking for art exhibitions that are hard to find in the US. The first exhibition I went in this year is this one: Hundertwasser exhibition in Sejong cultural center. 796 weitere Wörter