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Hidden Hundertwasser

As soon as I saw this apartment building in Bad Soden, Germany, I knew it had to be another Hundertwasser marvel.

It is so much like the apartment building in nearby Darmstadt, Germany that I once dubbed a „ 293 weitere Wörter



„To paint is to dream. When I paint, I dream. When the dream is over, I don’t remember anymore what I’ve dreamt. The painting however is there. 1.069 weitere Wörter

Vienna - My Choice of Cultural Highlights

This week I spent in the Austrian capital. Since I have already been two times in Vienna, during this visit, I was not under pressure to see all the main tourist attractions. 1.017 weitere Wörter

Rainbow Falls - Bay of Islands - Kawakawa

We only have one day before we have to be in Wangarai to pick up the part to fix our door so we head to… 167 weitere Wörter

New Zealand

Blind Venus Inside Babel

This artwork is located in St. Grimbald’s Court.

Hundertwasser, the artist of this work, was born on 15th December 1928 in Vienna as Friedrich Stowasser (Hundertwasser was his pseudonym). 205 weitere Wörter

University Of Winchester

A visit to Vienna

Date of Departure – 12th March 6:30 am, Route – Ilmenau – Vienna, Transportation – Wollschläger Rot-Weiß Onmi Busbetrieb, Duration of stay – 4days 3 nights, Accommodation – Vienna City Hostel (Dampfgasse 8), Return date to Ilmenau – 15th March 9:30 pm… 2.232 weitere Wörter

Magie în Viena

Sărbătorile se apropie cu pași repezi, iar asta nu poate decât să mă facă foarte fericită. Ador luna decembrie cu tot ce implică, începând cu 1 și până la Revelion. 1.003 weitere Wörter

Anette Vibes