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[Art]Hundertwasser exhibition

While I was staying in Seoul in January, I was looking for art exhibitions that are hard to find in the US. The first exhibition I went in this year is this one: Hundertwasser exhibition in Sejong cultural center. 796 weitere Wörter


Your Environment Matters

Friedensreich Hundertwasser is one of my favourite artists. His work is organic, colourful, quirky and original and a direct response to the grey linearity of his home city of Vienna. 444 weitere Wörter


Hundertwasser Me

Blueprints in a cacophony of color
design my living loving house.
Angleless corners round flowing rooms,
textured floors pad souls on soleless feet.

One winding willow tree, rooted in love… 218 weitere Wörter



From the museum we went back to the park for some lunch and then took the underground from a different station (much closer to the park) out to the last station on the line ‘Cosmosquare’. 219 weitere Wörter


Vienna, Austria

Wien (Vienna), Austria

What I like about Wien.

The cute red-and-white trams.

Some hundreds-year-old ruins that emerge abruptly on the street.

People who are eager to enjoy sunshine on Summer days. 36 weitere Wörter

Hidden Hundertwasser

As soon as I saw this apartment building in Bad Soden, Germany, I knew it had to be another Hundertwasser marvel.

It is so much like the apartment building in nearby Darmstadt, Germany that I once dubbed a „ 293 weitere Wörter