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When was in high school (unfortunately few years ago!) in the book of art history I came across an artist named as difficult as significant: Friedensreich Hundertwasser. noch 382 Wörter


More Styrian adventures

After the excitement, laughter and tears of the wedding (or “bledding” as it has come to be known due to the location) of our precious son, Sam, to his wonderful, caring, talented and beautiful fiance, Tabitha, maybe life would somehow not be the same on our return to Austria. noch 1.245 Wörter


14 August 2015

Talking about toilet blocks, I can not surpass the Kawakawa public loos created by Frederick Hundertwasser (1928-2000) – but he was an Austrian artist AND architect! noch 107 Wörter


Hundertwasser house

As you know from an older post I was flying to Vienna. I have been in Vienna already so I thought it would be really boring to do another post about the city. noch 58 Wörter


Another few days in this beautiful city

The temperature has been rising each day this week and yesterday afternoon it reached 35 degrees so a visit to a museum seemed the best option for keeping cool. noch 683 Wörter

Down the canal on the Vindobona

Some day I’ll try out one of the city cruises. I quite like the look of this one, which was renovated and painted by Hundertwasser himself.