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Wien in 23 Tagen #3

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28. Juli 2014 – Tag 3 (Landstraße)

Also erst mal ist mir aufgefallen, dass die Bezirke bis jetzt meistens zu den U-Bahnen gepasst haben… im 1.Bezirk fährt hauptsächlich die U1, im 2. noch 163 Wörter


The house that Hundertwasser built

If you tire of the grand, monumental buildings of Vienna – and the smug gentility of so much of the city centre – relief is at hand in a quiet residential backstreet, 10 minutes’ walk from the central Wien Mitte train station. noch 386 Wörter


On Zürich + Vienna, Or, Hangovers + Garbage Incinerators


The landscape passed us by in flashes of golden sunlight kissing the mountainsides. We weren’t in Paris anymore. I was so happy we decided to travel entirely by train. noch 2.256 Wörter

T1: ATV: Pt2: Assignment 2 - Project Lottie

I woke up so happy this morning. I cannot remember the last time I felt like this. Just awake, rested and refreshed. Opening the curtains I know what it is. noch 525 Wörter


Flagging the Fuss

I’ve always admired the Hundertwasser flag which he gifted to New Zealand in 1983.

I have no interest in the current flag project, but I was pleased when I saw that one of the original 40 options was a “new Hundertwasser” and thought I might vote for it.  noch 160 Wörter

Everyday Stuff


Learnt this word today. I love Hundertwasser – his philosophies, forthrightness and use of  ‘dunkelbunkt’ colours. Reading a bit more I discovered he came up with this style of painting: … noch 22 Wörter

Random Salmagundi


When was in high school (unfortunately few years ago!) in the book of art history I came across an artist named as difficult as significant: Friedensreich Hundertwasser. noch 382 Wörter