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Birds and Ships

The painting above is titled Paradise-The Land of Men, Birds and Ships.  It’s actually a mural that was painted on a building outside of  noch 142 Wörter

Favorite Things

In the style of... Hundertwasser

Austrian/New Zealand artist, architect and visionary Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928–2000) was an amazing person and he is one of my favourite artists. His work is colourful and exuberent, bold and quirky, unique and significant. noch 129 Wörter


Basler Strassenfest 2015

Basler Strassenfest 2015
Models: Polina, Maria, Nadine
für Gärtnerei Blubacher , Peter Endruhn-Kehr Immobilien GmbH, Levante Software
Basler Strassenfest 2015

Preparing 3 Models in 9 hours is quite tight schedule but we worked it out! noch 223 Wörter


Kuchlbauer Tower

I made a trip to see the Kuchlabauer Tower, in Abensburg, Germany. These were some of the late contemporary artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser’s designs. I feel incredibly connected to Hundertwasser’s art works and buildings, because of their colourful nature and the experimental ways in which the art works tackle environmental and cultural issues. noch 280 Wörter

Channelling Curves

The Austrian architect Hundertwasser once famously declared straight lines to be evil. He completed only one piece of work in the southern hemisphere. It was a public toilet in the small northern town of Kawakawa (where he divided his time with Vienna). noch 485 Wörter

The Grand Design Chronicles


Hundertwasserhaus (1983-1985). Vienna, Austria. Pantone 493. Pantone 485. Pantone 142. Pantone 535.


Vienna, Austria

After a quick three hour train ride we arrived in Vienna, the capital and largest city of Austria. Vienna is a charming city full of ornate architecture, world class museums, and expansive public spaces. noch 459 Wörter