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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare and Remarkable

rare1:  unusually good or remarkable

Seeing the work of Friedensreich Hundertwasser in person was spectacular.  I was inspired by his approach to architecture and art.  Both buildings are located in Vienna and I think are quite remarkable.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare


"The straight line is ungodly" and other quotes

I went on a bit of a discovery stroll through the Hundertwasser Village and Museum, getting myself acquainted with the works of Friedensreich Hundertwasser and his peculiar quotes. 142 weitere Wörter

Day 8 - Sunday, 24 April 2016

Surprisingly, I was not hungover on this morning; a bit tired from the adventure thus far, but no hangover to speak of. It may not have mattered if I had been because the first half of the day was spent driving from Budapest to Wien, or Vienna, as we ‘Muricans call it. 1.726 weitere Wörter

Vienna, city of art and cake!

What an incredible place Vienna is! So full of art it really is amazing. Visit the Kunsthistorische Museum and there is a famous painting around every corner. 137 weitere Wörter

Spiral - Hundertwasser

„The spiral lies at that very point where inanimate matter is transformed into life. I am convinced for example that the act of creation has the nature of a spiral. 78 weitere Wörter


Heute sei mal wieder die Werbetrommel für Ausflugsziele in der Nähe gerührt. Plochingen ist sicher nicht das pittoreskeste Städtchen im Großraum Stuttgart. Aber es gibt einige Ecken, sie sind wirklich sehr schön und interessant und auf jeden Fall einen Besuch wert. 207 weitere Wörter


A weekend in Vienna

Vienna offers a fun and interesting stay for anyone – families with children, couples on a romantic weekend or backpackers.

A list of suggestions on what to do in Vienna could easily have been in triple digits. 692 weitere Wörter