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Inktober No. 18 bottle

When you’re trapped by your inner pigdog and procrasticat and mistake it for freedom


Inktober No. 16 angular

The inner pigdog and procrasticat have no issues with rubic’s cube


Inktober No13 guarded

The way procrasticat and your inner pigdog feel about self-improvement



Time To Go

Esther May rubbed Hund’s back. Petting a dog was almost necessary when a good cry came along. Dogs understood and lay in laps as long as they were needed. 803 weitere Wörter

Inktober No. 9 precious

There is nothing more distractive and time consuming than those precious mobile devices.


Inktober No. 7 exhausted

1.1. The hardest time of the year for Procrasticat and your inner pigdog is when you’re still really really motivated. But don’t worry. Soon they’ll be on top again.