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I’ve done so many kagels this week I’m now sporting a beard!


A Chinese Man In Australia

A Chinese man decides to retire and move to Australia after 50 years of living in Shanghai.

He bought a small piece of land near Mt Isa. noch 308 Wörter


Van versus Parking Structure

For an “epic fail” field trip, combine the following:

  • Oregon Symphony Young People’s Concert tickets
  • Driving rain
  • A ticking clock
  • Bumper-to-bumper downtown traffic
  • The twelve-passenger school van…
  • noch 391 Wörter


My computer is infected and I dread facing it. The building project on a  day to day basis still  take up most of my time. I have to pick a microwave oven from a distance, so the cabinet guys can put the right size unit between it and the ceiling. noch 282 Wörter

Suraj Hua Maddham

I have a mild liking to this song, which, if literally translated can be rather funny. Read it – noch 523 Wörter


Don't be blue, llama

Fashion forward llamas at the Houston Zoo are not slow to pick up trends.

One was heard to spit “This will show some limp woven dress to try and upstage our clever running wild relatives. noch 141 Wörter


My girlfriend Ms Snowy... John Gabriel

This is my girlfriend Ms Snowy, we use to be an item but frankly, I’m beginning to get sick of her. At first I really liked her, we never argued and I truly thought she would only be hanging around for a month or two but Nooooo! noch 70 Wörter

John Gabriel