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After wandering the streets looking for a shop (that obviously does not exist; thanks, Google maps) in order to return a parcel, I decide to get some breakfast from PAUL. 368 weitere Wörter


The H-Word, Honesty

Now we’ve reached the H-word in your Guy Dictionary. Take a deep breath and remember, this is only my opinion!

When I was young, my parents did as all other parents did: Tell me and my siblings to tell the truth, and that Honesty was the Best Policy! 655 weitere Wörter


Possible Inner Monologue of the Woman Behind Me in Line at Wholefoods Today

By Todd!!!

*Deep breath*

I love waiting in line because it feels like working without having to actually work.

*Deep breath… 58 weitere Wörter


On finding joy (and discovering God's sense of humor)

If you had asked me last year if I was a happy person, I would have said yes. I am a happy person. So when Advent rolled around last year and we discussed the question „when did you last feel joy?“ in the 20s/30s group, I was shocked to find out that I couldn’t answer the question. 433 weitere Wörter

Another Excedrin Chicken headache

Hi, C 1.  How’s it shaking?

Hmm.  Shaking?  What shakes on me?  I don’t know how to answer that question.  I guess I better say something.  192 weitere Wörter


World's Coolest Bug

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with a male dobsonfly that has seen better days, but still looks scary.

Legend has it that this insect got its name from a Mrs. 83 weitere Wörter