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5 Songs For The The Perfect Slow Motion Entrance (And Every Situation You’d Use Them In)

1. Colleen Green – “Deep Love”

The scene: You’re going to your ex’s wedding. He’s not just any ex, he’s THE ex, the one you thought you were going to spend forever with, at least when you two were walking the halls of your liberal Midwestern college campus together.  noch 612 Wörter

Dino-toons: Friday Fictioneers

This is the Friday Fictioneer’s answer to the New Yorker’s weekly Cartoon Caption Contest. noch 247 Wörter


Food makes me violent.

If you eat my food.

There is a good chance of me mercilessly stabbing you in your sleep.

You have been warned.

-Lily P. McLaughlin-


Viral Circuit

It is what it is

What is it?

Nothing but a genuine pull circuit…
whatever we stick to, we sponge too

I really don’t want no material viruses!



Tempted Epilogue: This One is Short at Least

The epilogue features Zoey in the after world somewhere.  It’s nice and sunny outside, Zoey feels stress free, and she’s just as clueless and stupid as usual. noch 144 Wörter

House Of Night

The Internet and Email

I am not an Internet Fan.

In fact, I am all for severe restrictions on what should be allowed on the Web; financial business is one. noch 706 Wörter