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Sweet Emotions

Every day is as fresh as the gentle light of majestic sun that travels the vast space and blesses our Earth. The ray of light hasn’t travelled the distance and nor have you lived through the moments that every hour of your life consists of. noch 165 Wörter


Haiku #5216

haiku #5216

summer approaches
getting into the swing of things
the bathing suit fits

© Rebecca Sanchez 2016

Written with Haiku Horizons.


"The road not taken" (Robert Frost)

Cartoons By Carl D'Agostino

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I thought curves along the highway of life were difficult...but these darn forks are really challenging. Reblogged from

The 'Self' and Skechers: A Visual History

Arguably, the process of separating who we are from who we think we are can best be illustrated by the personas in which we literately choose to clothe ourselves. noch 648 Wörter


Do Pet-Owners Deserve 'Paid-Leave' for Pet Adoptions?

Non-Pet Owners will not understand, however pet owners who cherish their pets as family will probably agree with ‚family-leave‘ for pet adoptions.  This is one group that gets overlooked.   noch 101 Wörter


Dissolving Bone, Wimping Out and Shaping Up

Hey, Wild Riders! How was your weekend?

Would you take a pill that dissolved bone?

You’ve seen the commercials. Almost every drug has side-effects. My oncologist switched me from Tamoxifen, which can cause uterine cancer to Anastrozole, which breaks down bone. noch 495 Wörter