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Bronzed. Red. Feverish no more.

Things used to be carved in stone.

Honor and courage obvious.

Remember when memorials for the military usually involved a horse, featured soldiers, or some flowing Muse? noch 746 Wörter


Couple asks Internet for some Photoshop help, hilarity ensues

Asking the Internet for help, advice, or guidance can sometimes bring out the worst in people. Other times, it results in nothing short of comedic gold. noch 226 Wörter

Web Culture

In Praise Of Punnery

I just want to profess my love for one of humors most clever yet looked down of art forms. People say that puns are the lowest form of humor you could buy. noch 196 Wörter

Art: Tea Time Ink and colored pencil illustration

Happy Friday all! Here is a happy and bright illustration done in ink and colored pencils.

For sale on Ebay for Nibblefest NFAC auction where all art starts at .99 cents the 20th through the 27th of each month. noch 34 Wörter


Might not catch you if you fall

An old couple is out for an evening stroll. They’re holding hands. Then the woman trips and falls. Her husband looks at her blankly. Then he starts walking away from her. noch 62 Wörter