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A guy's thoughts on the 'Thigh Gap'

Apparently you ladies want to have your own thigh gap?

Apparently it represents health, happiness and even sexiness?

Apparently if you’re a chick without a thigh gap, you’re less of a woman, right? noch 507 Wörter


cornfedcontessa hat dies rebloggt auf cornfedcontessa und kommentierte:

Great story! I'll never have a thigh gap, and that's just fine with me!

Spacious Technology

Apparently they used to make furniture to hold sheet music. They make or used to make furniture for storage for everything. Cds, Dvds, stereos, filing cabinets, encyclopedias, etc. noch 234 Wörter


Humboldt & Jackson

Well, I found myself in Brooklyn again. This time was far enough away that I caught people giving me funny glances as I walked around the streets. noch 542 Wörter

Hot Dog

Happy Blog Humor - Accurate


So funny we had to share it!

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Jet lag

When you’re jet lagged from traveling halfway across the world, you’re in for a bad few days and nights, when you AND your toddler are jet lagged at the same time, you are more or less royally screwed. noch 11 Wörter