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Caractère de cochon

We walked by this place several times on our recent trip to Paris. I was intrigued, not least by the name. Beyond the clever play on words, it reminded me of how often I had confused the false friends… noch 282 Wörter


Sugar Or Salt Or Who Gives A Shit Because Grits Don’t Matter Enough To Have This Debate » VSB

Here are four commonly accepted and agreed on facts about grits.

1. The base color is off-white2. It’s one of the few words where both the singular (grit) and the plural (grits) versions of it are fun to say (You could even argue that grit is a better word than a food)3. noch 289 Wörter


Two Fishes...

Pencil Sketches with Digital Painting

by Copyright Steve Ohlhaber 2016 ©


Love and Arson

Friends shouldn’t let friends date during a divorce.  You are fear and insecurity’s puppet, so dating doesn’t end well.  A couple friends mentioned that I have bad taste in men.   noch 457 Wörter