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Why We Need Editors and Movie Critics

Why we still need editors:

 From an eBay seller;

 My dear friend. Thank you very much for your purchase and choice. If you received the items are satisfied. 242 weitere Wörter


Hot Mocha, sexy target of biased yellow media

MANILA, The Philippines — The sexiest angel in the lord president’s heaven has been viciously attacked by the yellow demons of the Elpiland.

According to the goddess Mocha Uson, she’s under attack because of her beauty and undying love and support for the demigod president of the republic, His Highness Rodrigo Duterte. 359 weitere Wörter

PH News

It is that time again

It is that time again!

And with statistics the way they are right now, it has become more than that time again! This is an article on American performance you please tell me if they are the type of qualities you want to be associated with or not. 519 weitere Wörter

Political Correctness


There is a difference between a bad boy and a boy that’s bad for you.

Quote: Six Months, Dannika Dark
Photo: shooting film

Inky: You know, I know there’s a difference in there, but for the life of me I can’t help but go all melty inside when I see a guy who works with his hands, and knows how to work the ‚bad boy‘ angle. 74 weitere Wörter



Too much to do, too little time, and right now, too much stress.

Humour always lifts the soul, so here goes…

Normal service MAY resume next week.

Or it may not…