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Bitter Rivalry of the Week: Right hand vs. Left Hand

Sometimes having hands is a good thing, because they come in handy (pun very much intended), but most of the time they are burden. When you have them, people expect you to do things with them like help. 463 weitere Wörter



Today, there are no classes. Fortunately (as most students would consider), three lecturers who supposed to lecture Mr. Lifeless and his classmates today, had a little accident. 596 weitere Wörter


Conversations with the Other: Random...

Me:  Just waiting for the right moment…

Other:  But there is no „right“ moment…?

Me:  Sure there is!    The right moment is always called „now,“ while the moments that are left are called „before“ or „later,“ or some variation thereof… 22 weitere Wörter


Driving at Night

Driving at Night

Once upon a time,
my hair was brown and curly,
but now it’s straight
and as white
as this drifting snow
that clogs the windshield. 89 weitere Wörter


Alaska vs. New Hampshire!

Often, I have been known to remark ‚how horrible it must be to live in Alaska!‘

But now, I digress!

They are at least assured 6 months of light!   71 weitere Wörter


Hill, Reginald. Pictures of Perfection.

NY: Delacorte, 1994.

This series about Detective Superintendent “Fat Andy” Dalziel of Mid-Yorkshire CID and his intrepid cohorts, DCI Pascoe and Sgt. Wield, started off a bit slow years ago, but by the time the first dozen volumes had appeared, Hill knew what he was doing and the books were justifiably very popular. 283 weitere Wörter

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