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Overheard at Work

Stop now if you are easily offended.  Contains adult content!

We all have different parenting styles.

I overheard a hilarious phone conversation a furious friend and co-worker had with her teenage daughter at work one day. noch 67 Wörter


"It's Appropriate"

Has this ever happened to you? One of your children is watching something on a screen that seems questionable to you. You ask if it is appropriate for them. noch 518 Wörter


A roundup of every April Fools' Day joke from Google

Is there anything worse than tech companies putting together April Fools’ Day jokes? No, there probably isn’t, but at least there are a few companies out there that actually manage to pull off some April Fools’ Day pranks that at least a few people out there will actually find amusing. noch 260 Wörter


Chapter 21: How I Met Your Mother

Karl didn’t know how he’d gotten out of the house with his pants on but he was happy he was able to walk out on his own steam and would see the sun rise and set again. noch 1.584 Wörter


The Unfortunate Circumstances of A Rock N' Roll Supermom

Dear reader please prepare this blog might be a bit upsetting
And I’m sure it isn’t quite at all what you’re expecting
But before I say the news, both tragic and exciting… noch 216 Wörter


My Dog Just Gave Me The Stink Eye

And if my dog is giving me the stink eye, that means he did something naughty. Most likely he got into the bathroom trash and dug out q-tips. noch 387 Wörter


April Fools

1972: The UK Veterinary Record publishes a study detailing the many diseases of Brunus edwardii, AKA the teddy bear. Said the article, “Pet ownership surveys have shown that 63.8 percent of households are inhabited by one or more of these animals, and there is a statistically significant relationship between their population and the number of children in a household. noch 125 Wörter