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Watch "these pranks make you laugh" on YouTube

Super funny pranks check it out I hope it makes you laugh.


meet the tailor


unstop my bottle

let out the genie

like the garment cut?

butt floss bikini

view from above

better from beneath… 49 weitere Wörter


160 // The Great Escape, Getting Away With It

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In March 1944 in the prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III there was an escape happening, and it was not just a guy trying to jump over a fence and legging it. 814 weitere Wörter

Mental Health

Inquiring Cats Want to Know

Treat yourself to hours of fun, trying to figure out what these cats are looking at. Whatever it is, it has intensely piqued their interest. But what could it be? 24 weitere Wörter


Hey, Television! Can You Learn To Keep Your Big Mouth Shut?

Television shows talk about everything these days, and for the most part I’m pretty cool with that. The days of extreme censorship appear to be in the past, which is fine, I think- the censors used to go way too far. 1.203 weitere Wörter


I turned my blog into a book!

I started the blog about random thoughts from the 60s because after I turned 60, I thought that was all I had…random thoughts.  Then I took the blogs and organized them by subjects.   93 weitere Wörter


Rock, Paper, Scissors

Somehow today’s WordPress one-word Daily Prompt didn’t show up on my feed. Therefore, I wrote my own post for the One-word prompt using the word „regrets.“ Sadly, no one has even read my homemade prompt post that I made up. 177 weitere Wörter