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"Couple Trying To Set Up Wedding Registry Accidentally End Up On Sex Offender Registry" (RUNT OF THE WEB)

My latest piece for the fine folks at Runt Of The Web is a cautionary tale about what happens when setting up a wedding registry goes horribly, horribly wrong. 18 weitere Wörter

I'll get back to you

What’s that, Humans? It’s time to come in from the Private Members-Only Cat Club immediately?

Let me think that over.

I’ll get back to you.


Self Reflection

It is when you realize that you have to be quiet that you have an inexplicable urgency to speak up. So, you speak standing in front of the bathroom mirror. 80 weitere Wörter

Short Story

A shadow falls over the land.

Shrinking From The Light.

Don stood out in the noonday sun
On the occasion of the lunar eclipse,
As the darkness fell on our chosen one… 73 weitere Wörter

Bad Signs

I’ve been learning a few signs recently because a friend sometimes finds it hard to read my lips if my moustache gets too bushy

I think i’ll surprise her this afternoon by learning one or two of the signs in this video . . .


Balmy Football Nights

So the football season is back. I spent a balmy Monday night at the Etihad, trying to peer through the residual smoke as the match began. 106 weitere Wörter