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Top Ten Blogging Pet Peeves

Hi. My name is Phil and I’m a blogger. (Everyone else in the „blogosphere“ replies „Hi Phil!“) Yes, if I’m being painfully honest with myself, I’m a blogger. 679 weitere Wörter


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Nothing Says March Madness Like Literal Street Riots

Man, oh man is March Madness heating up, or what? I mean, we’ve seen insane buzzer beaters, some Cinderella Gamecocks, and whatever this shit was: 493 weitere Wörter


Party on, Garth

I have some wonderful news, particularly for those Boomers who “partied hardy” back in college. In fact, this news will affect all Partiers, past and present, regardless of race, sex, marital status. 482 weitere Wörter



Into the numbness

And long forgotten

Spark of life

That is you

Buried under

Mounds of confusion

Directed and misdirected

By the one

In power… 18 weitere Wörter


Spring Fashion Statement

I could be wrong, but I seriously doubt my personal spring fashion trends will be the hit of Paris this season.

Neat, crisp linen suits in pastel. 637 weitere Wörter

Testing for Humor: General Absurdity

Here’s if I were to write about a thing that I thought was funny that I saw. Being a liberal living in a Red State is funny. A Southeastern red state.