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Last time we tried that, he almost killed Matthew…


death's door / well , sick as a dog at least

I was standing in a chapel in Poland , right in the middle of about 200 people.  The priest was having us sit and stand a few times . noch 766 Wörter


Black china cows . . . (episode 69)

July 5 1999

3A Hyde Park Terrace

Hello Mum

I had a slight setback to my emotions this morning, over at the Denizens café, pre-opening-hours. noch 746 Wörter


A Mouthful

Oh, bite me he said
He tasted just like chicken
Now he walks limping

*My silly writings are inspired by the things I find.  Please see my About page for the link to my ebay store.


Bread Butt

……This part of the loaf should be renamed “What the fuck?”
The only people that eat this are the ones that get stuck with it because there’s nothing else in the damn house… noch 146 Wörter



Take one of me and I can turn you from limp lover into a STRONG bull
You’ll end up with a spear that has quite a push, but don’t forget to pull… noch 143 Wörter

Just Writing