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We don't Need no Education

School is back from the summer, and it has brought me with it.  My classes are here full and brimming with anticipation.  I decided to start off with a question to my students. 427 weitere Wörter


It's Time!

Disclaimer: I’m voting for Gary Johnson so now that you can’t bad mouth me, continue reading.

I’m sure there are a lot of women out there who are going to vote for Hillary Clinton for the mere sake of voting for a woman. 459 weitere Wörter



Desiccation by Sarah Potter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

(The only reason I took so long to read this book is that I was reading a couple others at the same time ….. 177 weitere Wörter



That first marriage was a mistake. It had to have been because it didn’t go the distance. Maybe it wasn’t a mistake. Maybe it was the right thing when it happened, at that time. 186 weitere Wörter


BQB's Favorite YouTubers - QPark

Hey 3.5 readers.

I don’t think this guy has a lot of heat on him yet compared to the other YouTubers I’ve been talking about, but he deserves some. 334 weitere Wörter


A Test in Patience

     I have a special aptitude for attracting idiots. No matter what the venue: grocery store, theater, carpool lane, they surround me like a ravenous pack of wolves would an elk. 1.961 weitere Wörter