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A Piece of Heaven On Earth

Quite early in my life, I had the good fortune of knowing to value Love above all other things. It has always been my opinion that true fulfillment lies primarily in our relationships, not in our jobs or careers or earthly accomplishments. 466 weitere Wörter


A Christian Theory of Humor

I feel like I’ve written about this before, but it seems that I haven’t, so here we go.

There is much to be said about humor, its causes and its effects, from physiological studies to sociological implications (I heard someone talking about the role of humor in demonstrating integration into a social group on NPR a while back). 1.080 weitere Wörter


Summer of the Cats

After a year of mourning the loss of our dear cat France, we thought we had come into good luck this summer when a couple of cats were foisted upon us.  2.261 weitere Wörter


"Appetite (With Lots of Legs)" by Richard F. Yates

The teeth, the spidery legs, it scuttled and snapped—flicked its tongue…

„I don’t care how much you’re going to complain! I’m not making those cookies until you take out the garbage,“ his wife said… 28 weitere Wörter


When Getting Along goes Wrong...

“Maybe marriage is not for you. I really don’t see you getting married until you are about 50. You are just too much. No man is going to deal with that.”-James Parker… 1.446 weitere Wörter


The Little Mermaid

I stand and watch the pedestrians and bicycles from the hotel room as they pass below. People going to work. Walking their dog. Jogging. A young man stops and looks at the ground and shakes his head. 722 weitere Wörter