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Now is the Hour

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Scene 1…

Mary and Joseph lost track of their son, Jesus, a mere 12 year-old, on the way home from their temple visit in Jerusalem. noch 514 Wörter

Just A Thought...

Spring Time Travel

Always a killer when the clocks go forward, isn’t it? Completely knocks the wind out of me and I tell ya, it’s a good job it’s on a Sunday because I would not be okay if it was on a Monday. noch 123 Wörter

Life Experience

Earth Hour... Are you part of it?

Today is earth hour… it has been all over facebook.

Find the link here :

So what do you need to do to do your part of helping the environmental movement, is to make sure you turn your lights off for an hour. noch 60 Wörter


Earth Hour

It’s that time  of year again. It’s time to turn off the lights.

Earth Hour is a non-profit organization that WWF and other organizations in Sydney, Australia started back in 2007. noch 128 Wörter


Amazon Delivering To Select Dallas Cities In Less Than An Hour

Amazon just announced the cities here in Dallas they deliver to in less than an hour.

Can you imagine ordering something and it showing up at your house in an hour. noch 28 Wörter