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online gold jewellery 24 Hour Dill Pickles Recipe… noch 13 Wörter


Day 5: While loops and booleans

Before learning loops, I recommend you understand the concept of true and false.  Another type of variable, booleans can only store two values, true and false.   noch 197 Wörter


Unloving Return

I ve probably sat here for an hour or two, just trying to figure out how to say what I want to say, and where to say it. noch 81 Wörter

More GameBlast15 videos!

Hello again followers,

After the upload of the Resident Evil 5 videos yesterday, the next batch of ‪GameBlast15‬ videos are now up on our channel and this time it’s Skyrim… noch 17 Wörter


OMEN, Leila Samarrai



In this hour I foretell the future despair
Despair which comforts me in my madness
Indistinct despair, voiceless
Like a reticent rock deliberating a curse… noch 242 Wörter