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Five-Hundred Word Challenge 49: Light Pollution

I remember, as a child (and up until almost reaching adulthood), looking up into the sky many times and seeing a lot of bright stars. noch 534 Wörter


The Beautiful Flower...

As I undergo this hour;

Of lifes little pains and dreads,

I’d like to take this flower;

And rip the thing to shreads!


before the next hour

wait is the final respect

and time is the great healer

and what is the absent

and its own  determining factor

and how it longs for changes… noch 46 Wörter



So as you may have heard, Shia Labeouf is spending 72 hours doing a film marathon…

of his own movies…

while being filmed.

It may sound pretty weird because why would anyone in the right mind want to watch someone watching themselves? noch 386 Wörter


Remembrance Day In Canada

The 11th day of November is Remembrance Day here in Canada.  A day where we all remember the men, women and animals that  fought for us so we could live free.  noch 284 Wörter

Favorite Movie Of All Time!

Everyone has that one movie that stand out among the rest.  One of my favorite movies would have to be Rush Hour 1. The storyline deals with two detectives with two completely different backgrounds, who have to team together to find a consul’s kidnapped daughter. noch 149 Wörter