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OSHA 10 Hour online training

Are you planning to get trained with OSHA 10 Hour course to ensure better workplace safety in your premises? Or are you looking for the perfect training program to increase the awareness amongst your employees? 27 weitere Wörter

The economy is too strong for employers to be offering seasonal work at $14 per hour


The latest story to run in a major newspaper about how employers simply can’t find Americans to do the jobs they have open and are simply forced to turn to migrant labor at least has a twist. 815 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Have a Pre-Dinner "Veggie Happy Hour" to Get Kids to Eat More Vegetables 

came the oft-repeated refrain, accompanied by a scrunched up face and a tiny fork pushing the vegetable portion of the meal to the farthest side of the plate. 111 weitere Wörter

DIY Hacking

5 Financial Blogs In Singapore That You Should Already Be Reading


In recent years, online influencers have evolved. In the past, it used to be all about owning a blog and writing articles. These days, writing is no longer what people usually do. 1.023 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Round Up 77

Welcome to the 77th round up of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!  This was a week filled with wonderful hours and allusions to them!

The hours chosen varied in your posts for this theme, but all of them had creativity and wonderful work in common!   777 weitere Wörter


That Hour

That hour

When the sun and moon share the sky

When the bee and moth flutter by

When the cricket’s chirp loud and long

Meets the short, sweet bird song… 49 weitere Wörter