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hours on a horse

sinking as the  feeling

and part as it was the other eyes

and smashing on a sight as its own standing

and part before

and level as its own motor… 41 weitere Wörter


Life is short

“And on the Day when He shall resurrect them together, it will be as if they had not stayed in the life of this world and graves but an hour of a day….” 158 weitere Wörter

The Final Message

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith Services in Las Vegas and Henderson NV

24 hour locksmith available in the Las Vegas, Henderson, NV area. Our emergency locksmith services can help with residential, commercial or car lockouts. Call 702-539-9581 now! 6 weitere Wörter

Earth Hour 2017 today!

I have been keeping myself 24 hours a day in my room concentrating on reading plenty of online articles and websites on the topic for my dissertation proposal. 450 weitere Wörter

Explosive News And Results

Japan Hour, eat your heart out


While conservative, the show’s participants were surprisingly direct and open with their thoughts and feelings.

IF you haven’t already got Netflix, Terrace House is the reason you should. 808 weitere Wörter

Money Matters

Tsum Tsum carnival


Cute Disney characters descend upon CapitaLand’s malls for the month-long Tsum Tsum carnival. Take pictures with the round-shaped figurines in recreated scenes from Disney Tsum Tsum’s animation shorts. 142 weitere Wörter