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Marina Mandarin, Singapore

By edutilos



Bizarre: A hotel that looks like a couple having sex finally erected.

This building is attracting a lot of attention. You can probably imagine why.

The bizarre structure is a temporary installation which doubles as a hotel capsule for VIP’s at the annual Ruhrtriennale Festival in Bochum, Germany. noch 264 Wörter


I Slept in a Capsule

One of the first things I tried in this trip to Malaysia was the intriguing Capsule Hotel at KLIA2. Capsule hotels have been featured several times in blogs, online articles, and magazines and it was something that always shunned my interest as I wasn’t comfortable of tight spaces. noch 386 Wörter


P.M. John Key officially opens Christchurch’s largest hotel

As Christchurch commemorates the fifth anniversary of the September 2010 earthquakes today, a sign of resurgence was symbolised with the official opening of the city’s largest hotel – the 264-room BreakFree on Cashel.


My job...

I am a hotel receptionist. I’m employed in this small hotel that I enjoy and have enjoyed for years. I started working here back in 2012. noch 222 Wörter



The Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is an imposing edifice of glass and steel. This modern piece of architecture is a contrasting mix of soft fluid lines and sharp edges. noch 21 Wörter


Backscratch hotel

Welcome dearest Madam! How can I assist?

Can I suggest a suite? It is hard to resist.

I can give you information on its contents, noch 152 Wörter

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