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Wedding Commission

The Principle Hotel, Edinburgh.
Wedding commission: R. Wraith
Ink pen, Watercolour on canvas board.
30cm x 30cm oak frame.
Step by step.



Making The Most Of Male

Finally, after spending New Year’s Day in London, with one of my best friends, I get to take ten days leave. Six of which I will spend in the beautiful Maldives. 568 weitere Wörter

Book Hotel Accommodations for ACS Annual Meeting 2017

The ACS Annual Meeting 2017 arranged by the American Chemical Society at San Francisco, USA will be held from 02 Apr to 06 Apr, 2017. This conference is the biggest platform to share experiences and discuss new topics related to this field. 28 weitere Wörter

Acs 2017

Bye Europe... Hello Asia

I’m way more excited for Asia than I was for Europe. So since I last wrote, we were in Budapest. Since then we had roamed through the streets and treasures of Paris eating one croissant at a time. 1.643 weitere Wörter

What Makes Luxury Hotel? Best Thinks to Look For

What makes a luxury hotel? There’s entirely worldwide evaluations body, so lodgings can claim to be luxury hotel notwithstanding when they are a long way from the measures of set up star lavish inns. 787 weitere Wörter


Beyond Experience Bundaries (2/2)

Hi there!

So, as promised, I am here with another post. The ending of my last post was kind of rushed, so before I jump to the second topic of this post, I would like to add something to the first one. 784 weitere Wörter


Relais Venezia, Venice

In a city as compact as Venice, there are hotels within a stone’s throw of most places. But, trying to find somewhere central, comfortable and at a reasonable price is tricky in a city where most places carry a Venetian price tag. 806 weitere Wörter