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Cruz, el dinosaurio inmigrante.

Los dinosaurios eran creaturas que vivían en una civilización simple, donde buscaban comida, un lugar donde pasar la noche y una novia.

Cruz era un dinosaurio inmigrante, había llegado del sur de las tierras ahora conocidas como las antiguas propiedades de los pieles rojas, aunque nadie sabía que era una cruz, ya que no las habían inventado. noch 380 Wörter

Royal Wells Hotel, Tunbridge Wells

Last weekend I had lunch in Tunbridge Wells at the recently refurbished Royal Wells Hotel. But this was not just any lunch, it was my first restaurant review for Olive magazine! noch 47 Wörter


Stop pre-loading my food with condiments!

Dear caterers and mass food providers,
Please, oh please, stop putting condiments on your food ahead of time. I eat a lot of box lunches and prepared foods at meetings, hotels, airports, etc. noch 357 Wörter

Hypoglycemic Diet

Hen Do Part 1 - Marbella!

So while the OH is off on his Stag do in Benidorm. I thought it would be a perfect time to write a little about mine. noch 258 Wörter

Wedding Planning

Wroclaw: Platinum Palace

Living close to a border means many opportunities to discover the other side of the border. Poland is our newest focus, so we decided to explore Wroclaw this weekend! noch 18 Wörter


You get out of it what you put into it

Heading into June I can’t help but beam with a big smile as the hard work put into the garden is finally starting to give back. noch 452 Wörter

Real Life

#801: Be locked out of a hotel room

I never use the phrase, “What are the chances?!” because it doesn’t matter.  It makes no difference whether the chances are 1 in 60 or 1 in 6,000.   noch 296 Wörter