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Ever been disappointed when you walked into your hotel room?

Ever have a trip start off on the wrong foot because something was wrong in your room? 312 weitere Wörter

Former Jewelers Building Sells For More Than $7 Million, Will Become Hotel

Chicago (CBS) – The 136 year old historic Jewelers Building in the Chicago Loop will soon become a boutique hotel. The building is listed as a historic landmark and sold this month for $7.2 million. 237 weitere Wörter


The back reality !!!

Getting on board with your style, being welcomed with a glass of wine. Hoping above the rocky top, leaving behind the country pop. Captain commands to move it forward, the sailors lifting the anchor and slowly floating away from the port. 891 weitere Wörter

La Tierra de Nunca Jamás (1)

Art work by Enrique Cropper

Abrió los ojos y levantó la cabeza de la almohada. No sabía por qué se había despertado pero estaba segura de que el despertador no había sonado. 1.893 weitere Wörter

Observing Brussels

Green Fish Inn

César Soares returned to „castle“ building by creating the Green Fish Inn. The inn is remotely located in Misty Lake, only accessible by boat.

Radisson Blu Trysil Resort - a Hotel Review

Located in the Turistsenter side with more shops, fast food restaurant and amenities, this Radisson Blu was the first major hotel chain in Trysil and it is a larger hotel with a large covered parking building and an easy 3 minute walk to the Welcome Centre where skiers can book for lessons or purchase ski passes. 2.098 weitere Wörter


Maldives to open 'world's first' underwater hotel residence

A luxury Maldives resort is about to take the sleeping under-the-sea phenomenon to a whole new level.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island is building a $15 million two-story hotel villa, part of which will sit 16.4 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean. 552 weitere Wörter