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I bought a Costco vacation — here's why the retailer has completely changed how I book travel


When I told people I was going to Puerto Rico, they were jealous. When I told them I booked the trip through Costco, that jealousy transformed into confusion. 589 weitere Wörter


.... Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!

Malaysia’s wee hours of Friday greeted us along with our Lyft driver, Thomas. (Aka: Mr. Information Station) Within the hour drive he had us oriented to KL with great insider info. 50 weitere Wörter


The best specialty cafés in Singapore


Jen’s Kitchen On-the-go

No matter how cushy they are, hotel lobbies are probably not the first place you’d think of when you’re on the hunt for artisanal coffee. 176 weitere Wörter



I remember the Christmas

she gave me

a set of hotel toiletries

from her vacation to Portugal.

Gold embossed tiny burgundy bottles



lotion, 17 weitere Wörter


Germany to Italy: Day 16

We started our bus tour in Germany, drove through to Italy, then back to Germany and today flew to Italy. We decided to get the train to the airport for the simple reason that I can actually work that out, even if I can’t work out my left and right. 115 weitere Wörter

Usain Bolt's girlfriend tweets about 'self control' as sprinter invites SIX women back to his hotel

One can only imagine what Usain Bolt’s girlfriend,Kasi is passing through right now.The Jamaican beauty who has obviously been keeping up with his wild antics via social media posted some cryptic tweets talking about self control and when a follower told her she wished she had such control,she replied: „Not easy.“