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Edgar Wallace Krimi: The Man with the Glass Eye / Der Mann mit dem Glasauge (1969, Alfred Vohrer)

Alfred Vohrer’s final foray into the Edgar Wallace territory is once again headlined by Horst Tappert (Der Gorilla Von Soho, Der Teufel Kam Aus Akasava… noch 613 Wörter

Edgar Wallace

Amiga Spotting: Amiga 500 Spotted in "Derrick", a German TV-show

Hi guys,

Derrick is a German TV-show that has been aired here in Norway for decades. They have broadcasted reruns of all the episodes for quite a while now and I was lucky enough to catch episode one of season 15 a while ago. noch 194 Wörter


Derrick's Horst Tappert was in the Waffen SS

Oh mein Gott, Oberinspektor Derrick was in the Waffen SS !!!

Actor Horst Tappert was known far beyond Germany’s borders for his portrayal of Detective Stephan Derrick on television. noch 176 Wörter

TV Series

Horstmachine & the Lord

★ Derrick never dies. He’s back on the Horstmachine. Along with Herr Kubanke. If you don’t believe, I won’t blame you. If you don’t click on the image, you won’t hear. noch 21 Wörter


Horst Tappert ist tot

Horst Tappert verstarb am 13. Dezember 2008 in Planegg, in der Nähe von München, im Alter von 85 Jahren.

Er spielte “Stefan Derrick” in der Fernsehserie “Derrick”. noch 227 Wörter