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My Nightmares

My Nightmares

Yes, I can’t believe that I did not post anything in almost a year, but the past year was a year to remember. First off, I can’t begin with anything without mentioning that “waiting” has been the emblem of that year. noch 744 Wörter


Elegant Queen

My dear friend…
I am trying with all my mind, to find the words to write
If only ink could paint what I see with my eyes… noch 197 Wörter


The Islamic State moves Christians held captive; 19 children remain missing

The Islamic State group demolished a monastery in the central Syrian province of Homs.The group used bulldozers to raze the monastery in the town of Qaryatain. noch 95 Wörter

Human Rights

Homs and The Chemistry of the Moment - Short Story

Snow laced the edges of the buildings. The gutters and the ledges where the brickwork was jutting, sloping at angles into the deserted street. It was nighttime, Thursday. noch 2.121 Wörter

Short Story

Breaking: #ISIS trying to capture the strategic town of Mahin southeast of #Homs.


The violent clashes took place between the regime forces and allied militiamen against IS in the areas between the city of al- Qaryatain and town of Mahin in the southeast of Homs, where IS tried to advance and take control over the strategic town after seizing the city of al- Qaryatain in August 5. noch 89 Wörter

Dove dormiresti se la tua casa fosse distrutta?

…. E alcuni si lamentano che i profughi vengono e inondano le nostre piazze, i nostri punti di ritrovo. Ma ditemi voi, cosa è meglio? Dormire all’aperto in una piazza con magari neanche un letto o rimanere a casa? noch 16 Wörter

An estimated 230 civilians including women and children abducted by the Islamic State group

An estimated 230 civilians, including Christians, women and children are missing in the town of Qariyatain in the Homs Province of Syria. They are believed to have been abducted by the Islamic State group according to reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. noch 129 Wörter

Human Rights