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Terrorists Acknowledge Heavy Losses in Aleppo

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The Syrian Army units thwarted terrorists infiltration attempts in many areas across the country and destroyed their gatherings and fortifies, inflicting heavy losses upon them in personnel and equipment. noch 382 Wörter

War On Syria

Report: Syrian government, armed groups discuss political deal in Homs

Syrian army forces stand at the entrance of the old city of Homs, Syria, May 2014. Photo: EPA/STR

Al-Masdar News reports:

Sources close to Al-Masdar News have revealed an upcoming meeting between the Syrian Government and the armed opposition inside the provincial capital of the Homs Governorate that is geared to discuss the final political settlement for the city.

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'Islamic State advances in Homs Province' by BBC

Islamic State (IS) fighters have reportedly captured the Syrian town of Maheen, in central Homs Province, from government forces.


Islamic State takes town of Maheen

On 31 October 2015 Islamic state took Mahin from the Assad forces. The town is situated next to Al Quaryatayn which IS had taken on 7 August 2015. noch 46 Wörter

Geopolitical Game In The Islamic World

ISIS: Executie van SAA-strijder door overrijden met een tank

The video of the tank execution might not be authentic. As the target himselfs moves towards the wheels of the tank untill exactly the moment he would be hit. noch 742 Wörter


World War in Syria.

October 23rd, 2015.

World War in Syria.

Recent developments have seen the Syrian war enter a new phase, during which the war has morphed from a proxy war into an open international conflict with the massive increase in Russian and Iranian involvement and the reported deployment of thousands of Iranian military forces to the new Russian backed Syrian Army ground offensive. noch 2.139 Wörter


Four civilians killed in Syria

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that warplanes believed to be Russian targeted mourners in the Syrian village, al-Ghanto as they were burying people that had been killed. noch 83 Wörter