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The Syrian Revolution as Told by Someone Who Lived Through it - Part One

The civil war in Syria has raged on for four years now. Everyday, images of bombed out buildings, soldiers, and refugees appear on our TVs and we are told the name latest town being fought over. noch 2.780 Wörter


Homs was my home

From Talal’s letters:

“Dear Katie.

You asked me to write a letter describing to you why I flee from Syria with my family..

It is not the first time someone ask me this question.. noch 359 Wörter


How we remember a war crisis, then and now

Every war is a crisis, nothing less, nothing more. It will go down in history and (we) will be remembered. Our deeds and our strength when facing this peril. noch 348 Wörter



Syria is very rich subject for photography because this country is very rich of archaeological sites, and no wonder that Syria is called the cradle of civilization. noch 488 Wörter


IN PHOTOS: Newlywed Syrian couple pose for wedding pictures amid ruins of war-ravaged city of Homs

A newlywed Syrian couple has used the devastation of the war-ravaged city of Homs as a backdrop for their wedding photos, “to show that life is stronger than death.” noch 152 Wörter



From Talal’s letter about meeting Kathleen.

“In 2007 I bought my first professional camera.. I remember very well at that time that I found out a way to express my thoughts to the world.. noch 306 Wörter


Homs, Syria

This was the third largest city in Syria before war started.