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I Wonder

I do not know if still I breathe
I must be immortal if still I live
For my heart was stolen by a heartless thief… noch 115 Wörter


desecration and demolition of tombs and temples in Syria under Islamic State

@oivej has sent me links to Islamic State propaganda that documents the demolition of a temple in Alalianih (in the province of Damascus), demolition of… noch 266 Wörter

News & Analysis

2 Bombs Hit Central Syria City of Homs, Wounding at Least 32

From The Epoch Times, June 14, 2015

DAMASCUS, Syria— Syrian state television and an official say two bombs have exploded in government-held neighborhoods in the central city of Homs, wounding more than two dozen people. noch 104 Wörter

World At WAR


“You only do it for attention.” Never didn’t think those words would come out of my mothers mouth. We were discussing something and I told her I have a crush on someone. noch 341 Wörter


And yet it turns -

  • Excuse this personal reflection – today’s post is an ode to the journalist, Marie Colvin. Her ubiquitous nature is such that even in death I hear her words, and find myself constantly referring to her work to better inform my own.
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Viewing Hell From The Comfort Of Paradise

I am fortunate to live by one of the beautiful bodies of water in the system called the Great Lakes here in North America. They are a geographical feature and a spiritual presence that Canadians and Americans are more than happy to share. noch 1.050 Wörter