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Eleventh day of Puppy!

To mark my Eleventh day of puppy as I count down to my puppy’s birthday, here is my haiku:

Lap-size: A Haiku by Shannon Germaine… 16 weitere Wörter


Tenth day of Puppy... as I crawl out from a mountain of Biology homework.

Okay, so I did it again. I got buried in an avalanche of Biology homework and couldn’t mark my tenth day of puppy with a post. 23 weitere Wörter


Homeschooling Helpline #2

I found tutors much more preferable to organizations. Although as a whole, they were a little more expensive, I found myself enjoying studying more.

However, once again, maths was a rollercoaster. 325 weitere Wörter


You Chose To Homeschool. Now What?

More and more families in our circle are choosing to homeschool. Woohoo! But with all the excitement comes a lot of, where in the world do we even begin? 479 weitere Wörter


Complete Curriculum Math kindergarten and grade 1 review

I was really looking forward to using this math curriculum this year. The samples were colorful, and it seemed that the teacher and student manuals would be fun. 568 weitere Wörter

Homeschool Curriculum

Waldorf Homeschooling: Combining Grades

One of the most asked question on ANY Waldorf homeschooling list or Facebook group is , „How do I teach my 1st grader and 3rd grader?   1.040 weitere Wörter


Our Beloved Co-op

Our tiny co-op had its final meeting last week and I’m still a little weepy when I think about it. It was time to end. Several kids are headed to school. 495 weitere Wörter