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My Secret Super Power- Feigned Indifference

I have a super power.

It is my, what I like to call…

Feigned Indifference. 

I found myself having to whip it out this week in fact. 802 weitere Wörter


Teen Education. Think Outside of the Box (2 Min Read)

Routes to take for teenage education.

  • School, yes school! If you find the right school for your child then they can do very well taking the traditional route of GCSEs.
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Bakat Anak

Teman saya yang sedang berkunjung ke Iran, di FB memposting fotonya bersama hafiz Quran asal Iran, Sayid Husain Tabatabai. Saya dulu menulis buku tentang masa kecil sang hafiz, judul bukunya „Doktor Cilik Hafal dan Paham Al Quran“. 670 weitere Wörter


TeachThemRight About Holidays, and Seven Lessons from My Father-In-Law You Can Use To Build A Wiser Family

Today it has been one year since my father-in-law (FIL) made his transition to eternity. My wife wanted to spend the day at the city zoo because that was one of the places he would meet her and the kids during the day for outings. 2.798 weitere Wörter


The Entrepreneur & Civilization.

“It doesn’t happen that way!” is what his friend kept telling him. Whether it was dressing for a special occasion or helping a neighbor with a boundary issue or finding answers to some financial questions, none of these just happen on their own or are magically resolved externally. 488 weitere Wörter

Divine Economy Theory

A Well-Grounded Faith (Part 2)

In my last post, I mentioned that it is important for us as parents to ensure that our children are familiar with the core beliefs of all Christians. 662 weitere Wörter