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A New, Unexpected Adventure

If someone had approached me two years ago and prophetically told me, “Kristin, in the fall of 2015 you will be homeschooling your children,”  I would have laughed. noch 1.259 Wörter


Number Farm Activity

Plastic animals
Marker or crayon

Child will be able to count objects
Child will be able to write the focus number with assistance… noch 349 Wörter


The gift of free time

I am always struck, every time I spend any time in the company of school kids, by how little initiative any of them have. And I’m talking good kids here. noch 449 Wörter



One of my children (not naming names) has gotten into a habit of sorts.  This was likely not intentional but it is not beneficial to her and is counterproductive to keeping peace in the family.  noch 542 Wörter

Family Life

The best online resources I've found

Finding a resource or curriculum that works for you and your children can be daunting.  When I decided to homeschool (last April for the upcoming fiscal year) I spent HOURS looking over curriculum and navigating websites. noch 350 Wörter


Mirai belajar menabung

Mirai sudah 2,5 tahun dan saya menunggu waktu yang tepat untuk mengajarkan konsep pengelolaan keuangan padanya. Menurut saya, pengelolaan keuangan harus diajarkan sedari dini karena ini salah satu hal yang krusial dalam hidup seseorang. noch 563 Wörter


10 reasons why I've decided to become pro-choice.

1). Although I am personally opposed to the practice, I do not want to impose my moral values upon others. So if someone else wants to hunt lions, then who am I to judge? noch 331 Wörter