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How to Homeschool when You are Not Smart Enough

When people hear I homeschool my boys there are usually a couple of phrases that they say. People are predictable like that. Strangely the ‘socialisation’ question is not one of the first phrases they use, instead it is, “Oh! noch 636 Wörter

Parenting And Home Schooling

Momma Raisin writes about Virginia Homeschooling (and math)

So now it’s official. I have confirmation from the county and I was able to file under section 22.1-254 as “an approved tutor” thanks to my Virginia teaching license. noch 145 Wörter


14 Reasons Home Education is on the Rise in the UK

The School Places Crisis

With many local authorities struggling to meet the demand for the school places, could home education be the answer to the current crisis? noch 2.409 Wörter

Natural Parenting

Hello Homeschooling

We have dabbled in homeschooling for a number of years now; what started as a supplement to what our children were learning in their traditional public school, soon became lessons on weekends. noch 410 Wörter


Am I doing this right?

I need to be honest. I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. I want to make homeschooling fun for my kids, but I’m so worried I won’t get all the lessons in that needs to be taught. noch 61 Wörter


~Back to School 2015~

Well it’s that time of year when mom’s are sad because they are sending their kids back to school. Well maybe some parents are excited but I know a lot of my mommy friends were dreading today or are dreading tomorrow here in Southern Alberta. noch 105 Wörter


NEW Facebook Group: $trewing Deals for Unschoolers

Are you always looking for deals on things to strew around your home? I just put together a Facebook group over the weekend where Poppy and I share deals that we find online that we think may be of interest to unschoolers and homeschoolers alike. noch 92 Wörter