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Struggling with Homeschooling Burnout?

I think this is the time of year where I get a spate of emails either from excited parents who are ready to embark upon their homeschool journeys or I get just the opposite – emails about burnout, dashed expectations, and exhaustion.   877 weitere Wörter


Week 21 of 2017

Think we will actually grow any grass? I’m pretty concerned with my (lack of) gardening skills. We’re supposed to be growing a lawn to make a fairy garden. 52 weitere Wörter

52 Weeks

I'm a Unicorn! Why we embrace the differences and free printable!

We like playing a game with the kids called „guess what animal I’m thinking about“. It’s a simple game when one person thinks about a specific animal and the others ask questions which can only have a „yes“ or „no“ answer. 610 weitere Wörter


What About Life Skills?

Am I teaching everything my child will need to know in order to function well in life? This is a question in many homeschooling parents‘ minds. 774 weitere Wörter


A Fundamentalist Flop?

Bad news: You just failed English. What can you do? In several school districts, you can take an approved online class to make up the credit. 1.044 weitere Wörter

Tradition In The Classroom

You Know All Those Books You Are “Supposed” To Read?

You know the ones. The books they assign you in school. The ones that people assume everyone smart around them have read and are embarrassed to admit they’ve never picked up, or, even worse, that they’ve tried to read and just couldn’t stomach. 640 weitere Wörter


Why Next Year Will be the Best Year of Homeschooling Yet (7 Quick Takes Friday #24)

I decided to do a themed 7 Quick Takes this week: „Why Next Year Will be the Best Year of Homeschooling Yet“ (or, „Why I Think Homeschooling Peter Will Work This Time When I Gave Up in Frustration and Enrolled Him in School in March Two Years Ago“). 986 weitere Wörter