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When you feel like your kids is 'the problem', part 2 of 2

Yesterday I wrote the first part of this mini-series. It’s purpose was to disarm the enemy and expose his tactics, and equip you with some grenades that will destroy him. 1.094 weitere Wörter


The Three Features of Singapore Math that make it so Successful

Singapore Math focuses on using heuristic math methods and problem solving. The concept was built with the intent to use every single mental faculty of the child so that he/she can enhance their ability to learn. 380 weitere Wörter


How to Succeed in Math: Answer-Getting vs. Problem-Solving

You want your child to succeed in math because it opens so many doors in the future.

But kids have a short-term perspective. They don’t really care about the future. 405 weitere Wörter


Education is Not a Mystery

Did you see this post on Popsugar about homeschooling and socialization? It’s basically crap, but it made the rounds on a few online corners of homeschooling. 579 weitere Wörter


Yes, Your 2E Child Should Be Homeschooled

By Jill Harper

When I was a child there were not many choices available to my parents when it came to my education. There was a Catholic private school in town, but my parents never thought about sending me there. 1.384 weitere Wörter


Thursday at home

Some more Little Gardens were kindly given to us so this time Ryan did all the steps himself… with supervision and a little help. He stirred the dirt and water, filled the pots 2/3 full, put the seeds in, covered them with more dirt and put the name signs in – giving me a thumbs up when he was done :) We now have a dozen small plant pots to water and watch :) And yes, he is still wearing the shirt he made yesterday… and wasn’t happy when it went in the wash later in the day. 273 weitere Wörter


Busy with Matrix Math

Simon enjoys the Matrices section of the Precalculus on Khan Academy, scoring 100 percent in the quizzes:

And watching the 3 Blue 1 Brown channel:

Murderous Maths