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Putting myself out there in a new way

I just put together an application for a new teaching position in the public school district’s new Family Partnership program, working with homeschoolers for the public school district. noch 852 Wörter

Education And Schooling

Dreams Coming True!

It’s a wonderful feeling when dreams that you have held dear for many a year finally begin to become reality.

I am grateful.

For 23 years I had the joy and privilege of homeschooling those lovable kids of our’s. noch 253 Wörter


The Big Book Pile-Up Printables

There’s nothing like fresh, fun paper with lots of blank space to inspire us to fill it up!  I’ve made a few printables that I hope you will find useful no matter how you decide to participate in… noch 231 Wörter



Oh, Hina Festival!   So feminine!  So ladylike!  So elegant!  So refined!  So 上品! (jyouhin)

But I have a boy, so now for something completely different. noch 654 Wörter

Belajar di Rumah; Sebuah Refleksi

Kali ini sesi curhat ya, saya mencoba menulis tentang apa yang saya pikirkan hingga saat ini. Tentang gagasan sebuah pendidikan alternatif bernama homeschooling atau home education. noch 425 Wörter

Belajar Di Rumah

Handcrafting High School: Year 1, Month 6

Oh my goodness! What a busy month February was for both Sean and me. There were times this month when I felt like I barely had time to breathe. noch 2.059 Wörter



today was a pretty nice day.

I spent the first bit of the day working on my gaming essay. I started on the negative effects and finished the positive effects. noch 54 Wörter