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The most frequent question I get these days is, “How is homeschooling going?” It used to be, “How is your novel going?” or, more recently, “How is your Year of Yoga going?” noch 1.256 Wörter


Sacrificing Busy

For over a year, I homeschooled while working full time. I was able to keep my schedule relatively stable, and with a little flexibility, homeschooling fit into the day. noch 1.182 Wörter


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Resume diskusi SABUMI (HSMN BANDUNG)

Tema : Homeschooling

Hari/tanggal: Rabu,10 Februari2016
Jam : 20.00 – 22.00
Narasumber:  Maya Dwilestari
Moderator: Dwi Setia S1… noch 2.177 Wörter


Embrace the Interruptions

Homeschooling means bringing your kids with you. Every day. To every situation.

This also means as life happens and throws off our routine (and our son thrives on routine) noch 396 Wörter

The Soulful Microeconomics Of Disequilibrium.

That which cannot be seen not only has tremendous potential but it is also quite revealing about how best to scientifically investigate. Some would say that the human soul is glorious and magnificent… noch 273 Wörter

Divine Economy Theory

My Answer (Part 1)

If I really, for sure, knew the answer to this question, I wouldn’t be sitting here. But for now, at least, I’m more in the role of a watchman trying to wake people up. noch 551 Wörter