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Measuring the Earth this (Southern) Christmas

In around 240 BC, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth. The diagram above (from NOAA) shows how he did it. This Christmas, people in the Southern Hemisphere can repeat his work! 311 weitere Wörter


Beautiful sun shiny day!

Ryan started the day with counting glass pebbles on to Uno cards, and then a trading circles worksheet. Top right photo is the closest he has come to writing his name properly in months. 279 weitere Wörter


Little Ways to Make your Child feel Special on their Birthday

JMJ  *An elaborate mystery dinner scheme or other extravaganza isn’t the only way to make your child feel special on his birthday.  A successful birthday is not determined by the amount of guests you invite or how much money you spend on that magician or make-up artist, or expensive gift, but rather how special your child felt that day.   1.051 weitere Wörter

Ring The School Bell 180

The benefits of Nanowrimo for kids

I have been giving the benefits of Nanowrimo a lot of thought. This is the first year, our household has taken part, and I have to say I think it is having a positive effect on us all, especially our homeschooled daughter. 211 weitere Wörter


November Blessings- Day 20 (Lessons from The Odyssey)

Marcus and I have been reading parts of The Odyssey for his online English class which focuses on themes and symbols this year. I thought it’d be fun to list some of the lessons we are learning from the main characters. 168 weitere Wörter


Nanowrimo Young Writers Programme - Week 2 Update

Ok, so we are just a little over half way through #Nanowrimo, and although it has been a bit of a bumpy ride, over all it has been a really positive experience for us. 381 weitere Wörter


The Southern Night Sky

Camping under the stars in the Australian outback has given us a chance to be wowed by the universe, gain a little perspective of our place on earth, and learn some new constellations in the Southern night sky. 192 weitere Wörter