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Sun Catchers

We started out our day with History Channel’s website and more information about pumpkins.  Do you know how many different types of pumpkins there are?  We do. 48 weitere Wörter

Pumpkin Bread

I won’t lie, I’m one of those people who loves everything pumpkin.  I wait all year for pumpkin spice season.  I make pumpkin soups, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bars, pumpkin coffee, you name it.  98 weitere Wörter

Pumpkin Week

You can’t celebrate Halloween without a Jack ‚o Lantern.  For our fourth week we focused on the pumpkin and its place in Halloween tradition.  We do we carve Jack ‚O Lanterns and what else is a pumpkin good for? 221 weitere Wörter

Are you feeling inadequate as a mother? You're not alone.

You know who she is.

Maybe she’s a Facebook friend, someone you follow on Instagram, or a blogger that regularly posts fantastically original craft tutorials. Whoever she is, she makes motherhood look like a cakewalk. 882 weitere Wörter


Legacy & Changing Perspective

Legacy has been a buzzword in my life as of late and I’ve found myself pondering what it is I will be known for when I’m gone someday. 457 weitere Wörter

A Military Wife Writes

Brave New World

Seven weeks into the new school year a new groove has formed.  Life follows this new path revealing once unseen landscapes and vastly different views.  Yet, I can’t help but seek out the old and familiar sights.   763 weitere Wörter


The homeschooling community is like any other community.  Being a homeschooling mom for 7 years, I’m still learning the etiquette as I go along.  When I’m at home, I’m the ruler of the kingdom as far as curriculum, scheduling, and pacing are concerned.   491 weitere Wörter