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Weekly Wrap-Up

So two weeks ago at church, our pastor talked about the story of Jacob and Esau and the „red pottage“.  Esau had come in from the fields and was famished so he asked Jacob to share the food Jacob had prepared.   195 weitere Wörter


HBO Releases 'Sharp Objects' Trailer Starring Amy Adams

Amy Adams is making a run at the small screen.

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The „Arrival“ and „Man of Steel“ star is leading HBO’s new television miniseries „Sharp Objects“. 91 weitere Wörter


Purl Knitting, Waldorf Styles

Learn to knit purl, or teach it to your kiddos. Today I show you how to knit purl and tell you a little rhyme I used with Class One in my Waldorf Handwork Teacher life. 279 weitere Wörter

Waldorf Education

My Soft Start Approach to Homeschooling for Kindergarten

There are many reasons why for my family we decided to start homeschooling. I won’t get into all those reasons now, I’ll save that for another post. 1.097 weitere Wörter

Home Education

How To Avoid Snake Bites -- An Infographic

Today, I made this hopefully useful infographic that explains how to avoid snake bites and how to treat a snake bite if one occurs. And it has a cowboy theme! Yeehaw!


My kind of weekend

The weekend came and went just like that. But today I’m thankful. You see, the hubs had been really busy at work and this week, he was so exhausted by work that he just couldn’t wake up after putting the kids to bed. 238 weitere Wörter