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The Socialized Homeschooler

„Home-schooled children are certainly not isolated; in fact, they associate with—and feel close to—all sorts of people.” – Richard G. Medlin, author of Homeschooling and the Question of Socialization. 610 weitere Wörter

Homeschool Diary: Day #2

Yesterday we tackled two projects: banana bread and yoga.

Photographic documentation of the first activity:

The set-up

Gritty flour mess!

Sweet grit!

J stirs the flour mixture. 509 weitere Wörter


That time we home-schooled 4 boys in an 800 sq. foot apartment.

„Where is your pencil?“ she asked, every single day of her life. Somehow kids in all of the grades are always missing a writing apparatus. 661 weitere Wörter


Disney After Hours--Experience Adventure 18 of 100

Everyone on this planet knows how much I love Walt Disney World.  While growing up, my parents instilled in me an unwavering commitment to all things Mickey Mouse and I joyfully pass the obsession down to my own three kids–like any good mom would do.  1.101 weitere Wörter

Walt Disney World

The Cinderellas

With more than five hundred international variations, and dating as far back as the ninth century (with the Chinese story of Yeh-Shen), the story of a patient, kind, and unfairly treated young woman being rewarded for her goodness, has been told in many ways. 1.002 weitere Wörter

Children's Literature

Hallmark-Shamentines Day....

More commonly known as…

Full disclaimer…I realise Valentine’s Day has long gone now, I originally wrote this a couple of days after the event but it’s taken me a few days to work out how to get it on here in a format that I’m happy with. 527 weitere Wörter

Hello, Friday...

What a weird week…

We had ice in Oklahoma this week, the result of which was essentially a shut down of the state for two days. 416 weitere Wörter