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Take time to celebrate this weekend!

Well, it’s here.  Tomorrow is Independence Day.  The 4th of July.  America’s Birthday.  Time to go camping or hiking, eat something tasty and indulgent, watch a fireworks display, or simply enjoy time together as a family.  noch 320 Wörter


Independence Hall FREE Virtual Fieldtrip

Climb into your virtual minivan and take a trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Your destination… Independence Hall.

Complete the activities in any order, but we suggest beginning with a formal learning time as you go over the Background Information and then gathering around the computer for the Off We Go, Virtual Tour.  noch 61 Wörter


Cat Days or How is your Haal

When my mom used to drop off my sister and I at grandparents farm, 300 miles away from our town, she’d point at this little calendar on the wall, a little one where you tear off a page for each day, and she’d say: see you at the end of summer. noch 1.217 Wörter


But I'm Not Crafty!

In conjunction with our “I Can’t Homeschool” series, let’s take a look at the fine art of crafting. What’s a parent to do when the thought of glue sticks, pinking shears, and mounds of glitter do not send the heart into palpitations of ecstasy, but rather into fits of anxiety? noch 747 Wörter


Keep YOUR hands off MY kids!

Yes, this is a homeschooling and educational resource center. No, that doesn’t just mean curriculums, games, craft ideas and the latest books. It also means laws, news and updates. noch 493 Wörter


Learning to Read with Low Vision

Hands-down the most intimidating challenge for most new-to-homeschooling parents of young children is teaching their child to read. Once the kids grow older, it seems that math takes over as the biggest cause of anxiety, but early on, it’s reading. noch 1.660 Wörter

CM Education

Prepping for a New Year...

It’s time for THE COUNTDOWN! One month till the start of the new school year and arrival of the new liturgical year. After having our lives turned upside down with career changes and several moves, I am hoping we can finally call this a “settling in”. noch 309 Wörter