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Homeschooling Update

3 years ago we started our homeschooling adventure with our son, Nathan. He went to preschool and kindergarten in public school. Preschool was great! The teachers were amazing and Nathan loved the experience. noch 356 Wörter

Home School

Internal rhythm

Slow or fast?  Who can run the fastest?  Who can learn a poem the fastest?  Who can read the most books in a week?  Who can create a still life painting in one hour?   noch 501 Wörter

Asperger's Syndrome

Cristina Grau: Nice To Meet You!

I really, really love the diversity of ideas and parenting styles that my writing friends bring to The Couch!  These are the people who take the time to pray over and answer YOUR parenting questions.  noch 271 Wörter


When a Good Thing Goes Wrong

I still remember sitting in the tiny living room of our first house.  There were two children at the time, a two-year-old and a baby.  We lived within walking distance to the elementary school.   noch 560 Wörter


What the Summer is Boiling Down to

I am sitting here wondering where the summer is going. It’s already late July, and here in my county, children will start back to school on August 1st. noch 1.041 Wörter


Using our Paper Mache Map to Learn about the Anglo Saxons

To see instruction on how to build a paper mache map click here.

Once the paper mache map had been painted and left to dry, the children were ready to begin pictorially displaying some of the learning they had done about the Anglo Saxons.   noch 371 Wörter


No Diving

Have you noticed those signs alarmingly placed around public pools? “No Diving!” Why do they do this? Jumping headlong into particular environments can be hazardous to your health.  noch 665 Wörter