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Day 22 - I'm the tortoise

Moving at a snail’s pace today (and not that little guy from the movie Turbo either!)

or maybe I’m the tortoise running against the hare. noch 77 Wörter


A peak inside our school week 

With last week being the first full week of fall, I decided to incorporate some fall activities into our homeschool agenda.


Post - Impressionists : Vincent Van Gogh

Last spring we studied one more Impressionist / Post-Impressionist painter to add to our Painter’s Book we started last year.  The Dutch, Vincent van Gogh… noch 498 Wörter


Fall Book Roundup

This is our periodic round up of mini-reviews of just a few of the things we’ve been reading lately.

Read Aloud
The Curious World of Calpurnia Tate… noch 1.017 Wörter


Help! I'm Raising a Strong Willed Child

Chin tilled high, mouth pursed in frustration; it is obvious she is not going to budge of her own accord. I could try cajoling her or perhaps teasing, but those methods rarely work. noch 703 Wörter