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Slow fade.

A song selection dedicated to all those whose lives aren’t picture perfect. To those of you who are battling whatever slow fade has besieged you while surrounded by a sea of family and friends (and brothers and sisters) offering obligatory handshakes, empty hugs, and plastic smiles, as your life crumbles around you. noch 18 Wörter


Something A Little Different...

So, I’ve somehow managed to accidentally hit “publish” on this post twice now, well before it was anywhere near finished. Thanks, Mercury in Pisces, thanks. Apologies to the folks who got an incomplete email in their inbox. noch 829 Wörter


Some thoughts on homeschooling

The other day one of my old friends from when I used to go to church posted the following article on Facebook:

I started to leave a comment, but  noch 302 Wörter


Te Kuri farm walk

Our Homeschool group has been into walking lately, which has been great because it’s one of the things we’d like to get the kids into. They have been walking most of the tracks around Gisborne and we tag along when we can. noch 151 Wörter

Final Earth and Space Science Class: Excursion to Curl Curl Lagoon

Our last class for this term was completely outdoors. Both groups joined together to walk around Curl Curl Lagoon, listen to the history of the area, and look out for various items on the way round. noch 890 Wörter

What I'm NOT Saying...

It’s hard to believe, but the school year is almost over for us.  As of the end of April, we’ll be done with our mandatory hours, leaving plenty of time for self-directed learning.  noch 454 Wörter


Busy at the Symphony

Although I haven’t been posting much here at Bakerlady, things are hopping over at Dissonant Symphony. That’s where I talk about life, homeschooling, activities for kids, product reviews and all kinds of awesomeness. noch 19 Wörter

Dissonant Symphony