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Homeschooling Is Not For Wimps

This year, I embarked on one of my biggest adventures.  My husband and I decided to try our hand at homeschooling.  So, with no experience whatsoever, I signed up to not just home-school my son, but also my daughter. noch 965 Wörter


Organic Gardening

With spring in full swing, for some planting a garden is a top priority. Gardening is a great way to teach children about science, nutrition, and eating organic foods. noch 63 Wörter


Why I Quit Homeschooling This year...

I’m not really happy with myself right at this very moment. I stopped homeschooling. It wasn’t something that I planned to stop doing. I do feel a little guilty and like I’m letting my kids down. noch 1.998 Wörter


Learning is for Everyone - Reading, Spelling and Math resources

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Learning is truly for everyone!  Summer is a great time to brush up on reading skills or to plan next year’s strategies. noch 104 Wörter



Our favourite activity so far. It’s messy, but indeed a good fun!

Some might wonder how painting helps to boost a child’s imagination. The answer is, you have to sit with your child and paint together. noch 79 Wörter