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Ting. Clang. Thunk.

Ting. Ting. Ting. Ting.  Like any little nine month old baby, I’m a curious guy and run all sorts of little experiments throughout the day to get a better grasp on the world around me.   noch 299 Wörter

Review: SHHH quiet music festival in Hampstead

As far as festivals are concerned, winter is the new summer.  Take SHHH Quiet music festival organised by The Local.TV and visual artist Luke Drozd – a musical feast lasting from noon to nearly midnight, in a cosy church in north London. noch 746 Wörter


An Owie.

Hello, it’s Zekie.  I had my latest appointment a week ago, and it proved to NOT be Graduation Day after all yet.  That’s okay.

I wanted to speak today about a little thing has come up and how we’re working with it.   noch 565 Wörter

Chapter Forty-five

Genetrix Labs, Peking, Michigan, 15 December 2015        

“Does this mean I can check out the labs?” Bud asked Starbucks O’ Malley.

The short blond man with a round face stood up and looked over the cubicle wall. noch 4.885 Wörter


When the Mercury Dips

Brrr!  One perk about Helmut in winter is that it does an excellent job if holding in heat.  Mommy’s actually found herself getting more comfortable dressing me a hair less warmly than her helmet-less children, because when she does bundle me up as much as would be standard, she finds that I and my clothes get quickly (very) wet with sweat, and I get fussy. noch 767 Wörter

Chapter Thirty-seven

Peking, Michigan, 15 September 2015

“You can drive, Ford. I’m just gonna close my eyes.” Bud set down his can of Mountain  Dew Ultra and leaned back in his chair. noch 2.017 Wörter