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Die Kinder („Wherefore am I Helmut?“, Part III)

I want to share with you something special.  It is precious and private to me.  I am reluctant to speak of it in public, and even surprised to find myself so doing.  noch 868 Wörter


Helmut from Austrian Black Metal Belphegor attacked in Russia.

Helmut was spat on by an allegedly an Orthodox fanatic at a Russian airport.

Helmut, the vocalist of the Austrian Black death metal band… noch 179 Wörter


Walk by Faith Lyrics by Helmut Meijer

When all seems lost
There is no place to hide
Get on your knees
He is always by your side
When you’re feeling down
And nothing goes your way… noch 126 Wörter

South Africa


„Photography is the only “language” understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures, it links the family of man. Independent of political influence – where people are free – it reflects truthfully life and events, allows us to share in the hopes and despaire of others, and illuminates political and social conditions. noch 51 Wörter


R.I.P. Helmut Schmidt

Helmut Schmidt ist tot. Im neuesten Buch meines Freundes Alexander von Schönburg, „Smalltalk“, findet sich der vielleicht schönste Nachruf, den der Alte von Blankenese sich hätte wünschen können: noch 173 Wörter

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