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This entry covers the „Lynch“ one-shot by Shon Bury, Trevor Scott, John Tighe and Luke Rizzo.

Woohoo! John Lynch versus a bunch of Nazis in South America! 548 weitere Wörter

John Lynch

So some pig pulls me over this morning tells me get a helmut!

I told him to go back to Nazi Germany, like really dude I got back on my bike as soon as you got around the corner bombed the beacon hill park path hit cook and rolled on over to the masons grave yard puffed a cigarette and bounced to the weed store i kinda walked it like a few blocks ha ha not really barely  i guess i was walking it while i smoked my first joint of the day! 211 weitere Wörter

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Since the launch of my blog, we’ve interviewed 5 powerful persons on our person of the week column .you can’t afford to miss any of them. 52 weitere Wörter

Helmut Newton "Icones"

As I could not come to London trip to see how exhibitions are set up there, I took a chance to go to see Helmuts Newtons exhibition in Nice, France, while I was there with my family. 276 weitere Wörter