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Helmut Newton "Icones"

As I could not come to London trip to see how exhibitions are set up there, I took a chance to go to see Helmuts Newtons exhibition in Nice, France, while I was there with my family. 276 weitere Wörter


Helmut Kohl

Born 1930 Ethnicity Bavarian Political function Chancellor of Germany Description True nazi.

Organizer of invasion on Yugoslavia.

"Political Science Prof: Trump Has 87% Chance of Winning the Election"

„Political science professor Helmut Norpoth, whose election model has accurately predicted the outcome of the popular vote five times in a row, asserts that Donald Trump has an 87% chance of winning the presidency.“ 7 weitere Wörter


Die Kinder („Wherefore am I Helmut?“, Part III)

I want to share with you something special.  It is precious and private to me.  I am reluctant to speak of it in public, and even surprised to find myself so doing.  868 weitere Wörter