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John 5 Plays Hello Kitty Guitar in 13 Different Styles

John 5 really tested the diversity of what the Hello Kitty guitar could handle, starting off with classic banjo picking.

John 5 plays Western Swing, Flamenco and more styles of guitar along with some of rock and metal’s greatest riffs on a Hello Kitty mini guitar.

Have fun!


Hello Orveganic!

Located in Lawndale, California is what is a hidden gem in every sense of the word. Orveganic Coffee House and Protein Bar is at the corner of a small dead end street and can easily be missed but missing this place would truly be a sad thing for it is well worth a visit. 593 weitere Wörter

Hello Kitty

Overshadowed Part VII: Book Report

After The Congressman’s lunch, we hopped one of the underground capitol subways.  From there, we caught the “Members Only” elevator up to the Capitol.

The sanctity of that decree is questionable since Peter, and I had convinced the “Members Only” elevator operator to let us go up and down in it several times. 411 weitere Wörter


Hello Aggretsuko on Netflix!

For all the Netflix fans; Hello Kitty’s dear friend Aggretsuko has a very special treat for us! Our favorite red panda who is a mild-mannered office worker by day/heavy metal karaoke singer by night is the star of a new series coming out on Netflix. 238 weitere Wörter

Hello Kitty

100 day blogging challenge #26: Japan Character Culture

The world over there are famous brands and labels, from Gucci to Adidas they all have original designs and patterns that make up their brand. These brands have probably been the major factor in creating our consumerist lifestyles. 455 weitere Wörter

100 Day Blog Challenge

Cake Hello Kitty - MICHELLE

Birthday Cake dengan tema Hello Kitty & Pororo, model tersebut mulai ukuran 15 cm dan 12 cm, daftar harga kue ulang tahun

Terbuat dari cake yang dipahat, no styrofoam. 14 weitere Wörter

Birthday Cake