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Pietro Post-Ball Prompts (Part 2)

Soon to be Prince

Nowadays Pietro spent much of his time peddling his ideas, his ambitions for the College. This evening was no different. The Pledge Ball was a prime opportunity to discuss all that was required of him. noch 777 Wörter

Pietro Post-Ball Prompts (Part 1)


Pietro breathed deeply, looking at his reflection for the first time in months. At first glance he barely recognised his outline; the voluminous gown of rich velvet morphed his usual slender frame into a strong figure, his shoulders appeared broader, and his stance more imperious. noch 734 Wörter

Post-Pledge Drabbles

As prompted by Emily.

The Walls of Holberg

Pietro shows her the defences, because he is proud of his city and she is keen to know more of Holberg. noch 596 Wörter

Ted Cruz-A Sour Face and a Sour Family

Much attention has been focused on Ted Cruz’s mother and her citizenship, or lack thereof.  However, a neurologist has explained that Ted’s mother may also be unusual because… noch 535 Wörter

Geraint - Wedding Prompts

Prompts from the selection of many – I am teaming each with a virtue to cover Beth’s prompt too. :) More will follow eventually.

—————- noch 1.437 Wörter

Which Fairy Tale Are You?

Maybe you have asked yourself this question for a long time…or maybe not. In either case, the answer can be revealed by taking the quiz below: noch 85 Wörter

The Fields of the Cloth of Gold - Beatrix prompts

Close Moments
Her hands stroking the velvet of his doublet or his fingers entwined with hers. Their antlers touching and clashing, her face buried in his shoulder. noch 1.177 Wörter