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A fistful of Finlaysons

I  made my first Thread Theory Finlayson for Mark, but had to face the fact that it was a bit small. This was bad, but also good because it meant that I could have it! noch 566 Wörter


Heidi's Day

Try as she might, Heidi could not get her mobile to work. She shook it, then tapped it against the steering wheel (not advisable) but there was nothing, no sound. noch 375 Wörter

Psalms 23

Sunday’s service was a bit different than usual.Worship was interspersed with the Sunday message, two testimonies and two water baptisms plus a mini sermon by one of the kids from the Kids‘ Ministry, so we kept everything on the recording this week except the baptisms; pictures of the baptisms are below as well.  noch 63 Wörter


A Seed Planted In Blood

Spring 380. During the siege of Overton, Mournwold.

The blood and the noise is constant, a crimson tsunami threatening to choke her.

Within the walls of Overton, their make-shift triage tent is only a few feet from the defences, so that men and women literally fall at their feet. noch 2.884 Wörter

Heidi- The Best Cartoon Series Ever

For the past 20 days or so, I have been regularly logging into YouTube. No, not to catch the latest trailers or web series, not to tune into any funny YouTube channel or watch cute baby but to soak in the magic of… noch 1.145 Wörter


We’ve capsized rafts and commanded canoes, pulled hair and shared clothes, rooms, bunk beds, cars, colleges. I’ll never be able to catch you (you got the long-legged genes), but dangit, I’ll be cheering for you, always. noch 53 Wörter