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La dialettica dell’horror nella cronaca montana

Siamo sempre stati qui. Anche quando abbiamo deciso di andarcene in qualche modo siamo rimasti fermi in questo posto. Perché questo posto ci ha fuso con lui. noch 948 Wörter

Heidi Klum Just Quietly Destroyed Instagram Last Night

CHEEKY INDEED HEIDI!!!!!!! Heidi Klum just casually dropping nukes on Instagram while everyone is just minding their own business preparing for Thanksgiving. That little nazi ass never fucking ages just straight up tight assing it like she’s still 17 and in Berlin. noch 121 Wörter


Things we leave behind

Heidi by Johanna Spyri is an excellent work of literature. I remember reading it in my childhood and the process of rereading it brought tears in my eyes. noch 236 Wörter


Thanksgiving A La Madame Bovary

Emma Bovary has decided to get into the spirit of Thanksgiving, with a French twist! In Jane Eyre Gets Real, a novel set in contemporary NYC, she finds herself on a reality TV show. noch 105 Wörter


On November 17th, 1968, the American television network NBC abandoned its coverage of an NFL game between the New York Jets and the Oakland Raiders and went to its scheduled, and much-advertised family special, … noch 199 Wörter


November 17, 1968: A Girl, a Goat and a Football

The New York Jets were leading the home team Oakland Raiders by a skinny three points, 32-29, on the afternoon of November 17, 1968. NBC was airing… noch 274 Wörter

Wretched Richard's Almanac

Heart of a Lion 7/7: The Undeserved Gift

Autumn 379. A sequence of events from Bascombe Keep, Astolat – told in many tales.

It seemed to Heidi that whenever she made decisions in the best interests of other people, she inevitably made life worse for herself. noch 1.040 Wörter