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Heidi in Africa: driving more than 2 years, now on 5th continent of her voyage

After travelling around the world for two years, Heidi is now on the next to last leg of her journey. She will release her 1930 Hudson „Hudo“ from the container port in Cape Town shortly and beginn her drive around Southern Africa. 45 weitere Wörter

Heidi Enjoying The Good Life

She doesn’t get out much but when she does, she likes to hang out in the front yard. When leaving she will walk to the lower part of the driveway and then slowly make the climb.


Oli Holland's Jazz Attack

2016 has seen more internationals passing through our Auckland Jazz club than ever before. Most of these offshore artists were extremely polished, playing at a level you’d expect from musicians tested in the hot-house of big city venues. 783 weitere Wörter

CJC Creative Jazz Club Gigs

At footstep of Heidi at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, Feb 2016 

„Saying good night to the mountains, the sun throws his most beautiful rays to them, that they may not forget him till the morning.“ – Johanna Spyri, Heidi…

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Hagia Sofia.

Are you receptive?

Or are you rejective,

to the redemptive

promptings of Sofia?


Holy Wisdom.

Hagia Sofia.

It’s in the atmosphere.

Perhaps you’re inured by your blaring TV set, 20 weitere Wörter


Heidi and its messages of God's love

The original (1881) book of Heidi by Johanna Spyri is fascinating and charming and did not leave my eyes dry reading it.  It was written during a time when there was great concern about children leaving the healthy country air for the dankness and blandness of the cities. 229 weitere Wörter


Wanderwegging in Switzerland

Wanderweg is German for footpath. Switzerland is wanderweg heaven; a maze of thousands of kilometres of footpaths and hiking trails of various degrees of difficulty, every path carefully marked, given a number and assiduously signposted. 968 weitere Wörter