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Ted Cruz is an Immigrant!

„Dragonfly“ sent us a link to this clip of Heidi Cruz saying that „Ted IS an immigrant.“  Thanks dragonfly for bringing this to our attention. noch 164 Wörter

May Pole Dancing

Heidi celebrates May 1, May Day, the old-fashioned way: by filling baskets with flowers and leaving them by the doors of all her roommates. May 1, or „Beltane“, is an important day in the pagan calendar; it is the opposite of Halloween.   noch 263 Wörter

Blonde Waifs in Pretty Dresses

Happy Sunday! It is raining today and yesterday and it is good that I took extra photos last weekend on a sunny day.

This is Val a true Sasha waif that came to me in a shoe box. noch 222 Wörter

Really Random Tugs 34

To close out April, here (and at the end of this post) a photo of Grouper in Lyons a few weeks ago before the Canal was brought up to level and opened for traffic.   noch 216 Wörter


Heidi Isn't Moving

With light rain as the main activity outside and no let up in sight … it’s a sure bet that Heidi is not moving today.


Geraint - Beaten Gold

Weeks and months later – when his mind has returned to him – one vivid memory will remain of that time, impressed by repetition upon his fractured thoughts like texture beaten into softened gold. noch 173 Wörter

Tammy Labude: I Think I'll BE

Facebook isn’t always politics and kitty cats. And it wasn’t for me today. It was the mournful media that informed me of a personal loss so heartfelt it is difficult to describe. noch 468 Wörter