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Dark Sarah's website has updated!

As we reported earlier, the Dark Sarah crew lead by Heidi Parviainen launched a campaign on the Indiegogo site – because their new album, The Golden Moth, cost a lot of money. 168 weitere Wörter


WIP Wednesday: Winter Things

WIP = Work in Progress

Content Warning:  Contains swears.

Happy Wednesday!  In the mood for some random–yet colorful–bits and pieces today?  ‚Cause that’s what’s been happening over here. 672 weitere Wörter

"Ray" by heidi. (single details + NEW LOOK)

heidi. will release their new maxi single „Ray“ on January 24th and has a new look!

Maxi single: Ray
Release date: January 24th 2018

Tracks: 101 weitere Wörter


30 Days Book Challenge: Day 21

The first novel you remember reading.

It was either Heidi, The Wizard of Oz or Charlotte’s Web. Anyways, I’ve read them all in the same period of time and I don’t think I can ever forget them. 11 weitere Wörter


Truth Hurts

I never thought that facing the truth would be this hard, this…emotionally shattering.

But it is clear to me now that I have been completely, totally, incontravertably wrong about all of it. 635 weitere Wörter


Have You Got any Castles?

Director: Frank Tashlin
Release Date: June 25, 1938
Rating: ★★★½

‚Have You Got any Castles?‘ is the second of Frank Tashlin’s three contributions to the Warner Bros. 281 weitere Wörter

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