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Heidi by Johanna Spyri (1880)

I am an advocate of reading local authors while traveling. It brings depth to your understanding of the country’s culture in a way that checking off sights and landmarks doesn’t. 518 weitere Wörter



Heidi greeted her family by “meowing desperately at the backdoor” just as her family was in the process of getting some missing posters ready for her. 71 weitere Wörter


Incredible Yoga Positions by Heidi Williams Convey an Important Message

We all know about the health benefits of practicing yoga positions or asanas. But one inspiring girl also uses them to convey a powerful message. You probably won’t have heard of Heidi Williams unless you are a social media loving yogi, but you should know who she is as she and her beautiful yoga

LipSense Review

I know y’all have seen LipSense alllll over Facebook.  But, have you tried it??  I gave it a try for the first time about 6 months ago.   570 weitere Wörter


Recipe of The Week: Hasenpfeffer


Nothing brings a community together like good food, and for that reason I am happy to present to you a segment that focuses on just that! 272 weitere Wörter


[network zero watchlist] HEIDI

As a child, my biggest fear was killer dolls. Kind of stupid, given I was a Barbie fanatic; and one Xmas I began the very grown-up hobby of porcelain doll collecting. 495 weitere Wörter