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Matchday 31: FC Sankt Pauli vs FC Heidenheim 3-0

Come get some!

Come get some motherfuckers. Do you feel fuckin strong? Come get some. Sankt Pauli, with the aid of Ewald Lienen and the almighty fan base never leaving their side no matter what, has transformed into a beast unmatched. 1.014 weitere Wörter

St. Pauli

Ponturi spre castig duminica 2 decembrie

Napoli  inter , Napoli merge destul de rau cu 2 egaluri si o voictorie in uleimee etape, Inter a facut 2 victorii si un egal(2-2 cu Milan). 184 weitere Wörter

PAriuri Strategii

Matchday 14: FC Heidenheim - FC Sankt Pauli 2-0...

Death In Super Slow Motion

Heard about a guy who fell off a skyscraper?

On his way down past each floor, he kept saying to reassure himself: 788 weitere Wörter

St. Pauli

Why I don't underestimate the lower leagues and so should you

Back in Malta, there are little to no fans at the stadiums. In addition to this, the great atmosphere we all love can mostly be found in a few of the Top-flight matches. 443 weitere Wörter