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Exercise Day 12

So muscle pain from yesterday was completely expected. Couldn’t walk properly but I was very happy. Just means that I did the exercise correctly.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything today. 262 weitere Wörter


Why Words Matter When Discussing Pain With Your Doctor

When people think about treatment for pain, they may envision a scenario where a doctor asks them to rate their pain on a numeric scale. After all, this experience is one that many have had. 137 weitere Wörter

Dr Rodney Aziz

Top 5 Newest Restaurants In Delhi NCR To Check Out This Month!

Take your pick from among these newest restaurants around Delhi NCR, for your weekend plans!

from NDTV Food – Latest

Carbs Are Not Bad: 5 Grains To Enjoy In Your Everyday Rotis

People often misunderstand nutritionists‘ cue of cutting down on carbohydrates for weight loss. You need to know that not all carbohydrates are the same and it is the type, quality and quantity of… 8 weitere Wörter

Day 33 - Hopeful, but Trying Not to Jinx It

It is Monday again. I said yesterday I was going to try to juice all day, but I failed at that. I made some Green Detox soup. 184 weitere Wörter


Summer in the City 2018 Part Two

It is already mid August, and soon summer will be over. How did that happen? Now it seems I am trying to squeeze all the good summer things out of the next few weeks, just as I am squeezing all I can out of life. 2.388 weitere Wörter