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Musea in Bonn

The Beethoven house is situated in the centre of Bonn. It’s the birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven, but there is little left of the historical furnishings. noch 216 Wörter


Welcome to the Nineties!

One should travel more in one’s own country. Because there are amazing things to discover. Like yesterday, when I made my long, expensive way far out west to Bonn and Cologne. noch 717 Wörter

"Haus der Geschichte" in Bonn

We arrived in Bonn at 4:00 on November 28th and went straight to Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (House of History of the Federal Republic of Germany), or… noch 763 Wörter


Bonn, Bochum, World: HISTORY



Bonn- KONRAD ADENAUERS CAR (House of history)

Bonn – SIGMUND JÄHNS SPACESUIT (House of history)

Bonn – OLD PARLAMENT SEAT (House of history) … noch 197 Wörter


Haus der Geschichte - Bonn

As I had the days between Christmas and New Year’s off, I wanted to do something. Actually I wanted to see an exhibition in Bonn about some rare pictures of the world before 1914 in colour. noch 1.231 Wörter


Weekend trip: Bonn

As you will no doubt discover through this blog, I love to travel and have been to quite a few places. Like my brothers, I was born in Sydney, Australia, but I have also lived in Loughborough and London in the UK and now Stuttgart, Germany. noch 527 Wörter


Skandale in Deutschland nach 1945 - Ausstellung

Haus der Geschichte – Bonn

Skandale in Deutschland nach 1945
bis 24. März 2008

„Skandale in Deutschland nach 1945“ stellt zwanzig ausgewählte Fälle in ihrem jeweiligen politischen und gesellschaftlichen Kontext vor. noch 135 Wörter

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