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Germany To Block Welfare Tourism?

It’s all over now, folks.  What will be next? The next thing you know the Germans will be demanding that Syrian refugees from Pakistan and North Africa enter the country with actual passports. 52 weitere Wörter


Ist das jetzt Satire oder Dummheit von der SPD?

Eine „soziale“ Partei will die Sozialhilfe kürzen, wenn das Kind am Wochenende bei dem Vater ist. Das ist doch eine Farce oder? Die Mutter würde dann ja auch nur für sich einkaufen gehen oder Wäsche waschen etc. 23 weitere Wörter

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you have the nerve to refer to this as REPARATIONS? it certainly is CONVENIENT for you to lock it in to the laws within your political borders TO KEEP THAT MONEY IN WHITE FIRST WORLD DEVELOPED COUNTRIES. 8 weitere Wörter

Houston Texans scout tries to text Dak Prescott, messages wrong person

That awkward moment when you text the wrong person. Now, imagine doing it to someone when you’re trying to touch base with a future NFL quarterback about the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. 109 weitere Wörter

2016 NFL Draft

NFL Scouting Combine: Full schedule of when, what and how to watch

Today marks the start of one of the worlds strangest and most intriguing job interview processes anywhere on the plant – The NFL scouting combine. 653 weitere Wörter

2016 NFL Draft

SEC are the kings of the NFL scouting combine in 2016

The NFL released the list of 332 players that had accepted an invitation to the scouting combine, to be held in Indianapolis later this month, on Thursday. 377 weitere Wörter

2016 NFL Draft